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Total War Warhammer 3 Q&A (Will update as more answers are provided)

Since not everyone here uses Discord obviously, I thought I'd make this post to provide the questions and answers as they come in. I won't just copy paste them here (since frankly some of the questions are too long), but I will get to the point of them. I will post who answered the question next to the answer. And I'll try to post the important ones, rather than the "what's your favorite units!" sort of stuff.

Was the hero unit in the Skulls screenshot a Slaughterpriest?

No, he is something else that will be revealed in the roster reveal. (CA Duck)

Any word on the collector's edition?

No, when there is news it will be shared on their social media accounts. (Grace)

Are the new Chaos factions able to recruit LLs from the WoC DLC?

No, at least not for Warhammer 3's release. (CA Duck)

When can we expect to see the roster reveals for Kislev and Khorne?

Soon TM. (CA Grace)

Anything at E3 this weekend.

No (CA Grace)

Will mortal Khorne infantry have their own animations or use WoC resources in that regard?"

They are using existing Warriors of Chaos animation tables. (CA Duck)

How muhc of a leap graphically is the game compared to game 2, 3K, and Troy. Have there been improvements to game 1 and 2 unit textures?

Updated the engine to inherit some of the graphical features in 3K. Will be looking into how much work can be done with the Warhammer 1/2 textures. But some of the engine and shader work should help bring them to Warhammer 3 quality. (CA Baj)

Is the entire Kislev roster from GW or were they given creative freedom to create more variants or certain units?

Worked closely with Games Workshop on the Kislev design to resect the established lore of the race, but also fit in with the visual aesthetic established for all three games. They do have creative freedom but everything is reviewed and approve by Games Workshop and their design team. (CA Baj)

Will there be a rework of any of the current monsters from the WoC roster?

No, at least not for Warhammer 3's release. (Ca Duck)

In the trailers there are brown bears and polar bears? What is the difference? Are they seperate units?

Earlier in development they were brown bears, but currently they are changed to be riding white bears instead. Cinematics were made prior to the change occurring. (CA Duck)

Skarbrand flying?

Skarbrand can't fly in game. He has a jump wing flap animation, but he won't be flying. (CA James)

Why is Slambo the best character?

You and I are Kindred Spirits. (CA Baj)

Do you still work from home?

Yep! (CA Grace)

What is the name of the kitty cat of the Kislev roster?

Snow Leopard! (CA Grace)

What battle mechanics does Khorne's army have? Will it be similar to Dark Elves/Greenskins/Tomb Kings bar system or be more like berserk/rage?

Khorne's battle mechanic revolves around killing the enemy. Each kill made by the Khorne army adds to his battle resource, which can be spent to fire off one of three army abilities. Additionally several Khorne units come with passive abilities that scale in intensity based on the number of kills made by that unit. So most of it revolves around killing. (CA Duck)

Is Snow Leopard a single entity or a grouped unit?

Single entity (CA Grace)

Is every unit for the Khorne and Kislev rosters revealed?

Wink emoji (CA Baj)

Is the Snow Leopard a unit or a summon.

It's both! (CA Grace)

Will Katarin have mounts options?

She will have mount options, can't reveal them yet. (CA Duck)

Will the Horde Rework apply to all Horde factions?

The Beastmen rework has been created to capture the Beastmen fantasy, so not a general Horde rework. (CA Sean)

Ice effect on Kislev warsleds final?

Everything in the trailers are WIP, so assume minor or significant changes by release. (CA Baj)

What kind of abilities can we expect from Kostalyn?

Comes with four Patriarch hymms, one for Ursn, Salyak, Dazh, and Tor. Area effect support abilities, that heal, restore vigour, buff leadership, and buff melee attack. Additionally he has a host of passives that buff units around him when he is wounded, and other passives that make him exceedingly hard to kill. (CA Duck)

Will Khorne be a Horde faction?

Nope! (CA James)

Why choose Oxyotl over Tettoeko?

It's hard to choose which character to make a LL, but due to Oxyotl's background with Chaos they thought it made him a great match for Beastmen. (CA Sean)

Does Khorne only have one Legendary Lord?

Just one (CA Grace)

With new units like the Bloodthirster being added will there be additional options for controlling flying units (I.E manual toggle)?

We are looking into it, but there are a fair share of problems to solve with it. So no definitive yes or no answer yet. (CA Duck)

Is the Elemental bear a unit and a summon too?

Yes! It's both (CA Grace)

Will Warhammer 3 have extreme unit sizes?

No extreme unit sizes. They don't a fair share of work to improve damage scaling based on unit sizes though, to make it more consistent across scales. (CA Duck)

Does Khorne have something to compensate for lack of magic and ranged?

Extremely strong melee units plus spell resistance for all Khorne Daemons. Khorne will on average be one of the hardest hitting and elite factions in the game. (CA Duck)

Are Bloodthirsters only lords or recruitable units?

Both. (CA Grace)

Can Vortex be played in Warhammer 3?

No, Vortex is WH2's campaign. (CA Grace)

Will Kislev be completely landbound without flying units?

Yep, no flying Polar bears here I'm afraid! (CA James)

When can we expect the full trailer for the Silence and the Fury?

July (CA Grace)

Will there be Greenskins nerfs in the next patch?

Yes, we took a look at Grom's power level, and increased the number of Waaagh! points per use of the ability. Other changes those are the two big ones. (CA Sean)

What are the Legendary items/mounts of the LLs shown so far? Can you be more specific on how Skarbrand and Kostaltyn work?

Katarin has Frost Fang and the Crystal Cloak. Former lets her case a bound ice explosion spell. Crystal Cloak protects with a ward save whenever she casts. Kastaltyn has the Brazier Mace of Ursun, which increases his weapon strength whenever he goes under 50% health. Skarbrand has Slaughter and Carnage, that increase his weapon strength with each kill during a battle. Skarbrand is a powerhouse, hits hard, heavy armour and spell resist, and is surprisingly fast. Kostaltyn is a support character whose powers get amplified when in melee, abilities get going when things get rough. (CA Duck)

Does Skarbrand's rampage aura affect all units?

At the moment it is an active ability with a limited duration (subject to change). (CA Grace)

If you decided on Oxyotl because of his lore against Chaos, then why not save him for game 3?

There are a few key Lizardmen units still to come so we wanted to get them into WH2, and Oxyotl made the most sense to go up against Beastmen for the final pack. (CA Sean)

Does Katarin have anymore offesnive spells?

Katarin has three offensive spells. Ice Maiden's kiss comparable to Wind Blast but with freezing effect, Death Frost is like a slow acting short range double Spirit Leech. And Heart of Winter, strong AoE direct damage that slows and the effect gets stronger over time. Also bound Frost Fang explosion spell. (CA Duck)

Any other magic types except Ice for Kislev

Lore of Tempest (CA Grace).

Why are the bears pulling sleds instead of Oblast Elks from the lore?

We worked with Games Workshop directly on the designs and functionality on the sleds to respect their lore and expectations. (CA Baj)

What WH1 and 2 races do you think could still use an adjustment/brought up to WH2/3's level?

Most obvious is Norsca. (CA Sean)

Any changes made to the difficulty system?

Battlewise, we've reduced the melee bonuses the AI get on Hard and Very hard.

Which unit was the most difficult to create?

Elemental Bear. Balancing the amount of snow, flora, and magical power while making it look functional took a lot of collaboration between the artists, animators, and VFX team to make it all come together. (CA Baj)

Is there going to be a difference between spell resistance and magic resistance in WH3?

Magic Resistance has been changed into spell resistance in Warhammer 3. We needed to change the way magic resist interacted with magical attacks to make Daemons play well. So magical attacks now bypass physical resistance, and are no longer resisted by magic resistance. Spell resistance now only affects spell damage. We changed the term to signal that something has changed there. (CA Duck)

Sync kills for bears?

Yes, there is a sync kill animation for the bear. (CA Duck)

Will there be an update to lighting on WH1 Races and Ethereal units in WH 3 to go back to the darker look?

We have improved the engine and lighting system for WH3. And this should be reflect on the WH1/2 assets in the game. (CA Baj)

Have we more than one kind of Bloodthirster?

There is the Exalted Bloodthirster and just the Bloodthirster, which is lord and unit respectively.

Is Katarin a hybrid spell list?

She is only a Lore of Ice caster.

Will Khorne have an additional generic lord at launch aside from the Exalted Bloodthirster?

Yes, but we can't go into detail about it…yet. (CA Grace)

Will we see any new Khorne DAemons not currently in the GW model range?

Nope! (CA Grace)

Is Skarbrand's kill and get stronger ability like the Bloodletters? Where they get 80 kills and a small buff?

Skarbrand uses scaling ability intensity, so his Slaughter and Carnage ability becomes progressively stronger and in a linear manner. (CA Duck)

How much Physical and MAgical resist will Bloodcrusher/Bloodletters have?

20-25% but subject to change (CA Grace)

Will Snow Leopards function more like stegadons but with more speed and less armor/health?

Stegagon are as far away from a Snow Leopard as a single entity can be. The Snow Leopards are fast moving, if squishy, single entities that can use their speed to hunt down vulnerable units like mages and horse archers. (CA Duck)

Will Flesh Hounds of Khorne have an anti-magic aura?

No but they have significant spell resist, higher than you'd see on the Bloodletter. (CA Grace)


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