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The Faithless and the Furious

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The Faithless and the Furious is a proposed Norsca vs Warriors of Chaos Lord Pack.

Why should CA make a Norsca vs The Warriors of Chaos pack now? Personally, I think they should do a Beastmen pack first since they by far need the most improvement. Once the brayherds are up to speed though, Norsca and The Warriors of Chaos will have the greatest need for DLC. Norsca only has 2 legendary lord options and 1 generic lord option, and the Warriors of Chaos have a vast assortment of cool units from their army book, the various 8e expansion books, and the endtimes.

Narrative – Sayl the Faithless has betrayed the wrong master, and Valkia the Bloody is filled with the fury of Khorne. Valkia the Bloody had allowed the treacherous sorcerer to assist her host of Khorne worshippers pillage and raze the coastline of the Empire. She thought him too cowardly to betray her and her bloodcrazed followers. However, she underestimated Sayl's bravery or perhaps his arrogance. While on the return trip through the Empire back to Norsca with their factions collective loot, the cunning caster sent a raven to the local imperial city's garrison and informed them of their path back to the sea. Knowing the Khorne worshippers lust for battle Sayl accurately predicted that they would attempt to charge the imperial forces regardless of the chance of victory as soon as they were in sight rather than attempt to hurry and retreat back to their longships. Sayl planned to march his forces straight past the battle except to briefly engage his forces with Valkia's rear that were protecting the pillaged loot from the city. He hoped to snatch up the gold and treasures of both his and Valkia's forces and then to escape back to Norsca while the garrison destroyed her and her forces. Unfortunately for Sayl, Khorne's champions mercilessly cut down the garrison despite the difference in numbers and marched her forces towards the the lowly traitors. Upon reaching the coast line, Valkia found their longships destroyed by a great tempest conjured by the sorcerer. Valkia would have to fight her way through the empire and regain the strength of her forces through glorious battle for the blood god's favor. Then she would be able to exact a terrible vengeance on Sayl.

The Norsca Half –

Faction – The Dolgan Tribe – A Norscan tribe that specializes in mammoths and treachery like its corrupted master. The campaign would begin with terrible public order penalties because of his recent hostile takeover of the tribe's leadership. The tribe would make mammoths cheaper faction wide (removing this buff from Wulfrik and replacing it with a buff to Curs'd Ettins) and would provide unique diplomatic options. Sayl the Faithless, the faction leader, was known for appearing to serve others while really serving himself. Sayl's faction would therefore have the option to become a vassal to another servant of the dark powers (Norscan, Beastmen, or Warriors of Chaos) by offering his service freely or instead of going to war when they declared war on him. While Sayl's tribe was a vassal to a greater more charismatic leader his tribe's public order problems would go away. Every turn his master faction would provide him with war targets, recruitment objectives, or a request for tribute in gold. There would then be a meter at the top of the campaign screen that tracks the Dolgan tribe's treachery. Every time you complete a task late the meter goes up one tick, every time you don't complete a task at all the meter goes up triple. When the meter is full the faction will declare war upon the Dolgan tribe. However, Sayl would have the option before going to war to summon a dark assassin made of lightning and shadows to assassinate the faction leader. If the assassination attempt failed nothing would happen except the ability would go on a very long cooldown. If the assassination attempt succeeded Sayl would be able to confederate the now leaderless master tribe. This would then reintroduce Sayl's public order problems though and he would need to find a new figurehead to lead his and their dark forces.

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LL – Sayl the Faithless – A cunning and treacherous chaos sorcerer of the Dolgan Tribe who Tamarkhan sought out to gain control of his tribe's famous herd of war mammoths. Now that mammoths are relegated to Norsca instead of the Warriors of Chaos, it only makes sense for Sayl to follow them to the Norsca faction. He is a heavens and shadow caster with two unique abilities, a disgusting chaos spawn minion named Nightmaw who once was the other sorcerers of the Dolgan tribe, and rode a mammoth in the lore (even though his rules did not say he could for some reason…).

Generic Lord – Dark Emissary – Wretched sorcerers from the island of Albion who like Sayl often aid a greater warlord or master but are always looking out for themselves in the end. Albions aren't Norscans, but Norsca is a faction of various northmen and misfits like the Fimir. Due to this, I think they would fit nicely into the Norsca faction and give them a caster lord option. Dark Emissary's are regenerating casters that utilize the lore of shadows or the lore of death and may even know a few spells taught to them by the Dark Master Be'lakor.

Unit 1 – Fenbeast – These are monstrous infantry summoned by Dark Emissaries with the heart of an ogham shard surrounded by a mass of swamp material. They would have aquatic, regeneration, unbreakable, frenzy, and they would crumble rather than route.

Unit 2 – Curs'd Ettin – A tribe of northmen chose to ignore the dark gods and desecrate their altars. The entire tribe was punished by fusing every tribesman to another tribesman. Overtime these mutants grew large and twisted in the north until they became giants usually with one oversized club-like hand and two heads that fight for dominance over the entire body. These would effectively be a giant with regeneration, strider, and a conditional effect where at the top half of their health the savage head is in control and the giant has frenzy while at the bottom half of their health the cunning head is in control and the giant gains bonuses to flanking.

Unit 3 – Chimerae – This would essentially be a manticore with three heads and a tail with a mouth as well. In terms of abilities and stats it would be the same as a manticore but with a flaming breath attack. This would make the Chimerae a flying unit option in between feral manticores and frost wyrms for the Norscans. It was originally in the Warriors of Chaos book but so was the Marauder Chieftan, and I think the Warriors of Chaos have enough units to add without the Chimerae.

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The Warriors of Chaos Half –

Faction – Warriors of Khorne – This is a faction made up purely of worshippers of Khorne. They cannot recruit units that have the mark of Nurgle or Slaanesh or Tzeentch. They start with extreme hostility towards Sigvald's faction (which should be changed to the Warriors of Slaanesh). They cannot recruit casters of any kind, but they can get skullcrushers of Khorne, skullreapers, and wrathmongers for a much cheaper upkeep. Their chaos lords and Exalted heroes all start with the option to mount a juggernaut of Khorne. Valkia's army has increased leadership across the board, but if any cowardly man routes before Valkia Khorne punishes them by instantly turning them into chaos spawn with the same proportion of their max health as they had when they routed. All men in the army start with the mark of Khorne granting them frenzy. Their objective is blood for the blood god and skulls for the skull throne. At the top of the campaign map is a counter of all the kills the faction has wracked up. The counter is tiered with each tier requiring more kills than the last. Every tier provides a pool of upgrade options. These upgrade options allow you to upgrade certain units into a more elite Khorne specific unit while maintaining the units veterancy. Chaos warriors can be upgraded into skullreapers or wrathmongers and Chaos knights can be upgraded into skullcrushers of Khorne.

LL – Valkia the Bloody – An evil Valkyrie essentially resurrected by Khorne for being too much of a badass to die. She would be a flying, shielded, anti-large duelist with frenzy and fear as well as some magic items.

Generic Lord – Daemon Prince – This one is easy. There is one lord option The Warriors of Chaos are missing and it is this. The truly great champions of chaos ascend to daemonhood and become giant unbreakable, flying, terror causing monsters with magical attacks. I think these should come alongside a mechanic for your generic lords you recruit to ascend to daemonhood either through some sort of damage tracker or just based on XP.

Unit 1 – Slaughterbrute – These are large monsters that a chaos sorcerer binds to his will or the lord's will through magic rituals. The beast is then telepathically puppeteered by the lord and fights with the melee prowess of a warrior instead of a beast, but if the lord dies then the beast rampages around the battlefield. This would be translated as a monster with high melee stats, terror, and a conditional effect where upon the lord's death the melee stats of the monster are reduced and it rampages around the battlefield.

Unit 2 – Skullcrushers of Khorne – Warriors marked by Khorne who ride giant magical brass rhinos. These should actually come for free with the original DLC like the glade riders with spears did in the Twisted in the Twilight. The juggernaut steeds will already need to be made for the Daemons of Chaos which we will surely see in game 3. Adding them for the warriors will just require replacing the rider with a chaos knight rider painted red. This would be in keeping with the work that went into the glade riders with spears. These will be armored, armor piercing, monstrous cavalry with fear, frenzy, and magic attacks.

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Unit 3 – Skullreapers – These are an elite infantry unit of Khorne worshipping chaos warriors who carry big ass swords. They would be an armored and armor piercing infantry unit with a bonus vs infantry. They would be priced in between chosen with great weapons and chaos warriors with great weapons.

Unit 4 – Wrathmongers – These are an elite infantry unit of Khorne worshipping chaos warriors who carry hammers attached to long chains. They would be an armored elite infantry unit with a large charge bonus (similar to bestigors), a bonus vs infantry, and large sweeping attacks with large splash attacks (like the krimson killerz). These would be an infantry blender option more elite than forsaken similar to depth guard with dual axes.


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