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Hello everyone!

I'm coming to you with some ideas about the next historical title total war.

Regarding its nature :

The next "big" total war title is Total war warhammer3. So as not to overshadow it, another major (historical) title will not be released for some time. I conclude that we will have a new Saga game.

ToB was the first Saga title, and was based on the Rome 2/Attila engine. Saga, continues the momentum by using the warhammer engine. So it's pretty clear that the next Saga title should use the 3K engine. In doing so, the next Saga should have some connection to 3K, so no new Empire/Napoleon type game.

Now about its theme :

As said before, there will be some similarities with the game from which the engine is taken (ToB and its genealogical system, Troy and its unique generals…). Here I think the two key elements are 1) General evolution system 2) Timeline system.

So in that sense, we're looking for a game that should please the fans, but that could also make good use of these features.

For the first one, from the various polls I've seen, we can clearly see a big appeal for a new Medieval title (like MTW2), or on the Asian side, a return to the great blue sky (and yes, Empire is in the lead with the Medieval, but we'll see at the end what CA probably has in store for us…).

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On the Mongolian side, the history of this people allows us to make full use of the timeline system, by allowing us to unify Mongolia or to expand it. A plethora of factions are open to us with many strategies (Mongolia, China (and its cultural diversity) or Japan (which by the way will delight our dear "Shameful display!" advisor). There is no shortage of legendary characters and the map will have to be somewhat restricted due to the moderate size of the title. I'm thinking of Mongolia-China-Japan-Russia as a reasonable size although it's much bigger than any other saga title. One could also imagine a system like ToB's Sudreyar/Irish Vikings with an expedition system, allowing the game to focus solely on Mongolia and China. No Golden Horde or other western/southern Khanates :,(

On the Medieval side, so many important dates and events… But we already know that we can put aside anything related to the Carolingian period, or the Anglo-Norman conflict (AoC and ToB oblige). On the other hand, what do you think of the Hundred Years War? This again allows you to have many timelines to choose from to start the game in order to relive the key moments of the Hundred Years War. This choice will also partly delight Empire fans as we also see a more common use of gunpowder. Many important characters too, but hopefully CA will not fall into the propaganda trap that is Joan of Arc (no she never really fought). The map should not be huge (France mostly) and with several "cultures", including Bretons and Burgundians.

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And finally, to close this beautiful dream, another great possibility for the future. The next major Historical title, a TW based heavily on post-medieval battles. There have been a lot of sword'n'shield TWs lately and the empire fans are getting more and more eager. From the sound of CA, I have no doubt that the next major title will be in this area. Religious war? Race to the new world? Colonialism on the march? So many possibilities. And above all, a potential return and real investment in our beloved naval battles?

Appart from all that, I'm still hoping that Troy will get the love it deserves once the Epic Exclusivity is done. And then, that we get map and faction content update (Gyptos and Hittites !).

Thanks for reading and have a good evening!


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