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Really fun Lokhir migration campaign

Content of the article: "Really fun Lokhir migration campaign"

Shrine of Asuryan. Should have it captured at around turn 15.

I saw it commented once on this sub before, but I figured I'd make a quick post about it to spread the word since it's such a fun migration.

Shrine Pros:

1.) +100 relations with Helfs once it's built, and it's a T1 building so it'll always be built for you no matter how fast you rush Ulthuan. It's usually owned by Saphery or Ellyrion, so you might get away with not having an immediate war with Tyrion.

Now all the Helfs love you (after a 2-3 turns of owning the Shrine, since relations need to build) and won't declare war on you; you get to pick and choose who you want to kill from within the heart of Ulthuan.

It also supplies (I think +5?) public order to help you stabilize sooner, so that's nice.

  1. ) +50 relations with Delfs. Helps with confederation down the line.

3.) It starts near 3 fantastic provinces with great buildings:

  • Eataine (Lothern Port)
  • Saphery (Sorcerous Tower)
  • And the best Delf province in the game, especially for Lokhir: Yvresse (Warden's Tower)

Shrine Cons:

1.) Tyrion might try to kick your teeth in. It kinda decides what mood he's in when you land.

I've done 2 full playthroughs of this migration now, and both times Tyrion has had TWO full stacks sitting near Lothern (before turn 20) and both times he wasn't at war with anyone, not even Grom, who was alive both times. So whenever you land, Tyrion might pick you for his first war. Those first 2-3 turns after capturing the Shrine are pretty nerve-racking.

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2.) Morathi might steal your thunder.

The first time I tried this, Morathi captured everything that wasn't Saphery, Eataine and Yvresse and fast. Like, before turn 50 fast. She kinda ruined that playthrough for me since she was able to field, like, 3-4 full stacks while I had two + a good black ark by the time I had settled in, and I didn't want to war against her since confederating LL's is a pretty big deal for me. (Yes, I know, recruit defeated LL mod, but it's not the same)

Getting to the Shrine at ~turn 15:

My preferred way to do it:

Turn 1:

  1. Raze the first skaven settlement.
  2. Build the military building on Chupayotl to T2 for Darkshards with shields since Helf ranged is terrible to deal with otherwise.
  3. Recruit corsairs from black ark, they're cheaper than Bleakswords and Dreadspears for Lokhir, plus way better in melee and can catch up to Helf ranged units.

Turn 2:

  1. Move towards Chupayotl
  2. Recruit more corsairs.

Turn 3-4-5:

  1. Recruit 3 Darkshard shields per turn for a total of 9, no more than 8 corsairs. You can build the darkshard building in the black ark on the way to Ulthuan to get basic darkshards during the journey so you can save that extra turn.

Turn 6:

  1. Take out Teclis so he's never an issue, plus you need Star Tower's province for no attrition during migration.
  2. Destroy military building in Chupayotl and let it fall to rebellion.

Turn ?:

After Teclis dies and Star Tower's province is secure (however long that takes you), heal up and give your units to the black ark so they don't take deep sea attrition along the way (Why does the Krakenlord take deep sea, storm and reef attrition CA???), and capture the Shrine of Asuryan.

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Should be around turn 15 when you get there.

Now pray that Tyrion doesn't immediately declare on you early, and if he does, hope you can cheese him easily. Also hope Morathi doesn't steal your thunder.

Enjoy early Warden's Tower as well so you can print money early on.


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