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Steamrolling and Population on Warhammer

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Good morning. I've been thinking about this topic a lot, since those 2 terms are somewhat dependant on one another. I'll get into it.

The population system on other Total War Games wasn't a limitation, since it was easy and quick to grow. BUT it did put up something to stop you from printing soldiers like you print money. Why is that important? Well, since there is not population in warhammer total war, and everything just come from buildings, you can virtually recruit anything and as much as you want from it as long as you have cash. So, in reality, you are not paying soldiers to fight, you are printing them since gold is the only resource (mostly, i know some races have other currencies).

That is something that Troy (i didn't play it, just watched) did well imo. The requirement to have different resources for different types of units and that you can't just generate all of those resources on all your cities is a huge improvement. It makes them feel more rewarding, since you didn't have to do the same to get, i.e., your Elite heavy infantry than your light cavalry. It prevents you from "printing" soldiers.

What does this means to Steamrolling? It does not prevent it, no, because you'll eventually gain so many growth and resource bonuses that it wouldn't matter. But it delays it, and makes it difficult to do, it extends the amount of time a campaign feels challenging aside from the first 50 turns.

I'll take the High Elves for example, since they are an obvious case for this:

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One of the strongest, if not the most, economies in the game. You start to swim in cash very early. Also, one of the races with more low model count units, and Single Entity Monsters. This makes them very elite, like they should… except not. Virtually, you can recruit any amount of Swordmasters of Hoeth that you want, an elite, specialized unit, that at some point you start to pump out like Skavenslaves. I don't know about any of you, but it kills the feeling of elite for me, though from the things i saw on this sub, a lot of people would agree.

This race is so strong in the late game and early game because in this game elites units are super strong but not rare, as they should, because there is no limitation for it (aside from the Tomb Kings mechanic). You can recruit 100 star dragons across 6 armies, even though there are just a handful of them left in the world. But this could be changed (not fixed, it's not broken) by having a population system, that divides itself in types and classes. For example: Citizens, War Beasts, Ancient Creatures, Elite/Veterans. That way, you'll have a pool for Spearmen/Archers/etc., a pool for War Lions/Cavalry/Chariots, a pool for Single Entity Monsters, and a pool for elite Infantry/Cavalry/Missile units.

Some races may benefit from this, some not, but it should be adjusted, if implemented, to each race individually. Of course skaven have unlimited skavenslaves, and Clanrats. Maybe just a pool for Sotrmvermin/Eshin units, a pool for Moulder Creations, and a pool for War Machines/Weapon Teams. For the Greenskins, Goblins should be free of the system. And for each race, adjusted technologies and bonuses so for example, a much higher growth on swarm races and horde races, but few techs and bonuses for Dwarfs and Elves.

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If you made it through the end, thank you for reading. What are your thoughts?


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