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So i thought i would try a Beastman campaign…..

Content of the article: "So i thought i would try a Beastman campaign….."

After doing so, i have to wonder what all the complaints are about.

I mean, the last time i played Beastmen was Warhammer 1, and i finished the campaign. Enjoyed it a lot.

However before playing them again in Mortal Empires, i heard a lot of negativity about them so just never bothered.

Decided tonight to give them a decent run out, and i have to say its a lot of fun.

Yes, it could obviously use some improvement but it is still fun if you play it right.

The entire ethos of playing as Beastmen has been quantified well in my opinion. The random events, the moon events, some of their random magic items. The Chaos gifts you get.

I wasn't actually aware but they have several cool and unique traits for their lords and heroes. I don't remember those in W1. One of my starting lords had frenzy. My Bray shaman has a skill that gives minotaurs +10% weapon damage.

I don't remember half the items either. I mean here is one example, "The Mangelder"? Magic damage, bonus to infantry and drops enemy leadership? How cool is that!?

All the passives and skills they get revolve around ferocity and assault. They even have their own magic school which is actually one of the best. Even that has its casting skill as improving charge bonus and vigor!

Its all just so cool. I am loving it, and i have over 2000 hours between W1 and W2 with every DLC.

Also, with Khazraks now improved Bestigor buffs, they can become a mainstay for your army even early. So many cool units. Minotaurs with a buffed Gorebull is literally insane.

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The campaign map gameplay is tense and completely different than any other. Hiding away to regroup. Trying to balance income with horde growth. Timing your moves with certain moon events.

Ok yeah, sometimes you have to cool your heels for a few turns. Why not? The Beastman lore is about that entirely, then going on an almighty rampage. Which is exactly how to play them.

My main criticism is the ambush maps when you attack are limited. Other than that its the only campaign i have had to constantly think about and weigh up options.

Obviously some updated new mechanics and a few new units would be awesome but this campaign is nowhere near in the state i have seen some people complaining about.

I think some people genuinely just have no clue how to play them.

If like me you haven't played them since W1, give it a decent shot. 👍

EDIT: Immediately after posting this, razed Bastonne and was rewarded with a unique banner, +4 MA and frenzy for the assigned unit. So much cool stuff.


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