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Testing the impact of VC passive healing on survivability of VC chaff (images below)

Content of the article: "Testing the impact of VC passive healing on survivability of VC chaff (images below)"

The premise of this test was that even full 8 HP/s won't have a large statistical difference on the outcome of a fight when applied to VC chaff.

Reason being that each units that is wounded needs to roll for 2HP, 4HP, 2HP every single second.

Chances of the same unit getting consecutive rolls approaches statistical impossibility after only a few seconds and it needs consecutive rolls because 1 skeleton warrior has 61 HP and practically no armor, so practically all killing blows it receives will be overkill unless he gets multiple heals.

The test was conducted on 2 Skeleton Warriors vs 2 units of Empire Swordsman. Both took the charge head on to minimize any randomness and shuffling when moving.

1 unit of Skeleton Warrior received 8HP/s healing from a) Mortis Engine 2HP/s, b) Necromancer with Unholy Loadstone 4HP/s + 2HP/s and +5 MA, MD from Necromancer being on CC mount. Total 8HP/s.

Second unit had +5 MA, MD as the first but NONE of the healing.

These are the results:


The unhealed Skeletons will receive a charge 1 sec before the healed ones. That should mean even worse results for them.


Battle has begun, surprisingly, unhealed skeletons have few losses less, but it's too early to tell.


Unhealed SW have 7 casualties less. Losses have not evened out despite healing of the first group.


Healed 112, unhealed 117. Losses still haven't evened out.


Losses still uneven in favor of unhealed Skeletons, suggesting that so far healing had no statistical effect on durability.

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Fight is over, healed group has 4 additional skeletons over unhealed group.


Healed group took 4 less casualties but did 14 less kills. Conclusion below.


From 160 to ~85 units the unhealed group maintained less casualties even though receiving the charge a second earlier from the healed group.

This seems to suggest that the difference in casualties was from RNG and healing had no impact on the spread whatsoever.

At 85 casualties, healed grouped started to overtake the healed grouped.

Probable cause is less entities were now rolling which made it more likely for the same entity to roll on consecutive heals.

Fight ended with the healed group having 4 casualties less.

Considerations that have to be accounted for:

1) By the time the VC have access to an Unholy Loadstone and Mortis engine it will most likely face a much more dangerous front line, or even if it faces Swordsman they will come with +10 MA vs undead which is a technology Empire consistently gets.

Probable conclusion:

Healing, even when maxed out in terms of 8HP/s will have little to no difference on survivability of VC chaff. By the time it starts to have effect, VC should have usually won the fight by flanking the enemy or lost it if no flanking occurred.

As the quality of the units receiving healing increases, so does its impact.


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