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The Table Top Cap mod revolutionises how TW: Warhammer plays and I’d recommend it to everyone

Obviously like everyone else I'm super hyped for the DLC, but I wanted to just make a thread recommending the TTC mod to people because for me it is absolutely essential to my enjoyment of the game.

One of the biggest differences between the Total War games and the original tabletop, as well as the lore behind Warhammer, is the availability of elite units. If you take for example the High Elves, in the lore their elite units are super rare, and also super valuable. Swordmasters of Hoeth train for hundreds of years to perfect their craft, and the loss of any individual is a tragedy for the High Elves. In Total War… You spam them out in their thousands and if they get gunned down you just scratch your nuts for a second and then recruit a whole new stack of them. The tabletop however balances this in two ways: unit cost and unit caps. Unit cost applies in Total War in multiplayer, but it's fairly irrelevant in singleplayer due to the limit on 20 units per army. Tabletop caps though are much more viable.

How tabletop caps work is that unit are given one of three categories: core, special, and rare. When building your army, you can bring as many core units as you can afford, but special and rare units are capped. This is what the tabletop cap mod does to the game. Just like in tabletop, you can recruit as many core units as you like, but you're capped to 10 special points, and 5 rare points. What this means in effect is that you're limited in how many elite units you can bring. So to return to the High Elf example, Swordmasters cost 2 special points per unit, which means that you can bring a maximum of 5 units in your army, and that means you're unable to bring other elite units such as Phoenix Guard or Dragon Princes.

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The effect of this on army composition is huge. Rather than just building death stacks filled with elite units, you're forced to build your army around a core of low-tier troops. Rather than just bringing Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard, the bulk of your High Elf infantry will be plain old Spearmen, from turn 1 until the end game. Furthermore, the unit costs also help mid-tier units find their niche. Ordinarily, White Lions are pretty useless in a High Elf campaign, and they're swapped out for Swordmasters as soon as it is possible. However, in the tabletop cap mod, White Lions only cost 1 special point compared to Swordmasters' 2, which suddenly gives you a reason to bring them. Similarly, the choice between Silverin Guard and Phoenix Guard becomes more difficult as their respective costs come into effect.

In short, the tabletop cap mod forces you to build balanced armies that make the full use of your faction's roster, and as the same costs are applied to the AI, battles remain competitive and interesting throughout the whole course of a campaign. The lack of doomstacking also means that you're free to experiment with themed armies. Playing as the High Elves, I have one melee-heavy army with 3 units of Swordmasters and 2 Phoenix Guard, sitting behind a wall of chaff Spearmen and picking their targets. I have a Dashing Princess leading 6 units of Silver Helms who cycle charge into the enemy after they crash into the anvil of my Silverin Guard. My ranged army is limited to just 3 Sisters of Avelorn as my rare points are also spent on a Phoenix and a Bolt Thrower. All of these are viable because I'm not going to run into a stack of 16 Carnosaurs.

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So yeah, shout out to Drunk Flamingo and PrussianWarfare for making the mod. If you get the chance give it a go. It's also really useful as practice for multiplayer imo


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