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[SFO Grimhammer II] Kings and Raiders: Norsca update preview!

Hello Everyone!

The SFO Grimhammer II team is back with the 2nd half of our Kings and Raiders update! It's all about our thick hairy men of the North today! If you missed the spooky scary skeleton half of this update, you can check out that post here.

And some good news, this part of the update is almost ready! We'll be going live with an update to our beta branch tomorrow, 11/11! All of the Norscan's content is done, but we need some larger feedback to help polish and work out any issues we may have missed! You can find the SFO Beta branch here.

Our full update will hopefully follow soon after that! We're trying to get this out to you as soon as possible so CA can release the Wood Elf DLC, since we all know this was the real reason for their delay and what they're waiting for

Anyways, onto the update!


General Changes

Early Game Dilemma: Both Norscan factions get an early-game dilemma with a selection of buffs to help them get out of their "unifying Norscan" stage as fast as possible

Total Building system and recruitment rework: All Norscan marauder units are now recruited from them main chain, instead of being spread out across recruitment buildings. All other units are now relegated to 2 separate building chains. All of the old recruitment buildings now instead buff units factionwide.

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Marauder Pathfinder: A new generic lord choice for Norsca, the Marauder pathfinder is a speedy short-ranged lord who specializes in skirmishing and hunting big game

Fimir Meargh: Another generic lord choice, the Meargh is a hybrid caster/melee lord

All outposts now have minor factionwide effects, and faction capital outposts are now easier to defend

God Effects rework: Each level of a gods blessing now unlocks all of their effects, but they start at a lower level and ramp up at each tier. Additionally, each tier now unlocks god-specific unit upgrades for your units. Not only are these upgrades unique for each of the 4 gods, but the upgrades are specific to unit type as well. There's a total 16 upgrades available, 4 for each god for 4 unit types. As you go up in the god's favor, you are able to place your blessings on higher numbers of units!

Nurgle Plague Effect buff

God's favor unique lords now have unique traits

Hellcanon RoR cap changed to 2

Monster hunt items and rewards now change based on your favored gods!

New building icons

Marauder Lord skill tree rework

Many tech tree changes, with mostly buffs included


Wulfrik Changes

Insults: Wulfrik can now insult nearby Legendary Lords! This will cause a challenge to be issued that will force their army to come and fight Wulfrik. Winning these challenges will grant a new resource that can be spent in Wulfrik's "Gods Gifts" panel, allowing him to buff himself, his marauders, or the tribes.

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Norscan Huscarls: An elite anti-large unit specific to Wulfrik's faction. They have a unique aura that grants resistance to projectiles. Their cap is controlled by how many major settlements Wulfrik is in control of.

Norscan Ufhednars: A free boon from Tzeentch to anyone who can pronounce this name. An elite berserker unit specific to Wulfrik's faction. This unit has a throwing axe short-range attack, and contact effects on both it's ranged and melee. Cap again depends on the amount of major settlements.

Throgg Changes

Throgg's Intelligence: Throgg can now adapt and learn from his enemies. Each time you fight a new race, you will get missions. Completing these missions will unlock new technologies and powerful factionwide buffs.

More trolls!: From a new minor outpost building, Throgg can now recruit River Trolls, Stone Trolls, and…

Bile Troll: A new single entity unit for Throgg. Inspired by the design for the Vermintide mini-boss, the Bile Troll is a huge single-entity troll that has a powerful disease effect, including a damaging aura when they drop below half HP!



We do also have some changes for other factions on the way! If you want to see what's coming for other races too, you can have a look over at our changelog here. However oddly enough, some information seems to be missing-lost here, yes-yes.

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Hope to see you all soon (or maybe a month+ later, please CA) with the full update release!






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