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Totally Scientific Tier List of Potential Race Packs by Likelihood They Will Appear

With all the talk about potential race/campaign packs for WH3, I decided to make a list of possibilities, and rank them by how likely they are to appear.

Tier 1: Guaranteed

Ogre Kingdoms: 100%

As it is the Ogres are the last 8th Edition army without representation, which alone guarantees that they will be in the game. Plus, we already have some Ogre units in WH2, and they'll fill in a massive hole in the WH3 map. Hell, they'll probably be the pre-order bonus.

Chaos Dwarfs: 100%

Though the Chorfs haven't had a real army list since 4th Edition, they did get a partial 8th Edition list from Forge World. Additionally, in AoS their servants of Hobgoblins have received a makeover, and there have been several mentions of their masters the "Chaos Duardin". And as part of the upcoming Old World, one of the maps GW has shown contains both Chorf settlements and the Hobgoblin Khanate. And finally, the Chorfs inclusion would fill in another massive hole in the WH3 map, and old datamining indicated that CW was planning to add them to WH3. All in all, I'd say the Chorfs are a lock.

Tier 2: Highly Likely

Nippon: 80%

As we now know that GW is expanding the Warhammer Fantasy line to the east, Nippon seems highly likely to get the Cathay treatment. This is simply due to the fact that the medieval Japanese aesthetic of samurai and ninjas and tengu and funky ghosts is one that is internationally popular. If they want that Weeb money, GW will definitely make a Nippon army, and CA will definitely add it to WH3.

Nagas: 70%

We now know from the Andy Hall interviews that Nagas are still canon, and are enemies of Cathay. Adding them in as adversaries for Cathay in general and the Monkey King in particular seems like a no brainer. The only reason that I don't put them higher is that I feel that GW might decide that there are already enough "evil" factions, and for that reason they might leave them out or put them in as units for another chaos faction, but I don't think that will happen.

Dogs of War: 50%

Dogs of War are mostly made up of other faction's units and as mercenaries can feasibly appear almost anywhere. This makes them both likely and unlikely. On the one hand, it would be fairly easy for GW to make them into a smorgasbord faction like the AoS Cities of Sigmar or the W40K Ynnari, and the cost for CA to develop them would be quite low. On the other hand, it potentially means they would end up a very niche faction only appealing to a fairly small amount of players. That's why I give them a 50-50 chance. Also, it's quite possible they will appear not as a faction, but as an expanded mercenary system.

Tier 3: Less Likely

Ind: 40%

Though Ind is still canon, I feel they are the least likely eastern human faction to be included, as the medieval Indian aesthetic isn't nearly as popular as the Chinese or Japanese aesthetic. I still hope they make it, as the potential for cool units based on Indian history and religion is quite high, but I wouldn't put money on it.

Nagash: 30%

On the one hand, Nagash is a very popular character, and many players want him. On the other hand, he is heavily associated with both the End Times and AoS, and GW and CA have said they will not be including units from AoS in WH3. Plus, pretty much every undead unit is already in the game. At the most I think Nagash might appear as a Tomb King or Vampire Count lord that uses both factions units like Arkhan the Black.

Jade Vampires: 30%

Since Andy Hall mentioned the existence of Jade Vampires, it's highly likely they will appear. The only reason I put them so low is because I think they will most likely appear as units for the Vampire Counts, not a new faction.

Hobgoblins: 20%

Hobgoblin units are definitely in, but it is unlikely that there will be enough units to make an independent Hobgoblin faction. At most I suspect a Hobgoblin Khan LL might appear as a Greenskin lord.

Kurgan & Hung: 20%

Though they exist as adversaries to Cathay, and a Tamurkhan LL seems like a no brainer, the Kurgan & Hung will likely appear as Norscans, like the Hung tribes currently are in WH2, or perhaps they'll be merged with Norscans to form a "Tribes of Chaos" faction.

Tier 4: It's Not Happening

Halflings: 1%

Halfling units might come back as part of a Dogs of War roster, or even the Feastmaster Ogre tribe, but an actual Halfling faction seems… unlikely.

Amazon: 1%

If they were going to show up, it would have been in WH2.

Albion: 1%

See above.

Mahtmasi: 1%

See above

Araby: 0.0001%

It's not happening guys. I wish it were, but it ain't.

Malal: LOL%

The homeless guy who tells you he's Jesus is more likely to be correct than Malal is likely to be in WH3. He's still owned by John Wagner and Alan Grant, and I'm pretty sure that GW has long since given up on getting the rights back.


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