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TWW2: New Faction Mods

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I'm sure a lot of you already know about these mods, but I feel like I don't see much about them on here, especially when a few of them are factions I've seen people saying they wish they were in the game. I didn't make any of these mods, I just want to try to make more people aware of them because I feel like they're all pretty cool.

(All credit goes to the original makers of these mods, again I did not make any of them I just play them.)

First off, the ( guys are amazing. I've gotten sorta far into a ME campaign with them, and they've become one of my favorite factions. Their playstyle is like a cross between the cheap hordes of the Skaven, with the brute melee force of the Warriors of Chaos. Admittably tough start in the Darklands (East of where the TWW1 map ends on the right), but strong roster makes up for it. They're available as both expansion for the WoC roster as well as being a stand-alone faction with the submod for OvN included in the mod link. (I find the ( from LOTR to be super fitting for them, they feel very methodical and broody vs the high octane style of the WoC, also my favorite part about them aside from the artillery is being a Chaos-spreading faction that can actually paint the map and not just erase it.)


(Both come with a unique tech tree and building chain)

( The northern hold in Norsca territory is remade into a very different army. Removes the Dwarf artillery but adds new heroes and a good roster with a melee/runic magic focus. New ranged units as well but fit nicely with the melee focus. Feels more aggressive like the Norsca playstyle vs regular Dwarfs.

( Adds a new Dwarf hold in the Southlands near Arkhan the Black. Honestly the polar opposite of the Norse Dwarfs, they have a focus on ranged units as well as taking a little from the guns of the Skaven and the Empire. Won't spoil too much but they have some ungodly powerful RoR. As with Kraka Drak, new lords, heroes, and whole new roster. !If you're that curious lol, Gyrobombers with Doomrocket bombs. Just an example.!


( Revamps Estalia, Tilea, and the Border Kingdoms into much more than just Empire clones. All 3 are given unique rosters, new LLs, lords, heroes, and unique skins for units that are essentially Empire units. Overall they still PLAY like Empire, however they also have new tech trees and building chains, as well as a campaign mechanic similar to Dwarven runeforge but simply buying magical items.

( Adds new skills and trees as well as changing the roster to be pretty much an undead Bretonnian army, with restricted access to VC units but adding undead/evil versions of Breton units.

( Okay this one is less an overhaul and more just a roster expansion however it adds a few human pirate units to Sartosa as well as a few cavalry and monsters. Makes them feel like actual pirates and not zombie pirates.

( Just adds a bunch of new riflemen to the Empire but it makes them feel more 17th century than 15th/16th century. (If anyone could direct me to some mods that flesh out the melee side of the Empire,like with the Cults of Morr/Ulric, that would be great!)

( Gives Kislev new subfactions, skill trees, campaign mechanics, and a completely unique roster. New lords, heroes, 30+ new units and some new RoR. Also adds two new ice themed magic lores.

<Ultimate Chaos>( This one I've played a ME campaign with, nearly finished the Old World. Makes WoC into the true Chaos experience. Each of the 4 gods are fleshed out, with new units (Melee, cavalry, monsters and even some artillery) and lore of magic for Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch, while Khorne lords/heroes get unique abilities. There's a couple demons for each god as well as each of the Greater Daemons as Lords. Undivided also gets some new units and it's own lore of magic. Adds new load screens, effects, fully voiced, and even unique building chain and tech tree. (Disclaimer, with Chaos Dwarfs installed it kinda bloats the military buildings and units but everything is still usable except some CD units because the screen cuts off :b)

Tomb Kings Extended Okay if I'm being honest I haven't played much of TK without this installed, but it seems to add quite a lot. Adds new Lords, heroes, units all across the roster and RoR. Also adds significant campaign changes to all the Legendary Lords so they have more of their own personalities, as well as a couple minor TK factions. (It definitely shows in the Custom Battles and certainly makes them a more interesting AI faction in the campaign.)


So this is actually one mod, but it adds a compilation of new factions. They're all really fun to play and add some variety to the campaign. They're all also mostly lore friendly. I believe all of the new factions exist in the lore, though the actual rosters I couldn't tell you.

Brief overview:Araby, arabian themed empire in northern Southlands. Similarly balanced roster to Empire but more monsters and a new magic lore.
The Moot, Adorable hobbit army in eastern empire. New campaign mechanics and rural Empire-like army.
Amazons, Warrior jungle women in Lustria, similar to Wood elves with stealth cavalry/ranged focus, also a new magic lore.
Grudgebringers, Mercenary themed and RoR focused Empire horde army.
Dread King Legion, TK Faction with a unique set of units.
Trolls. Just trolls and all kinds. I think it's a horde army but not sure.
Rotblood Tribe, WoC Nurgle themed army with a few Skaven units, built over Norsca so they're capable of taking settlements.
Fimir, Creepy chaos swamp monsters with Skaven-like gameplay.
Albion, a Celtic themed army that plays like Norsca. New lore of magic.
There's also a HE faction in Lustria with new ranged units, and VampCounts faction with some new cavalry but I don't know much about those two other than that. Also makes Chaos Dwarves their own faction rather than just more units for WoC.


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