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Random Observations & Tips from The Furious Wilds DLC

Content of the article: "Random Observations & Tips from The Furious Wilds DLC"

  • Sun Jian and Sun Ce both get a 50% cost reduction to settling deserted settlements from their respective backgrounds. These bonuses actually stack, making it entirely free if you're playing Sun Jian and have Sun Ce as your heir.

  • You can employ Nanman characters captured in battle as a Han faction, and vice versa.

  • Dong Zhuo has a bit of an easier time now with the introduction of gate battles since his starting position is now much more easily defensible.

  • Between his unique background, some character skills, and a single technology, Cao Cao can now get 95% cheaper redeployment within the first couple turns.

  • You can capture and make use of elephant mount ancillaries as a Han faction.

  • While playing as a Han faction, you can force Nanman factions to become your vassal if you capture their last settlement.

  • Fire Archers are stupidly good against other Nanman factions, because they outrange everything the Nanman have access to by a considerable margin, and because most Nanman troops have a massive -100% damage resistance to fire. Since they're a unit unlocked via fealty, only one Nanman faction generally has access to them at a time. Highly recommend going for them early when playing as Nanman.

  • He's always been strong, but Yuan Shao is really strong now. -75% off mercenary captain retinues at the highest level of lineage (which isn't too hard to hit and maintain, even fairly early) is insanely good. Pair him with Zang Ba (champion with generic artwork but unique background) as your heir for the extra -25% and get LITERALLY FREE mercenary captain retinues.

  • Liu Bei is also considerably stronger with the complete removal of public order penalties from his unique tax collection building. You can just spam them in every commandery for free income and snowball from there.

  • Some of the new ancillary items are really good, giving insane bonuses and/or huge stat boosts (+15 Expertise and 10% extra capture chance on a bronze item?!)

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