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Sehenesmet The Vizier of Quatar

The Chad Vizier of Quatar

In all honesty if they'd choose a character to be included for the Tomb Kings in a future game 3 DLC, then this guy here is THE best choice for a new LL. The Chad Sehenesmet from his description is a hybrid class lord that also counts as a giant construct and is way cooler than Ramhotep. Seriously it's the Virgin Identity Thief Ramhotep vs The Chad Vizier of Quatar.

The Virgin Identity Thief:

>Arrogant and full of himself to the point of making other Necrotects look tame (even whipped his slaves more than it's advised for the smallest of slights).

>Had to steal the identities of other Necrotects he worked for as a disciple and later as a co-worker to avoid getting entombed, leaving multiple confused and raging Necrotects being entombed alive once he build his greatest works while he swapped their identities. He only stopped when he agreed to build a pyramid that would rival Settra's because old age finally caught up to him.

>Didn't build all his marvels with withstanding the test of time and sand in mind, most of them ended up either ruined, under tons of sand or both. Raged hard when he discovered it and had to rebuild them back and/or dig them out from beneath the sand.

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>Too damn angry and grudge-holding. Had Ubersteik and Grünburg almost completely razed when a Steam Tank blew off a piece of one of his works and the soldiers looted it…despite the fact said soldiers were dead for at least 170 years after that incident.

>Nobody outside of Nehekhara heard about him.

The Chad Vizier of Quatar:

>Multiclasses as both High Liche Priest and Necrotect.

>Had one specific niche and that is constructs, constructs and more constructs.

>Survived Nagash's temper tantrum and the first thing he did after Nehekhara turned into the land of the dead was rebuilding his home city to its former splendor…WITH THE USE OF HIS CONSTRUCTS. And all of this to later make even more statues and constructs.

>Was already good with incantations and constructs, but all these thousands of years of rebuilding Quatar caused him to refine his skills to the point of becoming capable to control whole armies of them.

>He became so damn proficient that he gained the power to awaken the eagle-lion hybrid stone guardian of Quatar. A feat not easily achievable by anyone else.

>Installed himself for all eternity in a Bone Giant to use its immense power to build even grander works.

>The towering monolithic guardians that guard the entrance to the Valley of Kings are his work.

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>Build things to withstand the test of time and sand in mind. Few of his works required conservation or the need to be rebuild.

>So damn famous that he's known even in Araby (in fact it's actually difficult to find people who didn't hear about him or his creations).

Seriously it would be a pity to not include him in the future.


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