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Records Mode Should Really, Really Have Skills by Now

Content of the article: "Records Mode Should Really, Really Have Skills by Now"

Hey, it's Fez here to scream into the void about Records mode again. This time I want to direct all of your attention to the nonsensical nature of Records generals not getting skills in battle.

Three Kingdoms, from the very beginning, has always been about characters first and foremost. Their unique lives, designs, relationships–the works. So why, I ask, did CA think that removing every skill from being in Records mode was a good idea?

I always hear the arguments that "oh, you should be happy, what more could you possibly want out of a classic TW experience" or "what could they possibly add to Records without defeating the purpose of the mode?" To which I would have to reply… a lot?

Skills have been a part of the historical TWs for ages now, with their best implementation being in Shogun 2 in my opinion. You had a few basic skills such as rally and inspire that could turn the tide of battle if used properly or stuff like Stand and Fight which was a risk/reward play to not only emphasize the supportive role of your commanders, but turn the tide in battle in a way that radiates confidence. You are literally standing immobile on the battlefield putting your faith into your soldiers with calm confidence that emboldens them to fight better. Considering that Sun Jian once routed an entire ambush force by employing a similar tactic historically, there is no way you could possibly paint it as too outlandish for what the mode is going for.

Obviously, there are some skills that shouldn't he included (such as the 100 percent range block chance and AOE attacks) but when you take away the ability of Liu Chong to shoot his crossbow, you are taking away something that was part of who he was historically and exacerbating the issue of lacking variety. Even disregarding that, in a mode like Records where troops are supposed to be more important than your generals, why do we not have access to the rally ability? Why do we not have access to stalk on our bandit strategists?

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I will always stand by the opinion that I think Records is the better mode for tactics and strategy, but it's not like I can blame anyone used to that Romance for thinking that the former looks more lackluster on the surface. I would have never bought this game had there not been a Records mode and CA knows that there are plenty of people like me, so it feels like a major slap to the face that they continue to refuse to touch the mode.


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