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The WE update and the issues with supply lines

Content of the article: "The WE update and the issues with supply lines"

So with the new DLC on the horizon and the WE update coming with it some, specifically LegendOfTotalWar, have thought to voice their concerns about the economic state of the wood elves post update and how having more then two armies is nigh impossible. For those who are unaware supply lines are a mechanic introduced in warhammer 1 and carried over into 2 that are designed to stop player snowballing, a replacement for the "corruption" mechanics of previous titles supply lines add an ever increasing upkeep percentage onto each of your armies upkeeps. This upkeep cost increase scales with difficulty being 15% on very hard and legendary meaning 2 armies cost 15% more each, 2: 30%, 3: 45%, and so on meaning a 3 armies with a base upkeep of 100 gold would each cost 145 gold. This may seem minor but for armies whose base cost is in the thousands you'll end up paying insane ammounts for each army. This may be trivial for races such as Dark Elves, High Elves, and Skaven, but for races with weaker economies it is crippling and grinds their late game potential into the ground. This has become quite apparent with the new wood elf update where the wood elves at max economy may only be able to afford 3 good armies, which seems to be CAs intention making the campaign smaller scale and about protecting your trees not world coquest. This seems fine in concept until you realize that due to the current diplomatic system races arent content to let you do your own thing and any faction with armies and no one to fight will look to pick one, likely with the player. With only 3 armies max youll be hard pressed to fend off against huge world powers with dozens of armies and settlements especially when coquering their territory nets you almost nothing. While this problem is worst for the wood elves it's a similar situation for greenskins who only have a single economic building and while they have a stronger economy then wood elves, in the late game against the order tide youll often find yourself without enough armies to defend the vast territory needed to sustain the few armies you do have. With all this in mind this only really applies to higher difficulties where supply lines become a major detriment and ultimately hinder your late game ability. For both these races supply lines have become antiquated and make little sense in lore or for practical gameplay purposes. Why would the raiding green tide nees supply lines? Ik the in game explanation is they get confused and dont know who to give money to but that seems a little loose. Why would the faction who can literally teleport to all their major settlements need supply lines? Espically since CA seems to want you to turtle around your trees. Anywho those are my opinions and concerns with supply lines with the wood elves and greenskins thank you for coming to my ted talk

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