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Some Ideas for Challenge Campaigns, to get you through Covid/Dlc Wait.

Content of the article: "Some Ideas for Challenge Campaigns, to get you through Covid/Dlc Wait."

"James Cameron's Avatar….of Khaine" – SoK Tyrion allies with Crone Hellebron, kills all Asur and the false Avatar Malekith, then goes to Athel Loren to burn down the green monkeys' beautiful tree.

"Darth Phoenix King Vaderkith 7: Diplomatic Reckoning".

( If you get your strongest army to the Shrine of Asuryan with minimal destruction in your path – the Corrupted Flame of Asuryan gives you like +150 diplomatic relations with Asur, which will easily outweigh aversion and great power penalties, then you can get a military alliance with them all. )

"The book of unlife 2: Arkjuanito el Oscuro" Arkjuan wakes up in the underworld to find the undead people don't like him – but he hears a rumour that somewhere to the west – lies a bald man, a sexy lady, an beautiful prince and a serial super nonce need his help fighting the evil "Imperio".

"McBalth" – Balthasar usurps Franz. declare war on Franz on turn one then try and gather support to take him down.

"Black Arks of the Carribean 4: Kraken Rum" – Lokhir builds the largest Black Ark fleet in Warhammer History – can only build Black Arks (Lokhir only land army – ironic).

Ghengobbo Khan – Grom and Skarsnik, Goblins Only (No spiders).

"Kroq-Narcos – Lusria" – Kroq-Gar returns to Xhotl – migration campaign, have to unite the Lizardmen but can only build economy buldings that export medicinal plants. Your only units are red crested skinks.

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"Boner Bare" Khalida/Khatep come home to Nehekara And you have to blast Phil Collins while you play "Tell everybody I'm on my way" until you get back to Nehekara.

"Captain Europe/Atlantis/Canada: Civil War" Empire/Druchii/Asur civil war.

"Immortal Instruments: World of Bones" – By the end of the game only Tomb Kings and Vampire counts can stand.

"Ironclad" – Mad King John…Leoncouer, refuses to serve his Barons, as Pope Volkmar IVXIIIXV, you must hunt him down with your templars (Knight units only) and force him to sign the Volkna Carta. (Invade Bretonnia as Volkmar)

"The Land before Time" – Dino only campaign as Lizardmen.

"Underworld" – Vampire or Skinwolf only campaign.

"Monsters Incorporated" – Throgg no humies'

"Feminazis" – Morathi/Crone female only units/lords/heroes.

"Weightwatchers" – Cylostra – Bloated Corpses/Animated Hulks only campaign.

"Thine Walking Dead" – Zombies only.

"Snorri Whitebeard – and the 20000 Dwarfs" – Grombrindal – Miners only. "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho off to kill some Thaggoraki we go!"

"'Incredible Bulk 3: Ardest" – Grimgor……only Grimgor.

"She's got Crabs" – Cylostra – Prometheans and Leviathans only.

"The Black Death" – Skrolk plague units only.

Ratssassins Creed (Ninjas don't use guns) – Snikch – Death Runners, Gutter Runners, Triads, Eshins Sorcerers and Assassin's only focus on fighting Bretonnia.

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"Batula Untold" – Vlad/Mannfred – Fell Bats only (Or maybe Varghests/Varghulfs in late game)

"Ace Venturthu – Tree Detective" – Durthu – Treemen, Treekin and Driads only. You have to go and dominate Ulthuan, and protect the Gaen Vale – without killing Alarielle.

"The Lion Prince" – Start as Tyrion, disband him – get to Alastar – War Lions, War Lion Chariots, and White Lions only.

"Arachnophobia" – Goblin Great Shaman (Spidershrine) – Spiders only

"Saruman and the Nazguls" – Barrow Legion – Wight Kings only

"Baldilocks and the thirty thousand baldies" – Volkmar – Flagellants and Warrior Priests only.

"Discount Vermintide 3: The Scottish Contingent" – Wulfhart – Legendary Heroes and a fire wizard only. You have to go back to the Empire, and aid the Empire in defending it's borders.

"Kroxgior Dundee" – Nakai – Kroxigors only.

"Skink Wars IV: Skinkpire Strikes Slann" – Tenten and Tiktaq – Skink units only – take over lustria by cute lil' lizard force.

"A nice cold pint of Gingerbear'd" – Ungrim – Slayers Only.

"How to tame your Minaithnir" – Imrik, and Heroes/Lords that can ride Dragons only.

"Where there is smoke their is fire" – Empire, black powder units only.

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"I see dead people 2: Lots of them" – Kemmler, Ghost units only.

"Tits and Guns: 3" – Balthasar, guns only – Morathi is your only Ally, Michael Bay playthrough.


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