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Some Ideas on Unique Siege Maps for Each Race

From the recent siege rework blogpost:

There is now a much, much wider selection of potential siege maps, each assigned to a settlement based on their default faction’s culture, themes, and preferences for combat. Cathay and Dwarfs build highly defensive fortresses set into the sides of mountains, where their firepower can be exploited to its fullest. Meanwhile, Kislev has long withstood Chaos with tight streets and hardy men and women who will fight tooth and claw for every inch. Races like the Skaven and Greenskins have more ramshackle fortresses that are no less deadly, which themselves pale in comparison to the weirdness of the strongholds dedicated to each Chaos God on the outskirts of the Realm of Chaos.

So we have a rough idea on what siege maps will look like for some races, but what about the others? Here are some general thoughts for each race, please add your own below:


  • Like the Empire itself, their settlements should probably be multi-use. A decent number of raised bridges and platforms for guns, a few alleyways for hiding troops, and a few long open boulevards for maneuvering cavalry. Similar to Cathay but perhaps not quite as defensive or vertical.


  • We already know more about these guys than most others, but I would generally imagine a dwarf settlement to be very vertical, almost a sheer slope, with gun platforms rising up to higher and higher heights alongside them. I would also imagine tight chokepoints for infantry formations, but perhaps not a lot of cover from opposing fire. I would also imagine dwarf barricades, walls, towers, and so on would be a bit tougher than average, with more HP. One nice feature might be if their "trap" building includes a bomb or minefield that functionally has Stalk and detonates when enemies walk over it. In general sieging a dwarf city should feel like fighting a mountain.

Vampire Counts

  • This other thread about this topic in particular spurred the idea for this thread. Lot of good ideas in there, thanks to everybody who replied. General consensus seemed to be lots of narrow alleys with tall towers on either side where you could hide monsters/infantry that would be protected from artillery. Some sort of defensive building that provided a WoM boost for nearby spellcasters or some limited zombie summons were also popular suggestions. I personally like the idea of a Vampire Count city being built down instead off up, with multiple "bridges" at ground level, and a sunken area underneath them representing hidden catacombs. Someone described arriving at a Vampire Count city and finding the walls abandoned, like a ghost town, and it's only once you go into the narrow streets that the undead rise around you.


  • This one I'm not sure of. "ramshackle" suggests their barricades/walls/towers might be flimsier than other races, but what would they get to balance that out? Only thing I can think of is the ability to summon a Rogue Idol when your defensive buildings are at a high level, representing part of the fortress coming to life.


  • Presumably these would just be minor settlement battles set on a Beast Paths type map, representing Beastmen encampments surrounding a big herdstone. I wouldn't expect much here, something very basic with the herdstone being on a small hill where you can give your Cygors a slightly elevated firing platform and maybe some clumps of trees to hide units in.

Wood Elves

  • Somewhat similar to the Beastmen I would expect the Wood Elves to have a minor settlement battle on top of a big hill (representing the idea that many Wood Elf defensive locations are inside hollow hills) with some clumps of trees here and there, and maybe a bunch of trees circling the base of the hill. Outside of barricades and towers I would expect a lot of it to look like natural, not constructed materials.

Warriors of Chaos

  • Impossible to say at this point. Depends a lot on how they might get reworked down the line, and if they're ever given some kind of minor settlement (like the Beastmen) or some larger fortresses like the Monogod races.


  • A mix of long avenues for cavalry charges and a lot of tall spires and towers. A bit more vertical than Empire cities, but fewer emplacements for archers and trebuchets inside the city. The spires can be used to shield infantry and flying cavalry from missile fire.


  • Probably just a minor settlement that looks like a wooden stockade. I would guess the inside might have a fair amount of open space however, to let you move mammoths, skin wolves, and trolls around without too much hassle.

High Elves

  • Similar to Bretonnia, more vertical with lots of spires, but maybe some tighter chokepoints for shield walls and way more raised platforms for archers. The current Tor Yvresse siege map is probably a good jumping off point.

Dark Elves

  • This one is hard to pin down. Probably similar to the High Elves but with the archer platforms partially shielded with towers/spires in such a way that the crossbows have good lines of fire when you're inside the city, but are partially protected from longer ranged fire from outside the city. Maybe a few bridges and concealed areas to hide monster ambushes.


  • Big open plazas that are easy to move dinosaurs through, interspersed with huge pyramids and monuments. A few chokepoints between these for defensive Saurus formations, but relatively few raised platforms for ranged units (though maybe a few of the bigger pyramids will have spaces for artillery dinos to stand on top of them).


  • Like the Greenskins their buildings would all have lower health being "ramshackle." This is to partiually balance out that they will have lots of raised platforms for artillery and that they can now dock weapon teams to walls. Attacking a Skaven city means advancing under withering firepower, but once you get there it's easy to knock their crappy walls down. Skaven cities might also be built "down" like the Vampire Counts, with "bridges" representing the street level and sunken areas below them where rats and monsters can hide, boiling out of the underground when enemies get close.

Vampire Coast

  • Lots of really long boulevards all leading to a central square which has a bunch of raised gun platforms. Excellent line of sight for deck gunners and artillery throughout the city. Maybe a few extra raised gun emplacements just behind the main walls for artillery. In between the long boulevards a few narrow alleys for hiding monsters and Bloated Corpses.

Tomb Kings

  • Similar to the Lizardmen, big plazas around the based of pyramids and monuments to allow constructs to move around, but more raised areas for archers and artillery.


  • Fairly flat with narrow roads. Maybe some higher buildings to block ranged fire. Everything should be built around forcing brutal close-quarters street battles. Probably also somewhat tougher buildings/barricades that other chaos races.


  • Lots of really narrow and twisty roads with plenty of places to block them with barricades. All of them overseen by bridges, raised platforms, and places you can build towers. Entering a Tzeentchian city should be like entering a maze that keeps changing on you while you're being shot at from above the whole time.


  • This one's a little hard to say. Maybe a mix of the Vampire Counts and Khorne, with a lot of alleyways for flanking maneuvers. Slaaneshi units tend to be fast but fragile, and favor melee combat, so they'll really want ways to avoid missile fire while also forcing you into melee fights. More places for ambushes and hiding troops than Khorne because while Khorne wants an honorable fight in the open Slaanesh has no problem using underhanded tactics.


  • Someone suggested a big open park or garden-like map and I really liked that idea. Maybe similar to the Lizardmen, as Nurgle has plenty of big monsters but few ranged troops. He ways you to get bogged down in a big blob fight while his monsters pound on you, so maybe something also sort of similar to Slaanesh and the Vampire Counts, but with more emphasis on chokepoints and less on flanking.


  • We've already heard a little about these guys, so we can expect plenty of narrow streets. Similar to Khorne but with a few more raised platforms for archers/Streltsi, but otherwise a map of chokepoints. Probably not super vertical though.


  • Not a lot to say here, we've already seen more of their cities than anyone else. Generally somewhere between the Empire and the Dwarfs in terms of defensiveness.


  • Once they come I would expect something very similar to Norsca, very basic minor settlement battles with lots of space inside for moving around big monsters.


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