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The Virgin Identity Thief Ramhotep vs The Chad Vizier of Quatar Sehenesmet

Content of the article: "The Virgin Identity Thief Ramhotep vs The Chad Vizier of Quatar Sehenesmet"


>Was only great at everything, but never had any niche

>Didn't want to be entombed, had to steal the identities of other Necrotects

>Said identity theft involved him using blood lotus to drug other Necrotects

>When his projects were short from being complete, he disappeared and had the confused Necrotects to be entombed

>Nobody outside of Nehekhara heard of him

>Many, many of his works did not survive the test of time or were buried under exatonnes of sand (thus making him not as great) resulting in him getting into a tantrum

>Really bad boss, even other Necrotects didn't use the lash as frequently as he did

>Doesn't even have a Chariot, yet alone a Skeletal Horse

>Enlisted the help of Arkhan The Black to open a portal to Ubersreik because of a temper tantrum due to Empire men vandalazing one of his works


>Actually has a niche in creating truly life-like constructs and statues (only Ramhotep can rival him and even then it's only close to him)

>Created powerful constructs and wonderful statues in the Valley of Kings that protect the place even after thousands of years, build with withstanding the test of time and surviving under exatonnes of sand in mind

>So damn famous even people in Araby talk about his awesome statues and constructs, in fact it's hard to find anyone in Araby who DIDN'T HEAR about these things

>Never had a tantrum, was too focused on his job

>Never stepped so low as to steal the identities of other artisans or enlisting the aid of Arkhan

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>When he awakened in death, he simply resumed his old job he had in life

>Powerful enough to animate the great stone guardian of Quatar, a hybrid of lion and eagle

>Installed himself for all eternity into the body of a Bone Giant to use it's physical power to create even greater constructs

I think it's obvious who is better for a future DLC for game 3 involving Tomb Kings.


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