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So I just tried a beastman campaign for the first time, and holy fuck

Content of the article: "So I just tried a beastman campaign for the first time, and holy fuck"

That was possibly the most unfun experience I've had in warhammer 2.

It's just impossible to do anything because you have no money, the only way to get money is to raze settlements, but to raze settlements easily you need a good army which you don't have and can't get until you get a lot of money by razing settlements. Raiding is useless, you get like 150 gold from raiding max, which pays for the upkeep on 2 ungor herds. Meanwhile your horde buildings cost 4k + each, and you can't recruit any actually useful units until you get at least a tier 3 recruitment building, which comes out to about 20000 gold total. Which means you have to raze 5 settlements before you can even start getting good units. Which you'll need to raze more settlements to pay to recruit, and you'll start losing money each turn if you want a better army than 18 ungor units.

Meanwhile everyone's at war with you, and they're easily recruiting 20 stacks of tier 1-2 units, which you'll have trouble dealing with because you can't recruit any good units. Any settlement you raze immediately gets colonized, and you don't even get anything from destroying the army that's weakened from colonizing because they're in a tier 0 settlement.

Replenishment is painfully slow, you can't replenish while raiding, and you lose fightiness while replenishing. It doesn't matter if you take out an enemy army when your army goes to half hp doing it and takes 5 turns to recover, at which point they'll have recruited another army.

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I did get a brayherd, which was neat until it ignored my brayherd target and wiped itself out on the nearest enemy army.

Overall I'd give it a 2/10. The battles themselves were fun, routing spearmen and swordsman with charges, but I have no idea how I would deal with stuff like greatswords. The campaign part just sucked ass, sitting there waiting to replenish while the city I just razed got colonized.


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