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Release schedule of WH2, and what it can mean for WH3

Before nothing, this thread has the purpose of expanding and working further in this fantastic work in the forums of some days ago:

Of course, the release schedule of WH2 could mean absolutely nothing for WH3 because this time they could pick a different path, but as the hype is still strong (the trailer is still too close!), I thought it was a good idea to see in depth what happened with WH2 (sorry for my english btw).

Before starting, note that there are already a pair of differences between both games: the time between the announcement and the release (for WH2 it was March-September 2017, 6 months, for WH3 it looks like February-September/October/November 2021, with between 7 and 9 months), and the amount of core factions (4 for WH2, and 6 with WH3, with the 9th LL maybe deserving his own trailer if it's someone like Belakor, my personal bet).

Now let's see how it went for WH2. I have taken dates from Youtube but also from the blogs of the official Total War Site. Links are not included to shorten the thread a bit. All the dates are during 2017:

Announcement Trailer: 31/3

Dev Diary: 7/4 (it had some general info and some 3D models)

A general idea of the Vortex Campaing Plot: 20/4

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Trailer Lizardmen: 11/5

Roster Lizardmen: 16-18/5 (blog-video respectively)

Roster High Elves: 6-9/6 (blog-vídeo respectively)

Battle of the Fallen Gates: 12/6 (Lizardmen vs High Elves. If I remember right Youtubers could play it too)

Limited editions info: 12/6

First look at the Vortex map (Ulthuan and Lustria): 21/6

Another battle (High Elves vs Lizardmen): 11/7

Trailer Dark Elves: 13/7

Roster Dark Elves: 14/7 (blog)

Trailer Norsca: 18/7

Norsca Roster: 18/7 (blog)

Norsca Battle Gameplay: 26/7

Norsca Campaing Gameplay: 28/7

Skaven Trailer: 16/8

Skaven Roster: 18/8 (blog)

Full Vortex Map Reveal: 23/8

Dark Elves Campaing Gameplay: 24/8
*From 24/8 to 28/9 there is a very high amount of videos showing a lot of stuff unknown until then (if I remember right): dark elves in battle, and the campaing mechanics from the core factions.
Steam Achievements: 26/8

System Specs: 31/8

Launch of the game: 28/9

Mortal Empires: 9/11

Conclusions if we believe that, more or less, they schedule of WH3 will have a similar (in proportion) schedule to WH2? First, there will be some time until we start getting rosters and trailers from the factions. The first Trailer for WH2 needed 1 month and a half to arrive. I definitely wouldn't wait nothing until the inminent (I hope!) 3K DLC is announced and drops 2 weeks later.

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Also, it seems that battle info arrives much earlier that the camaping info. A very big amount of the info about the campaing was condensed in the last month (24/8-28/9), while previously we had the chance of watching battle gameplay. So even when I am absolutely hyped about this game and I want to see asap what they have done with the factions and stuff, I honestly believe that it will take some time until we start knowing about rosters and battle gameplay, and a big amount of the campaing info will be pushed to the last part of the schedule. Hopefully, they also have more NEW things to show us about campaing with this game (sieges, trading regions and that kind of things). Hope it helped!


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