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Some ideas I had, including an Idea to make Commanders Unique and enable an Infantry Focused Playstyle: HQ Shieldwall units

Content of the article: "Some ideas I had, including an Idea to make Commanders Unique and enable an Infantry Focused Playstyle: HQ Shieldwall units"

I have a few different ideas, and I'd like to see what you lads and ladies think about them. Pls number your responses if you are talking about a specific Idea.

Idea 1: Realistic versions of Romance abilities for Records Generals. EG, the champion might have an anti-cavalry/anti-General attack boost ability. The Vanguard might have abilities that debuff infantry. All "Shout"/"Aura" abilities IMO can be ported straight to records pretty much. Other abilities that were previously an AOE attack or a single target Nuke are accordingly changed as per the way Records works.

Idea 2: Even in Romance, Commanders and Strategists have Bodyguards. IMO its very strange seeing Cao Cao kill hundreds of men by himself, or a strategist like Zhuge Liang kill hundreds of archers. Give Nanman Generics a 50/50 chance to be either a Hero or a 'Tribe Leader' (aka Bodyguard) type general.

Idea 2.5: Commanders and Strategists in Records or Romance can opt for a HQ Bodyguard instead of a Cavalry Bodyguard (see below).

Idea 3: To make Commanders Unique, they have sole access to HQ UNITS.

A HQ Unit costs twice as much as a normal unit for it's tier (miltia/guard/Elite). It is a 2* size unit (so Eg if a normal size unit is 100 Men, it is 200 men), comprised 50% of Shielded Spearmen (aka Spear Guards) and 50% of Crossbowmen. It has 2 stances and no 'normal' stance.

  1. HQ Formation: Unit is in a 360 square formation, with 80% missile block in 365 degrees, and the crossbowmen can shoot in all directions.
  2. Dispersed HQ formation: Same as above, but Loose to protect from Strategist Artillery. Missile block reduced to 50%.
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Only 1 HQ Unit can exist per Retinue (not including the Bodyguard variant). Each HQ Unit gives Massive buffs to units that match it's type in a small area around it. There are different HQ's for each unit Colour, but all are still Shielded Spearmen/Crossbowmen; it's just the units that get buffs that change. A HQ has double the flags of a normal unit, and also has 4 Officer Models dispersed throughout it.

The Infantry buffs that these HQ's provide are especially powerful. They should stack and allow for a player-accessible Infantry based Strategy, even on Legendary.

I'm not sure if the buffs should be actives, or passives, or both. I think they should be passive Morale bonuses, and active Aura's like the Commander/Sentinel Aura abilities that exist in Romance. I like the idea of using your Command Abilities to counter the AI's, such as using Hold The Line! (Parry/Mass Up) To counter an AI charge or an AI using an Attack Order, or timing your infantry charge with the cooldown of the "All out Assault!" ability from the HQ. Another Ability idea could be "Change Ranks!" Which gives the units around it a 10 second Speed, melee defense, and vigor buff, which both relieves the unit directly and allows it to escape a melee so another unit can be rotated in. The possibilities are really endless and can allow for and enhance cool infantry strategies.

Idea 4: The Yellow Turban version of the HQ is instead religious and healing themed and should be Monks/Chanters (giving Frenzy and healing over time), and Nanman already have HQ elephants in the game (though their HQ elephant system should be expanded). Yellow Turbans can get a HQ on all 3 character types, and the buffs they provide are generic attack/healing bonuses and not unit colour specific (yellow turbans don't follow the colour system enough for the Han method to work).

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Thoughts guys?


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