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use channeling stance as chaos to encamp the same turn you raze

Content of the article: "use channeling stance as chaos to encamp the same turn you raze"

learnt a lot of tricks from posts of the warhammer 2 community now it's my time to shine!

step1: change to channeling stance (less movement range than normal, plan ahead. But hey u got 15magic on top of being able to encamp)

step2: attack settlement, win, raze or RAZE

step3:switch to encampment stance

Note: One of the biggest headaches playing as chaos is the strict time window for me to encamp. As chaos, doing anything other than engaging foes incurs severe oppotunity cost due to the lack of investment oppotunities like settlement income and trade. Thus I only encamp between long distance travels when i can't reach the next target in a turn, which is why I had to raze Altdorf with marauders, horsemen and siggy's starting hellcannon. Until I fiddled with the stances and realized both channeling and encampment stances conserve 25% movement.

Additional notes for playing as chaos:

  1. millitary alliance offers better value for chaos, as you are moving forward and engaging new foes, you're constantly dragging your allies into wars thus they much less likely to drag you into one.

  2. if you're in early game and desperate to advance against the empire, you could mass marauder horsemen. They are cheap enough and skirmish cavs are hard counter to ai's commanding capability in this game. They will either spilt up footsoldiers or send archers unguarded. If they have some skirmish cavs, you'll have more and focus fire (you could also send a silver shield like sigvald to bait their shots while you focus fire). The thing about ai is it only understands tradtional frontline clashes and basic calvary flanking, the more creative you are about your engagement, the less likely it would be able to handle it.

  3. An undervalued piece in the chaos roster is heroes on a manticore. They fly, can equip items and are more reliable than feral manticores, and much easier and cheaper to level up than a lord, especially because chaos create a lot of ruins where you could treasure hunt for cash, items and exp.

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