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Updated wishlist for WH3

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After playing Troy, 3 Kingdoms and thousands of hours of Warhammer 2, here is an updated wishlist for Warhammer 3. Many ideas here come from other reddit users.


The Mid Game can become a slog, especially if the Ordertide happens.

The world needs to feel more alive with action. Super Random to increase replayability.

World events: Daemon incursions, Ogre invasions, NAGASH, Scripted Waaaghs, Vermintides, Morrslieb shenanigans, or something like the Antagonist event in Troy.

Race for Relics/global quests: Like the Sword of Khaine; factions compete for a special item.

More dilemmas/events with an impact. One decision can lead to another dilemma. Could affect diplomacy, like being embroiled by a war between neighbors.

Receive quests from Allies or requests for aid by foreign powers


Instead of Normal/Hard/Very Hard, there would be parameters a player can set so to customize the difficulty. Each parameter is summed up into a “difficulty score” which will determine if the game if considered Normal, Hard or Very Hard.

Here are suggested parameters:

a) Increase Public Order penalties by 50%/100% (Taxes, Conquest, Corruption)

b) Army upkeep increase per army fielded.

c) Increase Building Costs

d) Army spawn rates (Greenskin, Beastmen, rogue armies) – higher spawn rates = higher difficulty

e) Setting for AI campaign aggressivity vs player (form coalition vs player)

f) Army caps or unit caps (imposes restrictions on higher tier units; recruitment pools?)

g) Loyalty mechanic/rebellion risks

h) Worse ratio of Bad events vs Good events.

i) Battle AI “intelligence”


a. Point value to diplomatic offers. The red/yellow/green indicators are vastly insufficient.

b. Again, like in 3K, a button asking the AI to submit a counteroffer to what we propose.

c. Quick diplomacy, like in 3K and Troy.

d. Trade regions (!!!)

e. Allow threats/warnings, especially in cases of trespassing armies, raiding armies or seeing an ally attacked.

f. Exchange map information

g. Tributes/payments per turn.

h. Diplomatic offers should be received at the beginning of a turn so to avoid having the end turn sequence “pausing” because of an offer.

i. More vassalization opportunities. This could be an alternative to Mass Confederations we see in Wh2.

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a. More City layouts, like Defense Rings, Moats, fighting in a huge building would be super Warhammer. The Imperial Fort battles are a good step in the right direction.

b. Defenders would have access to barricades, boiling oil, traps. Probably race-based stuff.

c. Defenders can put artillery on walls.

d. Attackers could have Ramps, sapping tunnels. Skaven could pass through sewers?

e. Reduce number of turns before Attrition kicks in, unless there’s a fort/farm.

f. Campaign map attrition events, both for Besiegers and Besieged.

g. Besiegers can ask for a Surrender (depends on factions).

h. Besiegers can bombard the city if they have heavy artillery (cannons, trebuchets), damage city walls or inflict attrition.

i. Settlement battles: instead of just a field, we could fight in unwalled towns. GCCM mods are excellent in this regard. Troy maps are a huge improvement

j. Ethereal units passing through walls, spiders climbing walls.


a. No more blindly cycling through Heroes/Lords in the Character panel. There should be a list on the side, sorted according to Lord/Hero, with all equippable items and ancillaries listed neatly on the same panel so we can navigate more easily. Troy’s UI was better, but still had that blind cycling aspect.

b. On the side panel for Characters/settlements/events, be able to sort Lords/Heroes according to their status (Active/wounded/undeployed) and type.

c. Be able to mark Pins on the map, like in 3K.

d. Faction selection screen change: It’s horribly cluttered now.


a. The map features and layout from Troy. The battle maps were really nice and really affected the way to play a same army.

b. Uniform unit depth when dragging a group of units, like in 3k and Troy. Dragging full and depleted units makes drastically uneven depth and super impractical.

c. Mysterious terrain features like Necrotic Ooze, Mystical Ruins and some such, like on the Tabletop.

d. Some way to control direction of reinforcements or select which reinforcement will enter the battlefield.

e. Weather effects, like rain, wind, snow and fog. I think this is the only TW title I haven’t seen any of these. Could go crazy and add magical hail and tornadoes.

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f. Bigger map size, similar to 3K and previous TW for more manoeuvrability/positioning.

g. Bridge battles (actual bridges).

h. Camp/fort battles.

i. More obstacles/features such as abandoned towers where ranged units can set up.

j. Set battlefield traps/obstructions such as stakes, trenches, wooden towers (for archers).

k. Reinforcing armies should be shown in a second row, similar to 3K, as to better distinguish the 2 armies.

l. Extreme Unit Sizes. We have a good start with the Laboratory.

m. Officers, Standard Bearers, Musicians. Probably just for aesthetics.

n. Blood Slider, like in 3K.

o. Options to dismount/mount Lords/Heroes at the beginning of a battle.

p. Option to program a formation for an army, especially regarding spacing between units. Might be ideal to save a setup while on the campaign map.

q. Flying unit. Have option to make it toggle-able. Sometimes, we want them on the ground, or vice-versa.

r. Battle Damage on Terrain, such as Craters and Fires from artillery and spells.


a. More Legendary Heroes, like Lord Kroak and the Green Knight. Every faction has them. Special unlock quest or prerequisite, doesn’t need to be complicated.

b. Option to reset skills for Lords and Heroes, especially for characters gained through Confederation. Could cost some gold, as we usually have tons of it towards the late game.

c. Loyalty mechanic adjusted: I always liked Loyalty mechanics, but it should provide more nuances like Troy’s motivation system. Sho

d. Putting Heroes on some Auto mode. Something like assignments, either helping a province or committing an action in an enemy province. Micro managing 20+ heroes in the late game is tedious.

e. More weapon options. Pike, Swords, Maces, etc. So to give the Hero/Lord a target specialization like Anti-Large, anti-infantry. Etc.


a. More uses for Tradeable Resources; some factions already use tradeable resources to unlock technologies, buildings and units.

b. More use for Growth in late game. Gets pointless once a province is leveled up. Ideas:

i. Transfer surplus pop from one province to another.

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ii. More building dependent on Growth

iii. Could serve to “pay” for region boosts in income or recruitment; rites?

c. Public order effects for all races. Should not be restricted to High Elves. I.e. influence Hero actions success chances, replenishment, etc. There is a mod doing this.

d. Option to Abandon Settlements. For scorched earth strategy. Could come with Public Order cost in other regions. e. Option to move Capital.

f. Any building affecting army movement distance should be a province wide effect, not solely region wide. (Like Empire and Dark Elf roads)

g. Seasons could be a nice touch. 12 turns = 1 year, so 3 turns per season. Plays with Climate system (winter in Snow Climate being super rough, etc.)

h. Non-settlement Landmarks: the actual Warhammer maps had lots of places that aren’t settlements per se but ruins or places of interest. Can be tied to quests, special unit recruitment, treasure hunts.

9- Other stuff

a. Option to Skip intros/cinematics/logos.

b. Army Painter.

c. Troy’s optimization. Which is a thing of beauty.


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