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Updating Lord Defeat Traits

Content of the article: "Updating Lord Defeat Traits"

I've tabulated the data on Lord defeat traits taken from here, and sorted them into what I think are Good, Ok and Bad Traits.

Do you agree? How would you fix them?

Good Traits:

These are traits that provide bonuses to useful stats (eg. melee defence, speed, AP damage), a broad range of useful stat bonuses (small bonuse to various resistances), provide useful traits (frenzy) or are stackable (research, hero action cost).

Trait Lord Effects
Ulthuan Undefended Tyrion Melee attack: +2 (Lord's army), Recruit rank: +1 for all units (Lord's army)
Dragonslayer Imrik Bonus vs. Large: +10, Fire resistance: 25%
Saurussmiter Kroq-Gar Public order: +2, Melee defence: +10
Out of the Skies Tiktaq'to Campaign movement range: +10%, Campaign line of sight: +10%
Wanderer No More Nakai the Wanderer Bonus vs. Large: +10, Melee defense: +10
Immortal Unbeloved Malekith Income from raiding: +10% (Lord's army), Passive ability: "Frenzy"
Hagbutcher Morathi Hero action cost: -10% (all Heroes), Hero self-defence: +10% chance of wounding aggressors (Heroes in local province)
The Day After Crone Hellebron Armour-piercing damage: +20, Melee attack: +5
Malus in Underworld Malus Darkblade Armour-piercing damage: +30
A 'Fitting' End? Ikit Claw Winds of Magic Power Reserve: +10 (Lord's Army), Research rate: +10% (Factionwide)
Craven by Name… Tretch Craventail Speed: +12%, Leadership: +4 during subterranean intercept battles (Lord's army)
One Down, X to Go Luthor Harkon Magic resistance: +15%, Leadership: +10 when fighting at sea
Siren Extinguished Cylostra Direfin Miscast base chance: -5%, Winds of Magic starting amount: +15 (Lord's army), Enemy Winds of Magic starting amount: -10 (Lord's army)
Not So Grand Hierophant Grand Hierophant Khatep Winds of Magic power reserve: +15 (Lord's army) , Immune to desert attrition (Lord's army), Immune to sandstorm attrition (Lord's army)
Grimsbane Volkmar the Grim Melee Defence: +3 for melee infantry units (Lord's army), Melee Attack: +3 for melee infantry units (Lord's army)
Hunted Down Markus Wulfhart Missile resistance: +10%, Missile damage: +5% (lord's army)
Grudgekiller Thorgrim Grudgebearer Construction cost: -10% for all buildings (Local province), Research rate: +10% (Factionwide)
Slayer King Slayer Ungrim Ironfist Melee attack: +5, Magic resistance: +5%, Missile resistance: +5%
Hidestriker Grimgor Ironhide Armour-piercing damage: +20
Sneakysmiter Skarsnik Ambush Success Chance: +20% (Lord's Army), Ambush Defence Chance: +20% (Lord's Army)
Greenskinner Azhag the Slaughterer Magic resistance: 30%
Cruelty Restrained Isabella von Carstein Passive ability: "Regeneration"
Lichekiller Heinrich Kemmler Magic resistance: +10% (Lord's army)
Troll Hunter Throgg Bonus vs. Large: +15, Weapon strength: +3%
End of an Errant Repanse de Lyonesse Growth: +5 (local province), Double experience gain for units when fighting against Bretonnia (all units in army), Research Rate: +5% (factionwide)
Witchfinder General The Fay Enchantress Casualty replenishment rate: +10%
Skullslasher Morghur the Shadowgave Missile resistance: 30%

Ok Traits:

These are generally fine, in that they provide a tangible benefit, but it might be a bit too niche (Sniktch's stalk), or a little too weak in comparison to similar traits in other lords (Kholek's 10 BvLg), and require either another themed bonus (Sniktch: +1% hero success chance ) or increasing the magnitude of the bonus (Kholek: +25 BvLg).

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Trait Lord Effects
Mistpiercer Eltharion the Grim Missile resistance: 10%, Attribute: Charge Defence vs Large
Movable Mountain Gor-Rok Leadership: +4 (Lord's Army), Attribute: Expert Charge Defense
Black Ark Down Lokhir Fellheart Immune to storm and reef attrition.
Deathmaster by Nature Deathmaster Snikch Hero action success chance: +4% (local region), Attribute: Stalk
Consigned to the Drink Aranessa Saltspite Income from sacking settlements: +15%, Passive ability: "Regeneration" when fighting at sea
Khalida Never-Living High Queen Khalida Diplomatic relations: +30 with Vampire Counts, Recruit rank: +2 for missile units
Arkhan the Blackened Arkhan the Black Weapon strength: +25% when fighting against Vampire Counts, Diplomatic relations: +20 with Tomb Kings
Metalstorm Balthasar Gelt Armour: +6 for all units (Lord's army)
Great Green Killer Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet Physical resistance: 10%
Weightwatcher Grom the Paunch Diplomatic relations: +10 with High Elves, Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Greenskins
Moonslaker Mannfred von Carstein Attrition: -50% casualties suffered from Vampire Counts territory attrition (Lord's army)
Ghorst or Ghost? Helman Ghorst Enables poison attacks
Undeath Descendant Vlad von Carstein Wound Recovery Time -4
Blood Feuder Wulfrik the Wanderer Charge bonus: +10%
Kingslayer Louen Leoncoeur Charge bonus: +10, Recruitment cost: -20% for cavalry units (Lord's army)
Stormblight Kholek Suneater Bonus vs. Large: +10

Bad Traits:

Trait Lord Effects Suggested Effects
Ruin Unrestrained Teclis Winds of Magic power reserve: +10 (Lord's army) The 2nd most poweful spellcaster in the setting but has strictly the worst bonus to magic casting of any Lord defeat trait. Giving +5/10 factionwide might make more sense.
Shadow's Fall Alith Anar Hero action cost: -15% (local region), Hero action success chance: +10% (local region) A bad version of Morathi's trait. Hero success chance/cost aren't particularly useful as bonuses in the local province. It can possibly be gamed using stacking it to get free Assault Garrison and Damage Walls heroes, but it's hardly worth the effort. If he also gave a trait such as vanguard deployment, vanguard deployment to missile units in the army, or a small factionwide bonus to missile damage, his existing trait bonuses could be kept as fringe benefits.
Neverqueen Alarielle the Radiant Public order: +4 (Local province), Winds of Magic power reserve: +5 (Lord's army), Growth: +10 (Local province) Local settlement bonuses are of little value, because your lords shouldn't be spending much time there, and the game shouldn't encourage you to. They're pretty weak bonuses as well, and not worth hanging around for. The WoM reserves are minimal and make no difference. A factionwide bonus to growth (eg+10), might be sufficient to make it worthwhile, as defeating her 5 or 6 times would make a decent bonus to growth.
Spawnkiller Lord Mazdamundi Leadership aura size: +25% One of the most powerful Lords in the lore, and formidable in-game. The Leadership aura is not particularly useful so bonuses to it serve little purpose. Theme's of advanced knowledge, magic and engineering of the Slaan might lean towards factionwide bonuses to building cost reduction, research or WoM.
Prophet of Doom Tehenhauin Casualties captured post-battle: +15% (Lord's army, Untainted: +3 (Local province) Really weak bonuses in general. A significant malus to enemy Lizardmen leadership (eg -8), increasing enemy miscast chance, and/or immunity to jungle attrition might all be useful. Increasing casualties captured to +50% or similar might also be enough to make it worthwhile.
Verminflail Queek Headtaker Bonus vs. Infantry: +6 Lords generally don't have that hard a time hitting infantry. Most Lords aren't on foot, and the bonus is tiny anyway. Perhaps an increase to +20 BvI might make it worthwhile, but even then, possibly not. Adding some other damage bonus on top (eg +5% weapon damage) might be enough.
Plaguelash Lord Skrolk Plagues bolster your forces and nuture your settlements (Lord's army), Immune to Swamp attrition (Lord's army), Public order: -5 (local enemy province) Public order maluses are not particularly useful. Removing Skrolk reduces the chances of facing Pestilent Scheme priests and their plagues. Swamp Attrition is niche. Remove Public Order and give him +5% casualty replenishment, and that might suffice.
Dreadfleet Drowned Count Noctilus Leadership: +5 when fighting against Vampire Coast (Lord's army), Leadership: +5 when fighting at sea (Lord's army) Sea-only traits are of limited value. Leadership is a relatively weak trait. Maybe make it so that all units in the lord's army are immune to Fear against Undead.
Settra the Perishable Settra the Imperishable Charge bonus: +15, Public order: -3 (local enemy providence) Charge bonus isn't that important, or at least +15 will make little difference. +10-15 or +10% Charge bonus for the Lord's army might be more useful.
Legendslayer Gotrek Gurnisson (and Felix too!) Attribute: Unbreakable Things have usually gone tits-up if your Lord is breaking. Most are already immune to Fear at least, and often Terror because of their mounts/traits. To keep with the theme of standing your ground, maybe a flat +10 leadership to the Lord's army would be better.
Reikshammer Emperor Karl Franz Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Empire Most Lords already have terror. The trait might be more useful if it gave Fear/Terror to all units in the Lord's army when fighting against the Empire.
Beardhammer Grombrindal – The White Dwarf Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Dwarfs As above.
Kinghammer Belegar Ironhammer Leadership: +4 during subterranean intercept battles, Melee attack: +10 during subterranean intercept battles As with other niche combat benefits, they only work in a small subset of battles. Army upkeep reduction might be on theme with Belegar's enforced parsimoniousness as a beggar King.
Hammer and Anvil Alberic de Bordeleaux Melee attack: +15 when fighting at sea Niche bonus, as above. To keep with the sea theme, bonus movement through the ocean might be enough (+15%), and an army bonus rather than just to the Lord (eg +8 melee attack for all units at sea).
Wildhunter Orion Leadership: +4 during forest battles, Melee attack: +5 during forest battles As above, but for forest battles. Bonus missile damage, missile resist and/or movement speed for the Lord's army are all good thematic options.
Tree Surgeon Durthu Enables flaming attacks when fighting against Wood Elves Enabling flaming attacks to all units would be similar to Repanses' ability against the Undead and far more useful for wiping out the Woodies.
Beastscourge Khazrak the One-Eye Attribute: Causes Fear Totally, hilariously useless. By far the worst trait in the game. Significant bonuses to raiding, sacking and razing, or armywide bonuses against Beastmen would be thematic.
Crowreaver Malagor the Dark Omen Leadership: +3 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds, Melee attack: +10 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds Change from being a bonus for all units in the army (if it's not already). Wood elves have a technology that works similarly.
Doomslayer Archaon the Everchosen Attribute: Immune to Psychology The Herald of the End Times gives you what now? Again, change to apply to the entire army and it would make sense and not be totally useless.
Pride Assassin Prince Sigvald the Magnificent Post battle chance of stealing a magic item: +5%, Income from all buildings: +10% (local province) Local bonuses are weak, and stealing a magic item % is far too low. Give factionwide buildings income bonus (eg +2%) and/or +25% to magic item steal.
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