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Some Problems with the Amazons DLC

Content of the article: "Some Problems with the Amazons DLC"

So far I'm really enjoying it. But a few things are sticking out to me.

  1. We can all agree that the ai resettlement is absurd. I had two armies slowly clearing the spartan/mycenyne/corinth peninsula. Was almost complete when the ai starts sending armies to colonise the ruins almost faster than I could whack their moles off. Like the ai will just ignore my army go past me and colonise. I wasn't expecting that so started heading back. Just as I was poised to take their settlement the army left to colonise another one rather than fight me. So I erased the city, put myself into ambush hoping they'd come back to settle it. They spotted my ambush but came back and settle it anyway.

  2. The stack of siege attrition bonuses is too high. I have it down to 1 turn. I spent many turns and a lot of wood to get siege towers to help Penny with assaulting cities but the towers are completely redundant. I build a battering ram on turn 1, the auto resolve is still 50/50. Then on the second turn I build my siege tower and the Auto resolve is 90/10 my way because the garrison is half health. It made taking Sparta, my antagonists capital really anti climatic. I don't get to fight big epic battles anymore, just auto resolve or play easy wins that have no challenge. I will say however that Warhammer has the opposite problem. It takes 17 turns for your average settlement to start suffering attrition making sieving them out of their boring city layouts worthless. Goldilocks needs a middle ground. The strange thing is on the first turn of attrition the garrison seems to lose 50% health then 10% after that. This probably wouldn't be as much of an issue if it went down by a steady 10%

  3. The Initiation mechanics are awesome, the way the ai handles it is not. The ai (or perhaps the auto resolve) treats it's units like lemmings. I went down and rescued Hippolyta from being wiped out, then just outrageously pumped her economy full of excess spoils, levelled all the factions around to to help give her land, she's gotten to number 2 in power and I haven't seen a single tier 2 unit used yet. She has the buildings but the ai makes the units fight to the last one by one so if a unit sees fighting to get experience it will also probably get death. This is especially tough late game when they have to try and train initiates against elite troops from other factions. Thing is if you stack the bonuses right and prey to Athena you can recruit units that can be upgraded straight away. But we also know that the Ai picks it talents via whimsical dart toss. The game lets the ai cheat with all sorts of things. Let it cheat with this too.

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