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The gods must be laughing

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As the Dwarfs I united the southlands, wiped out the local Greenskins and Beastmen, then led a coalition of mortals against Chaos. The Vampire Counts slowed them down, and while the Empire was destroyed, we held them at the mountain passes until my full stacks of thunderers, hammerers, and big guns were in position. The final three-stack battle on the burning fields of Bretonnia was hard fought, but Archaon was defeated and the Warriors of Chaos destroyed. And while the north was in ruins, the Bretonnian duchies, the southern human realms, and the Wood Elves all survived to rebuild. And because the Dwarf holds had weathered the storm best, naturally we would dominate the new world. Things looked bright.

Then everything went to hell. All the survivors declared war on everyone else, while the Vampire Counts spread their corruption into defenseless ruins of the Empire. Athel Loren was burned to the ground; the Wood Elves survived by squatting in Marienburg, but were so weak that they actually agreed to become my vassal (I couldn't bear them dying out after everything). I don't even know who torched the Oak of Ages: the Border Princes, probably, since they seem to think they're the new Karl Franz. Recolonization of the north has stalled, since the mortal powers are too busy fighting each other–and since the survivors are mostly Dwarfs and Humans, they typically raze each other's settlements. A hundred turns after Archaon's death, the number of inhabited cities continues to fall. Factions continue to be wiped out.

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I tried so hard to stay out of it, but then the second largest Dwarf kingdom invaded me (probably for refusing their last twenty alliance requests). So now it's civil war among the Dawi on three fronts. We both have end-game artillery and maximally-fortified cities. It's trench warfare in the mountains; its slaughter on a continental scale. Even after everything we did and everyone we lost to stop Chaos, even after we won, there's no peace, no hope, no respite.

TL;DR – One way or another, Chaos always gets what it wants.


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