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Suggestion: “Lurk in Ruins” option

Had an idea I liked, here it is.

tl;dr: Special ambush-in-ruins battle to punish resettlement spam

So, first, make a bunch of new ambush maps themed around assorted ruins. Then change the options when an army visits a ruin to "Settle", "Search", "Do Nothing" and "Lurk".

If an army is already lurking there and you settle, they get an ambush chance with a huge boost (like, +30-50%). If you search, same thing but with a penalty instead of a boost. Lurking where someone's already lurking would be like a normal ambush %. Heroes searching first would reveal lurking armies and prevent ambush (but maybe only with a % chance of success.)

If the lurker wins a resettlement ambush, they get all the gold the re-settler spent on resettlement, on top of the normal benefits.

Skaven defense would default to such ambushes, and only use walls if the player chose to or the ambush failed. As this would be a buff to Skaven, I feel it's at least possible CA would consider it. (I love you, CA, almost as much as you love Skaven.)

Finally, even without an "official" faction lurking, there would be a chance of neutral forces lurking, depending on climate, corruption, and how long the province had stayed ruined for. These could be beastmen, skaven, undead, Drycha-esque nature spirits, or even some sort of bandit army. If they win, they'd immediately spend looted gold on new units and join the campaign map as a rogue army/beastmen tribe. (This would replace normal horde spawning). OTOH, searching for and beating a lurking neutral army might have some benefit similar to pirate treasure.

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I think this would make Beastmen play suck way less. Succesfully ambushing an army mid-resettlement would be a substantial payday, and make resettlement spam less annoying. The AI would also sometimes lose armies resettling, and lots of ruins = lots of rogue armies to give them trouble and make the damage you do to them have the chance to cascade.


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