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Speculation and Teasers: Every name drop from the Recent Interview

Hey there! For those that aren't aware, Loremaster of Sotek did an Interview with Writer Andy Hall, and we got a whole bunch of new goodies about Cathay, and some very precise wording from Andy himself about what we may see coming soon. It's important to note that I'm going wild with speculation on the meaning of his words, but he did say these things specifically.

The Dragons:

We received more information on the Moon Empress.

  • Her full title is The Moon Dragon, Empress of the Grand Cathay, Mistress of the Ancestral Realms, Commander of the Imperial Agents, and Master of the Moon Winds.

  • She also has servants called the many eyed Crowmen, which are apparently able to fly? In a twist of fate, these strange bird people are actually agents used to hunt down Tzeentchian cults.

  • She is Yin, as opposed to the Celestial Emperors Yang

  • The names of her, and the emperor were both revealed, though my hearing is terrible, so I'm not quite sure what they are.

We have now confirmed that there are NINE dragon children in Cathay. Currently, 5 of them are known, and 4 of them have gone missing:

Miao Ying, The Storm Dragon

  • Ruler of the Northern Provinces

Zhao Ming, The Iron Dragon

  • Ruler of the Western provinces

Li Dao, The Fire Dragon

  • Ruler of the Southern Provinces, Ruler of the Mountains of Heaven, Master of the Burning Winds, and Lord of the Pheonix

Ying Yin, The Sea Dragon

  • Ruler of the Eastern Provinces
  • Leader of Cathay's Navy
  • Once launched a failed attack on the southlands

The Jade Dragon

  • Rules Central Cathay
  • An administrator, described as "reliable but boring"

The Missing 4:

  • We received very little information on the missing 4 dragons, but we did receive one specific piece of information, which is The Great Dragon River, a river in the north of Cathay that makes up much of it's natural border. Apparently, one of the dragon children is rumored to be asleep here.

Faction Name Drops:

The Monkey King

  • The Monkey King was confirmed to be a controversial figure in Cathay. All of the dragons hate him, but he serves his uses, and his monkey warriors are called up to fight and defend Cathay. Notably, this does mean that he is not based in Ind, but is still based in Cathay itself.

Ind, and Tiger-men

  • Ind was prominently mentioned as being one of the threats in the south that Li Dao must defend against. Additionally, Tiger-Men villages were mentioned by name, meaning that those are likely to see some form of game representation, presumably.

Nagas of Khuresh

  • We very intentionally received no information, but the the Nagas of Khuresh were mentioned by name as a major threat to the south of Cathay, which has a lot of implications for potentially arriving as a race.


  • Nippon was very specifically NOT name dropped, but what was mentioned was "human nations to the east, which Cathay has had trouble with". In my humble opinion, that could be leading into a potential name change for Nippon, especially considering they were very loose with talking about Ind.

Jade Blooded Vampires

  • We have a confirmation on the existence of the Jade Bloodline. Harakhte, an advisor of Neferata, was named dropped as having fled to Cathay and establishing his own bloodline there.

Random Existing Faction Name Drops

  • Clan Eshin is confirmed to be around, but we don't have any details on where they may be, other than probably having a large base in the Warpstone Desert.

  • Dark Elf Raiders are confirmed to raid the shores and ships of Cathay. Could this indicate the ability to sail west from naggarond on the combined map?

  • A Cult of the Painted Skin was mentioned as being a chaos cult that is currently arising a lot in Cathay, notably NOT being a tzeentchian cult, but instead implied to be a cult connected to some other god. Tzeentchian Cults are the largest threat in Cathay, and are mentioned to be popping up all of the time.


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