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Thoughts on improving established sub cultures?

Content of the article: "Thoughts on improving established sub cultures?"

Now that we know we're going to be getting proper culture groups with the expansions, I'm just concerned that CA might continue moving forward without fleshing out the characters of said groups. So just for my two cents, I personally feel that the non-Han groups could use a bit more love before we move too far away from them:

  1. Bandits: I love the overhaul they had done. I just hope maybe one day they're able to have an alternative victory condition (I do enjoy the thought of becoming a Bandit Emperor ala Liu Bang, or Zhu Yuanzhang, but I feel they should have more choices for how they win.)- I feel bandits could have a different look from the usual Han generics. Even if they changed how they levelled up and recruited units and made them more like the Nanman, I'd be happy. It'd give the Han Chinese another type of character who looks distinct from the usual Han Wu Xing. If not all one class like Nanman, combining them with aspects of the Turbans I think would also work wonders.- Bandits who I think deserve unique skins (not necessarily playable) in order of most to least important IMO:A. Zang Ba (the guy would flesh out Tao Qian and was a BAMF RL)B. Yang Feng (he had the Emperor in his clutches and Xu Huang himself. He later servedYuan Shu and would help fill his faction out.)C. Ou Xing (He's the reason Sun Jian starts out with Changsha in 190, and would be agreat addition to the 184 start in the south.D. Han Xian, Yang Feng's partner in crime.E. Lu Zheng, because Zheng Jiang needs her opposite number to feel more complete,imo.F. Zhang Fang, we already have him with a unique title and background, I see no reasonnot to make him fully unique so you have a reason to want to keep your startingfamily in power in your faction.
  2. Yellow Turbans: There's not much else I think needs to be done, apart from three quibbles in my opinion: The ability of Turbans to cause public disorder in Han provinces needs to be buffed. Spies should be implemented for them, and their Imperial court needs to be if not reworked, at least have the positions renamed. We still have an issue where Turbans can't have a minister of the Imperial clan because the Turbans don't have a family tree.- Characters who deserve unique skins for the Turbans:A. Guan Hai, the man who was actually responsible for the near death of Kong Rong,and was a Turban from the start.B. Zhang Mancheng, one of the earlier Yellow Turban generals with an independentcommand who if I remember right did see some success against Imperial armies.C. Ma Yuanyi, who although was captured and executed quickly has a hilariousbackground in game already and was in fact one of the Zhang brothers closestconfidantes.
  3. The Nanman: I'm already very very happy with how they work. I love that they have different objectives, and Shamoke is already fantastic because of his ability to choose his path. I do feel that the current roster of Nanman characters is quite small though. While I don't think all of the fealties need characters, here are those I feel are important enough to get it:A. Huaman, the daughter of Zhurong and Meng Huo. Fictional, but I don't think it'd hurtto have her if we already have Lu Ji for Lu Bu.B. Gao Ding, one of the actual historical leaders of the revolt, before it passed to MengHuo. Self explanatory, IMO.C. Yong Kai, the actual instigator of the rebellion who managed to defeat several Shuarmies before Zhuge Liang went south himself.D. Meng You, I just think it'd be fun to have Meng Huo's little brother along the sameway Yan Baihu has Yan Yu.E. Dailai Dongzhu, so that Zhurong can have her own little brother along for the fun.
    I didn't include Lady Trieu here, as I'm getting a hunch CA actually will do a Shan Yue expansion. Or at least I hope they do.
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I'm not going to say much about governors and Han base factions, as I feel those are the ones who will end up getting the most love in terms of reworks and tweaks. I just don't want all of these lovely sub factions to get subsumed and forgotten, as CA can do at times.

These are just my thoughts, would enjoy hearing yours :).


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