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Now I'm a fan of randomly declaring war on people for arbitrary reasons as much as the next guy. But the diplomacy system in Warhammer 2 is so bare bones and frustrating at times. Why should I have to attack a military ally simply to get one settlement I need to complete a province? Why does my reputation suffer if I destroy an army that decided they were going to raid MY lands? There are a number of things I'd like changed to give people more peaceful solutions to problems and not punish people for taking reasonable actions to safe guard their lands. Obviously this should effect order factions more than destruction or chaos ones. Greenskins rightly shouldn't be interested in diplomacy, neither should any of the Chaos Gods.

1) Please implement a settlement barter system. There should be a way to either buy, sell, or trade settlements to other factions. I'm fine if you can only do this with factions you have alliances with but the number of times I've had 3 settlements and was one away from a full province is frustrating, especially since I find myself rushing to race my ally who is also on their way there. And they never seem to attack the provinces you try to coordinate with to distract them.

2) While on the subject alliance seem to just be a liability most of the time. Your allies don't target the key places you highlight. They randomly drag you into wars with factions that pose no threat to them but are close enough to you that you have to dedicate resources to defend. I often find myself getting Non Aggression pacts, Trade Agreements and Military Access and stop there because there are simply not enough benefits for alliances to outweigh the potential cons.

3) Confederations I think should also be looked at. There comes a certain point where the main factions balloon into insane empire power houses because they just start confederating all the subfactions at a crazy rate. I'm not against it in principle but I've yet to meet the person who enjoys chasing down a Skaven faction, have them cornered only for them to confederate another faction and gain 30 territories instantly.

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4) Remove penalties for attacking armies harassing you. A non aggression pact should include ALL aggression, including raiding. If I go out there and destroy an army raiding my land why should 'I' be punished for it and called untrustworthy? Also it would be nice if attacking raiding armies didn't automatically cause a declaration of war. There should be dilemmas, the option to demand restitutions in the form of gold from the unwarranted aggressor OR have war declared.

5) I also think it would be really cool if Eltharion's unique mechanic was implemented into ALL faction. Allow us to capture lords or hero units and ransom them back to the enemy army. Been watching Game of Thrones recently and this happens all the time. They capture some high ranking noble and then the opposing armies sue for peace or exchange prisoners, or demand a gold payment. Could be strategically valuable to both sides. If you'd rather have your legendary lord back immediately rather than have to wait 4-5 turns for them recover from their wounded state.

6) It would also be nice if you could help broker peace between two waring factions yourself. For example say you're in a military alliance with 2 factions and they're at war with each other. You should be able to act as a moderator and barter terms of peace between the two of them.

7) Success chance should also be renamed. I've never once seen a "Low" chance actually succeed or a "High" chance actually fail. You might as well mark them "No" and "Certain" to be less confusing.

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8) Also please oh please allow us to disable diplomacy screens from certain factions on end turn. No Clan Rictus I don't want a defense alliance with you. I didn't want one last turn when you asked me or the turn before that or the 20 turns prior. If you ask me for an alliance one more time by sigmar I'll declare war on you instead just to stop being halted during the enemy phase!

9) Also for most factions I think peace should always be possible. Again not GS, Chaos and such but you should always be allowed to sue for peace and the enemy should always be willing to accept provided you meet their terms, even if that means giving up half your settlements to them with a steep Gold demand. If you're unable to unwilling to meet those demands then fine enough but the option should be there. There are times I'd rather give up all of Slavania than have to deal with a strength rank 1 Empire while I'm in a different part of the world with none of my armies near by. I'll lose those provinces anyway, who cares.

10) I'm on the fence in terms of loreful diplomacy. For example there is no diplomacy options for Beastmen and Order factions. You can't get non aggression pacts or ask for peace, once you're at war you're at war until one of you is destroyed. Should that be the standard? Should Skaven really be able to have alliances with Dwarfs or Lizardmen? High Elves with Dark Elves? What about Daemons when they come, I can't imagine Khorne is interested in negotiating anything with mortals. But I've also heard the 'sand box' argument that people use. It is a game and maybe you should be able to play it how ever you want for role playing purposes. But at the same time I very much enjoy each race having its own flavor in terms of diplomacy. Maybe using diplomacy options as Greenskins should heavily penalize you and cause rebel armies to pop up who think they're 'arder' than you for being a sissy trying to talk to the 'umies' or 'stunties'.

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11) For the new monogods factions. Maybe instead of diplomacy you can implement a "corruption" or "indoctrination" mechanic that lets you vassalize Human factions. Could be seen as a way to let you move forward with your conquest with out having to raise every settlement you come across only for it to be settled a couple of turns latter by the same or a different human faction.

Thats all I can really think of off the top of my head. Any other ideas? Also I purposefully didn't include a 'trade overhaul' in here. i think thats in depth enough to warrant its own thread.


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