Total War

Rework Geomantic Web so that it’s a “power grid” used to power a Slann’s powerful “campaign spell” akin to Eshin Shadowy Dealings. This could fix LM’s lack of mechanic and allow Slann’s to be as powerful as in lore. Two-Birds-One-Stone.

Current Geomantic Web:it's pretty, but it's inconsequential and crappy. Boosting your commandments is such a pointless and boring mechanic I don't know how it ever got approved.

Proposed Rework: Your Capitals are Power Stations that need that special building to activate. As you do, it makes a connection with adjacent capitals you own. In essence your Empire becomes a magical power grid used to fuel mighty Slann spells like that time they dicked over the dwarfs. This will be a two part mechanic…

A. Should a player have enough resources and an available Slann, he may garrison his Slann in a Capital connected to the Geo Web to enable a menu of epic Slann spells to influence the Campaign. These spells take a few turns to channel, and during this time, doomstacks will gather outside the Slann occupied capital to attack it, and defeating this doomstack is required to complete the spell.

B The type of spells available in your menu depends on the CAPITOLS, SIZE and STRENGTH of your Geomantic Web. As you restore the Geomantic Web, your selection bof increasingly powerful spells grow. Constructing the Geo Web capital buildings and Untainting your province increases Strength. Owning more capitals with Geomantic Web potential increases size. NONE of the spells will be stupid bs like Plunge into Anarchy. That should be deleted or redone to something less stupid anyways.

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C. Examples of some Slann spells may include…

Provoke the Waters: reduce enemy Campaign movement at sea

-Reclamation of Savages: Permanently change one selected region to "Jungle". Can not be used on Chaos Wastes. If used by AI, effect is reversed if the settlement this is cast from is destroyed.

Wrath of the Old Ones: target enemy Capitol to downgrade settlement by 1 level, damage buildings, destroy walls, and damage garrison/garrisoned army

Commune with the Servants: All Skink Priests gain Greater Arcane Conduit and a bound Banishment spell

Translocation of Savages Teleport the casting Slann's army to another part of the Geomantic Web.

Rite of Primeval Glory: Spawn an AI controlled army if Feral dinosaurs that will attack it's way to a targeted location. It's AI controlled, so it won't **** your upkeep

Super Charge Slanns: all Slann's get a ranged attack. It's the same as their current attack, but now they mind punch from an archer's range.

If Slann garrisons Xlanhuapec:

Expand the Mists: all battles fought in Lizardmen owned regions grants your army Stalk and Vanguard, as well as Ambush Attack.

Enrage the Waters: all non-Lizardmen at sea suffer attrition and reduced movement.

If Slann garrisons Itza:

Activate Bridge of Stars: Gives player a dilemma.

  1. Teleport/Revive Nakai with army provided to a settlement closest to an enemy faction.

  2. Confederate Nakai

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Invoke Sotek: Grant the Sotek wind spell to all armies in Itza region

If Mazdamundi garrisons Hexoatl:

Slann's Reach: Mazdamundi may choose to join ANY armies, your own or allied, as an Ethereal Legendary Hero version of himself. All stats, items, skills are the same as the real one. If he dies in any battle, Mazdamundi is Wounded.



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Post: "Rework Geomantic Web so that it’s a “power grid” used to power a Slann’s powerful “campaign spell” akin to Eshin Shadowy Dealings. This could fix LM’s lack of mechanic and allow Slann’s to be as powerful as in lore. Two-Birds-One-Stone." specifically for the game Total War. Other useful information about this game:

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