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[SFO Grimhammer 2] Kings and Raiders: update release announcement!

SFO Team here, with the Kings and Raiders and Wood Elves and Skaven and more Skaven update for you!

We'd like to first thank all of our fans for bearing with us, the update dropping right at the start of the holidays and at the start of Venris' office renovation meant that this one took a bit longer than normal. However it's finally here! And boy is there a lot to unpack.


Now let's starting with the most important question. SFO WHEN??? Well I have some good news about that. The beta for the update will be released tomorrow! It'll go live on our Steam beta branch tomorrow, which currently contains an incomplete campaign beta. We will then be having the official, full release go live this Saturday, 1/16 at 8pm CEST live on Venris' youtube stream.


As always, our full changelog is available here. I always recommend you check that out, as sometimes even substantial changes for other factions don't make it into the Reddit post!

Additionally, Nathan from Great Book of Grudges has been doing a youtube series on this update! He's uploading daily, you can find his channel here. I will also link to his videos in each relevant section!

Anyways, onto the update!


We've done a ton of work on not just the Tomb Kings and Norsca at this point, who were the highlights of this update. While we waited for the Wood Elf DLC to drop, we also worked on a few extra surprises for some very neglected rats…

I'll also not be listing the full in-depth updates for the TK and Norsca here, as we've already covered them in previous posts (I'll include links in each section).


(Tomb) Kings

Original reddit post here

Unique Legion Units!

Different campaign mechanics for each Legendary Lord!

Liche High Priest generic lord!

Unique dynasties lords!

Ancient Kingdoms building chain!

Tons of new skills!

Tomb Barque by ChaosRobie!

And MUCH more!!


(Norscan) Raiders

Original reddit post here

Early game dilemma!

Total building system and recruitment rework!

Marauder Pathfinder generic lord!

Fimir Meargh generic lord!

God effects rework

Wulfrik insult mechanic and unique units!

Throgg's Intelligence mechanic and more trolls!

And MUCH more!!


Wood Elves

Total merge of SFO and Vanilla buildings for Wood Elves: As many may know, we recently overhauled the Wood Elf campaign last year, adding many new buildings and overhauling their outpost system. We've gone ahead and merged our system with CA's, and put in a ton of work to make sure they both work together seemlessly!

Increased Projectile Penetration: We've given the Wood Elves an extra +50% to their projectile penetration, meaning that Wood Elves ranged units can now fight more effectively in forests than any other faction (as they should!)

All magical forests changed to be more diverse with more unique effects

Heralds of Talyn and Vaul's champions SFO units moved to be Sisters campaign exclusive

Grove Guardians (Swords) SFO unit moved to Durthu-campaign only

Grove Guardians (Great Bows) new SFO unit made by Chaos Robie, also Durthu campaign only

Dryads (bow) new SFO unit made by Chaos Robie, Drycha campaign only

Major changes to all new units




Queek campaign overhaul: video Queek's campaign has been changed to have a higher emphasis on Clanrats and warlords. New lord campaign effects, along with two unique units for Queek: Mors Clanrats. Mace-armed clanrats with AP damage. Trophy Heads mechanic for Queek, hunt lords to gain a new resource that can be used on a variety of buffs! Also…

Ska Bloodtail: Legendary hero for Queek's Campaign. Available from turn 1!

Tretch campaign overhaul: video Tretch's campaign has also been changed to reflect Clan Rictus' reliance on slaves and Stormvermin. Tretch receives an entire skill line buffing Skavenslaves, and Clan Rictus gains a tech tree line dedicated to buffing Stormvermin. Also…

Rikcruk Sliceblade: Unique lord available to Clan Rictus from turn 1! Focuses of buffing Tretch's army as reinforcements with unique skills.

Skrolk campaign overhaul: Skrolk gains a new mechanic, Pox Samples. Can be acquired from his own regions or from starting plagues. The more you have, the more faction-wide buffs you receive. Or you can spend them on the 20+ new plague technologies available for Skrolk! Skrolk also get a new unit, Anointed Plague Monks.

New skills for new Twisted and Twilight heroes and lords

Changes to lab abilities, many active abilities were made into passives

Changes to all new Skaven units


General Changes

Tons and tons of new unit cards made by r1kko, along with integration of his unit cards mod!:

Single entity 50% HP debuff increased: This hidden debuff causes Single Entities to now lose extra vigour and a minor decrease in all stats when under 50% hp.

Fatigue changes: Fatigue now affects all unit stats, including resistances and accuracy

All abilities in the game now have exact damage values listed

Most units can now be placed onto walls

Chaos Invasion army comps tweaked to be better and include more SFO Chaos units

Many, many more changes!




That's all for now! As always thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this update. We've worked with many modders on integrations for this one, including ChaosRobie and r1kko. Thanks as well to all of our fans and Patreons who make this mod possible. Your kind words and feedback helps keep us going and grinding through each update process. We appreciate you all so much!






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