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There are plenty of Lores of Magic yet to come – here’s a list of all of them

Content of the article: "There are plenty of Lores of Magic yet to come – here’s a list of all of them"

Warhammer Total War had 12 lores of magic, and Warhammer 2 Total War has 19 at the moment. CA has hinted that the Wood Elves may be about to receive another lore, and more of them will definitely come with game 3. Here's a list of all the lores that could be coming.

Lores of the Ruinous Powers

The following lores are likely coming with Demons of Chaos in game 3, although some of them might be part of Lord Packs if CA is doing them as one race with many different factions like the Skaven. Hopefully they will then also be made available to Chaos Warriors, and maybe even Norsca and Beastmen. Khorne doesn't have a lore, because magic is for people who can't behead their enemies through force of arms.

Lore of Tzeentch

The signature spells of the Lord of Change. Almost entirely damaging spells in different colours.

Lore of Slaanesh

Signature spells of the God of Excess. Mostly hexes and missiles. Might also be given to Morathi in some form.

Lore of Nurgle

Similar to the Skaven spells of Plague, but without the summon; augments, hexes, and damaging spells.

Lore of Chaos

Possible but not guaranteed. There are a number of spells that either are either generally universal to Chaos, or fall under lesser Chaos gods that don't have an entire lore (eg. Malal). These could well be worked into an additional lore option for Chaos casters.

Unique Racial Lores

The following are all lores that are unique to a particular race but that I feel are likely to be added.

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Lore of Athel Loren

The Wood Elves' unique lore back when High Magic and Dark Magic were unique to the High & Dark Elves respectively. I guess 'Wood Magic' doesn't have the same ring to it. Lots of augments, and one spell that moved trees. Hopefully coming with the Wood Elves DLC.

Lore of Hashut

The Chaos Dwarfs' proprietary lore, named after their god. Like the lore of fire, but with more of a Volcano vibe.

Lore of the Great Maw

Also called 'Gastromancy', the lore of the Ogre Kingdoms. Some buffs, some damage spells, and the ability to summon their god, the Great Maw.

Lore of Ice

Kislev's proprietary lore, coming from the magic of their land. Some direct damage, a transformation, and a few obstacle-orientated spells that CA could have a lot of fun with.

Wildcards & Other Options

There are a number of other lores that have existed at some point on the tabletop, which CA could revive if they wanted to, as well as some areas where there would be room to make a lore if they wished.

Lore of Undeath

Similar to the Lore of Vampires, but introduced alongside Nagash, and made available to most races on the tabletop. It's possible CA might revive this for Nagash and his legions, but I suspect if they do it will only be allowed to be used by the undead races.

Lore of the Truthsayers

One of two lores introduced by the Dark Shadows campaign on Albion, this lore was used by the good-aligned Truthsayers to boost their allies. If CA ever felt like digging into Albion this would be absolutely certain, but otherwise we're unlikely to ever see it.

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Lore of the Dark Emissaries

The second of the Dark Shadows lores, used by the evil-aligned Dark Emissaries to damage & hex their foes. About as likely as the Lore of Truthsayers – we'll either have them both, or neither of them.

Lore of the Serpent

Used by the Amazons in Lustria, and mostly augments. Amazons are looking unlikely, but if they were introduced this lore would be certain. CA could also introduce it for the Lizardmen if they wanted, but it seems far-fetched.

Lore of Winter

GW released a Lore of Winter which I think was around 2010, so some time after Kislev's lore of Ice. It doesn't appear to have ever been published anywhere other than on their site, and I can't find a cached copy of it anywhere, just references to it around the web. Although this was an actually published lore (available to any race apparently), I strongly expect Kislev to have their unique lore of Ice, so I don't see why CA would also implement the barely-remembered lore of Winter.

Lore of the Lady

Bretonnian Damsels have a series of unique magical abilities, courtesy of their Goddess. If CA wanted to, these could easily be worked into a Bretonnian-exclusive lore of magic. It seems unlikely, but there's a reasonable chance.

Lore of the Old Ones

The Lizardmen have a several ancient spells from the days of the Old Ones such as Deliverance of Itza, Ruination of Cities, and Shield of the Old Ones. In theory these could be packaged into a slann-only super-lore, but it seems highly unlikely – Lore of Serpent is a more reasonable option if they wanted the Lizardmen to have their own lore.

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