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So I went back and played Total War Empire after many many years, my thoughts:

Content of the article: "So I went back and played Total War Empire after many many years, my thoughts:"

So with all this talk about the glory days of total War got me itching for my favorite historical title behind Shogun 2. Empire. I sat down for a couple of hours to remind myself what's changed between now and Warhammer, what's better and what's worse in my opinion.

I really liked the scope of the battles and how that reflected on both use of overall formations and cavalry use. Because there was room to maneuver (maps.are.mahbe 2x that of warhammer) I had to worry about being enveloped and even herded by the enemy harassing troops as well as protecting my much more fragile leadership and artillery crews.

Manipulating my battle line to expose a gap which I could exploit with my light cavalry felt like a great reward for the use of superior tactics as well as positioning my heavy cav to break the line where I needed it to. The battles felt much more about my formation and battlefield tactics versus their formation and tactics as opposed to who had the higher stated troops like Warhammer. All units overall seemed much more.fragile and you had to manage them much more than blob 1 run into blob 2 but that's more a reflection of the majority of units being gun lines.

In saying theres two things I really really appreciate in the newer titles, one is a much more detailed UI including unit cards, I could not figure out a button to show the enemy unit stats (maybe exists) and also spacebar didn't show my artillery curves.

The other is the length of the battles and the unit lose penalty. I'm not convinced battles are longer in a good way, just longer because every battle I'd have to waste time mopping up the last straggler units of theirs after I'd already decisively won. Though I will agree the bigger maps meant more time to setup a formation and much more time before your battlelines met and time for skirmishers to harass.

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I did not do campaign because my friends arrive to play remnant but I may at some point.

Positives: – Runs great and flawlessly on 1440p ultrawide – More variety in factions than I remembered, having both modern militaries as well as native tribes was a nice mix – Much much bigger battle maps – felt around 2x bigger than Warhammer maps – Cavalry has more punch – related to the bigger maps – Army formations has a much bigger impact – More vulnerable generals and artillery

Negatives: – I may be wrong in this, but I couldn't find anywhere that would bring up unit cards mid-battle, pressing the usual "I" didn't work – Zoomed out animations are really bad (product of time probably) – I didn't actually like the longer battles, became tedious

Overall there felt more depth to the battles with more emphasis on tactics and strategy then who has tougher units. Though I really missed modern TW Quality of Life improvements.


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