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Vampire Counts Bloodlines-Speculation and Roster

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Welcome to Night’s Dark Masters! This will act similar to the Skaven Great Clans-Speculation and Roster and discuss all that the Vampire Counts have left to offer (and more Undead too). It will have appropriate units for each Bloodline and have a finishing section on units that would fit for each Bloodline (LLs too). Ultimately, while every race in the game still has potential content, some have more than others due to official content giving them more potential (Skaven, Vampire Counts and Empire being the main ones). We also know the Wood Elves Lord pack is likely not until October now so might as well discuss future content.

Before we start, here is the Halflings Speculation and Roster which contains all my previous pieces (don’t have to copy and paste all those links again!) and here is Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0 (Part 1-The Sealord and the Masque) and Lords Pack Speculation and Roster 3.0 (Part 2-The Marshal and the Warboss). As you’ll notice, Bretonnia, Skaven and Dark Elves have already received pieces on what future content they could get so I won’t be covering them among the previous races. Also have a look at the constantly updating Warhammer Landmarks and Special Buildings Thread for future Landmarks.

The last point is that I know there are other, lesser-known Bloodlines in the lore such as the Jade-Blooded (those of either Maatmeses or Harakhte) but I will not focus on them during this speculation (although you can discuss them below if you wish-also check out fan concept art of a Jade Vampire).

Bloodlines-The Vampire Counts have been mostly separated into five separate Bloodlines since their inception. We have had an update for them but there is much more that can be done in terms of unit, campaign mechanics, etc. 6th edition gave Bloodlines their own rules and also allowed the Bloodlines to gain abilities (if they spent points). It would also allow the Bloodline Lords to be updated (especially the Necrarch Vampire Lord who needs it).

Blood Dragon

  • AbhorashThe most legendary of all Blood Dragons was and is their first master, the Dragon Slayer, the Scourge of the Greenskins, the Blade Immortal, the Lord of Blood, Abhorash the Great, Abhorash the Wanderer, Abhorash the Master. But his location is unknown. Some say he wandered north, deep into the Chaos Wastes, or east into the land of the Giants to seek out even greater conquests. Others say he followed the path of Sigmar and became a God; others say he still walks amongst their ranks in the disguise of a young thrall, watching for the most worthy amongst them. Still others think of the tales of other Dragon slayers, like the mighty Gilles le Breton and Lord Amara of Hoeth, and wonder how many faces their master might wear in a life as long as his. Whatever the case, none have seen or spoken to him in centuries, and his location and his plans remain mysterious.

Abhorash is another important lore character who never had rules nor a model. However, he is the head of the Blood Dragon line (and all Blood Knights in turn) and therefore should be allowed entry into the game. We know from a story he is in that he uses a sword and shield (quite a long sword as well) and from his general background, that he is one of the greatest fighters in the setting (on foot or a Barded Nightmare should be appropriate). For this, I would give crazy high combat stats, very high morale (if not unbreakable), Anti-Large (he fights the largest creatures like Dragons as sport-and wins!), ‘Shuns Inferiority’ (a rule I made for Bohemond before and gave to Abhorash too, this stuns and slows down the attack speed and movement speed of weaker units that he attacks. Abhorash also has more weight so he can move through crowds easier), ‘Perfect Warrior’ (Abhorash cannot be debuffed by any form of debuff that effects combat stats) and ‘Martial Achievement’ (this is an ability that can only be used on an enemy Lord or Hero. Abhorash will gain even higher stats but cannot stop attacking the Lord or Hero until they are dead. This means that Abhorash cannot disengage while this ability is active). Overall, an absolutely deadly warrior.

Campaign-wise, Abhorash could start anywhere (his lore gives the Chaos Wastes or Ancient Giant Lands as possible locations) and should have diplomatic buffs with Bretonnia (higher in general with other factions considering his noble character). The main campaign objective should be hunting down and challenging the greatest warriors and monsters in the setting. This should be similar to Wulfrik the Wanderer and the Monstrous Arcanum (Wulfrik should have a campaign objective of hunting down enemy LLs too). However, Abhorash has also mastered his Bloodlust by drinking the blood of a Dragon. Every large monster (or LL) that Abhorash defeats should give him further stats that he can add to himself and his own army.

  • Walach HarkonSecond only to Abhorash in fame is the great Walach Harkon. It was he who created the greatest order of Blood Knights, the Blood Dragons. Walach arrived at Blood Keep, which was home to the Order of the Blood Dragon-a Empire Knightly Order, and in a single night, challenged and slew all the inhabitants of the Keep. The worthy were turned into vampires while the others were killed and turned into mindless undead. As the new Grand Master, Walach fed upon the living people of the area but such actions will eventually gain notice. An Imperial army arrived to siege the Keep and, in the end, the corrupted Knightly Order was destroyed. Now it is believed that Walach is the master of the Blood Keep once more, and the armies of the dead are said to gather under his banners. Every hundred years the Blood Knights gather to their Keep to feast, recount their deeds and wars, and renew their oaths of fealty to Walach. One day Walach will lead them once again to war and exact revenge for his defeat; a debt that can only be paid in blood.

Walach is a character that had rules and artwork but no model (he appears on the 5th edition Vampire Counts so that should be enough). Rules-wise, Walach had weapon skill 9(!), strength 7, toughness 6 and initiative 9, etc so he is a killing machine off the bat. He carries the Crimson Blade (a magic weapon that could cause effects such as arm wound, leg wound and beheaded-would change to debuffs), shield, heavy armour, Blood Chalice (this enchanted item allowed Walach to choose an effect-1.Heal one Wound, 2. Gain an extra attack or 3. Weapon causes two wounds and now has flaming attacks), Blood Dragon Standard (a magic standard that gave all nearby Undead creatures Hatred and re-roll of attacks in the first round against living creatures) and rides on a barded Nightmare (a Skeleton Dragon can be a further mount as he did this during the End Times). Walach was also a level three Necromancer and had the following Bloodlines abilities-Doomrider (no movement penalty for horse that had armour and barding), Strength of Steel (Still maintained spellcasting abilities), Might of Arms (additional weapon skill-already accounted with the 9) and Red Fury (an additional attack). I would give Walach Hatred of any living mortal as well.

Campaign-wise, Walach should start in the Blood Keep (it is west of Wissenland on this map) and for a Game 3 map, starting near a Khorne faction would be suitable (as I’ll soon explain). The lore actually states Walach's main objective which is the total extermination of the human race (quite the opposite of Abhorash). This is to make the upstart mortals and his fellow Vampires recognise the singular superiority of Blood Keep and its knights. Walach should not only have to hunt down Lords and great monsters but also destroy every human faction in the game while also restoring Blood Keep to its former glory. While doing this, Walach should have to control his bloodlust (recorded by the number of wars declared and people killed). If it stays low, Walach remains the way he is but if it reaches too high, Walach will join Khorne and start spreading Chaos Corruption (this happened during the End Times after he gave in to his temptation). The previous objectives of hunting Lords and great monsters are replaced (by whichever Khorne gets as mechanics). Either way, Walach will seek to show the world the glory of Blood Keep!

  • Mallobaude-I have discussed Mallobaude before in a thread but to keep it simple for his lore, Mallobaude, also known as The Serpent or The Black Knight, was a mysterious figure who appointed himself Duke of Mousillon and later attempted to claim the crown of Bretonnia, riding into war as a ferocious Blood Knight. He is also the bastard son of Louen Leoncoeur. Mallobaude had no model or rules but he is the major figure in the Bretonnian Civil War and the rightful ruler of Mousillon (sorry Red Duke!). From the only picture of Mallobaude, he is armed with a great sword and a shield while being mounted on a rough looking Bretonnian horse. Combat-wise, he is described as one of the “most skilful warriors ever born into Bretonnian chivalry” so I would make him a deadly duellist character. He could also be expanded through skill trees. For example, you could give him Necromantic powers as it was said “that the walking dead answer to his call” which would give him access to Lore of Vampires. Also, you could receive the Blood-Kiss and become a Vampire which does happen as the Nagash novel states “When he had first begun to groom Mallobaude for his task, even providing for the would-be king to receive the blood-kiss of vampirism from an old, long-established Bretonnian line of the creatures.” This would give you access to the benefits of being a Vampire and access to the Red Duke and Merovech. Easier alliance could be made with Vampire Count factions and Arkhan the Black (who did assist Mallobaude).

You can read the piece I’ve linked on Mallobaude’s possible mechanics (Bretonnian Civil War, Undead units, etc) and see what he could bring to the Bretonnia region itself (another strike against the Ordertide!). Whether he would be a Bretonnian or Vampire Count faction would mostly depend on what you make Mallobaude (and CA and GW).

  • Red DukeThe Red Duke, also known as the Scourge of Aquitaine, the Northern Sword and El Syf by the Arabyans, was a former Bretonnian Duke of Aquitaine during his mortal life, who was later transformed into a mighty Blood Knight. There is not much to say on the Red Duke to be honest. We already have him, and he starts in Mousillon. Although it should be Mallobaude starting there, I see no problem in Mousillon housing both Mallobaude and the Red Duke. He could also start in the Forest of Châlons which is where he is rumored to haunt after his last battle. He could also be expanded with his missing items (Blade of Leaping Gold and Armour of Blood).

  • Foot Blood Knights-It is stated the “the Blood Dragons sometimes fought on foot, and were masters of all forms of combat and all weapons”. Although mastering combat would involve all forms of weapons (bar range and magic which the Blood Dragons are against), I don’t want Vampire Counts spamming Blood Knights in all forms. Therefore, Sword and Shield should be sufficient enough for the unit and the player too (making them campaign exclusive can work also).

  • Skeleton Bowmen-A simple unit from the 6th edition Vampire Counts. Skeletons armed with a bow and hand weapon. I would expect something similar to Tomb King Skeleton Archers and Bretonnian Peasant Archers.

  • Knights of the Bloody Grail-Vampire Bretonnian Knights (Vampire Knights of the Realm seem appropriate). Superior to Knights of the Realm but have crumbling and frenzy. From the lore of the Bloody Grail. I was thinking whether to include them due to them being similar to Blood Knights, but they can be unique in their own way and Mousillon needs more Knight options as it has no forms of Grail Knights.

  • Black Grail KnightsThe Black Grail Knights were the resurrected corpses of twelve long dead Grail Knights of Bretonnia. Greater and more infamous than even the Blood Dragons of the time, they were among the mightiest Undead to have ever walked the Old World. Grail Knights are considered the ultimate Human warriors, if they fall they are given grand funerals and their souls belong to the Lady of the Lake. This process meant that normally, Grail Knights were one of the few beings who could not be brought into undeath. Some however, particularly those whose corpses lay in Mousillon, were vulnerable. Even in the tainted lands of Mousillon, only a being of immense power could hope to molest the natural order of the Lady. That being was the ancient Dread King.

Taking up their fortress in Mousillon, the Black Grail Knights would become legendary. They were extremely powerful warriors who fought relentlessly. Mounted atop the animated remains of their once noble Warhorses, they could not be slowed by difficult terrain and would never flee from hand-to-hand combat. An aura of fear surrounded them at all times, causing enemies to panic and flee in their wake. So deadly were the warriors, that many didn't even know they were knights, instead thinking that the "Black Grail" was an artifact of immense power and destruction.

(except the Grudgebringers).

An elite heavy cavalry unit armed with shield and sword that is effectively undead Grail Knights (or another variant armed with lances as shown in the cinematic). Very expensive but very deadly. I would have it that after the defeat of the original Black Grail Knights in Dark Omen, a method was found in how to raise Grail Knights from the grave, but it required heavily vampiric corrupted land. The upgrade building required to build them would need high Vampiric Corruption to build it. It’s also interesting to note that they were mentioned in the 5th edition Vampire Counts book with one of their shields being recovered from the battle site and used as a magical item.


  • Abhorash’s Disciples-If you have read Abhorash’s lore. He is mentioned as having ‘Disciples’ and ‘Followers’ who are effectively his greatest protégé. I would see this unit as an ‘Aspiring Champion’ sword unit that has lesser versions of some of Abhorash’s abilities. I would put them on foot as Abhorash is mentioned as a ‘Wanderer’ and we already have the possible Blood Knight RoR below.

  • Knights of the Black Grail-A mysterious group of Blood Knights who replaced the Seneschals, acting as the personal knights of Mallobaude during the Bretonnian Civil War. They are not to be confused with the more infamous Black Grail Knights. A RoR Blood Knight unit that has better speed, attack, and the Guardian rule.


  • Neferata-Neferata’s original rules are really old (from 5th edition!) but she also got an End Times update which I’ll use (the ‘her rules’ link are pictures of her 5th edition rules). In the End Times, Neferata is a Level 3 Wizard who uses spells from the Lore of Death, Lore of Shadow and Lore of Vampires (and Undeath but that is exclusive to End Times). She has the special rules of Always Strikes First, Feaster of Souls (Neferata can turn an enemy character into a Vampire if she defeats them in melee=not sure how this one would work), Terror, Twilight's Allure (any melee or ranged attack has less chance to hit), Undead and Vampire. She also has magic items of Akmet-kar, the Dagger of Jet (magic weapon that upon hitting, reduces an opponent’s strength, toughness and attacks) and Aken-seth, the Staff of Pain (arcane item that makes any magic missile, direct damage or hex spell do more damage after being cast by Neferata). I would also allow Neferata to have a Coven Throne mount.

Campaign-wise, Neferata should start where the Silver Host starts in Vortex and should start in the Silver Pinnacle for Mortal Empires (and Game 3). Campaign-wise, Neferata’s campaign should involve infiltrating other races and planting your own handmaidens in their places. At low levels, they can only spy and pass back information, but further levels will allow you to sabotage events and eventually vassalize the faction. This will allow you to control entire swathes of territory without controlling it if you play your cards right. Access to a number of Tomb King units also makes sense. Winning the campaign should then involve controlling factions like Empire, Bretonnia and other human races in their entirely (and recover Lahmia while killing Khalida at the same time). I have discussed Finubar before in terms of having unique campaign mechanics and Neferata should have the same (a list of options like Snikch has). This would allow Neferata to manipulate factions from behind the scenes. Overall, an unique LL that focuses on infiltration and winning with campaign mechanics (on one last note, if we’re fortunate to get either Cathay or Kislev, Neferata could have contact with the characters of Naaima and Ulrika considering their Lahmian links-the former being positive and the latter negative).

  • Swain-The greatest surprise for their enemies is having to face living heroes fighting alongside the Undead. These naive fools strive to prove their loyalty to their beloved one by exhibiting daring feats of arms, eager to receive the Blood Kiss and join the Vampiress in eternal life.* This was a very unique unit. It was any Hero from any Warhammer Army Book and they were equipped in any way that you wish with their equipment, mounts, etc. This means that the Swain could be an Empire Captain, High Elf Noble, Dwarf Thane, etc (the rules state “Heroes from any other Warhammer Armies book” which seems to indicate that even Greenskins or Chaos could fall into this-for realism, I would make it that only an Order race can be used). Anyway, if the Lahmian Vampire Lord is killed, the Swain gains the Hatred rule even if they are Immune to Psychology (Rampage could work too).

In addition, the Swains could be gained by infiltrating Order races and spreading Vampiric corruption (or other campaign mechanics). This would then allow you to recruit the Heroes from this Order race.

  • Neferata’s HandmaidensNeferata's handmaidens were like a harem of exquisite beauties from every human kingdom. In their courtly disguises they were ravishing ladies – porcelain-skinned nobles and exotic princesses from afar. This was a masquerade: each was a vampiress, a member of Neferata's get, and their beauty lasted only so long as they had fresh blood. They were cruel and sadistic, and though their true skills resided in courtside infiltration and politics of subversion, they were still deadly foes upon the battlefield. The Deathless Court of the Silver Pinnacle, Lahmian Handmaidens would act as a fast ‘Aspiring Champion’ infiltration and assassination unit (combined with a Lahmian Vampire Lord, they would be a ‘Goon Squad’ on the battlefield). I would arm them with a sword and dagger as the picture on the Wiki shows. Lastly, I would them unique by allowing them to move out of an army like a Hero does. They can then plant themselves in an enemy settlement to give intel, spread Vampiric Corruption and increase diplomacy with that faction.

  • Coven Throne-Although the Coven Throne comes from the same model as the Mortis Engine, I would change it into something much larger and grandiose which would be fitting for a Lahmian Vampire. A Chariot with a decent armour save and special rules of Always Strikes First, Large Target, Spectral Steeds (very fast), Undead, Vampiric, Ward Save (decent), Battle of Wills (I will change this to being a passive aura that affects nearby enemy unit's weapon skill, ballistic skill and an ability that can cause an enemy unit to rampage and attack one of its allies) and Scrying Pools (harder to hit or damage). Also has two Pallid Handmaidens that attack with hand weapons (and the Lahmian Vampire Lord if there is one on board).


  • Lahmian GuardThese were Tomb Guard of ancient Nehekhara. In life, they were the royal guard of Neferata and they continued to serve her after death. It is mentioned in the lore of Silver Pinnacle that Neferata has “Undead guards covered from head to toe in black” that do not show their faces so this Tomb Guard RoR could have this added to their appearance. Giving them the Guardian rule makes sense as well.


  • W’soran/Melkhior the Ancient/Zacharias the Everliving-You’re likely wondering why these three characters are joined together. The reason is that it is implied that W’soran has body jumped into these characters after his body is destroyed each time (using his spirit that is). This means that W’soran is these characters. As W’soran is a mysterious character lore-wise as although we know his early story, his later story has branched into multiple different fields due to possible possession. Instead, I see as easier if CA and GW just bring all the story strands into one and allow the players to choose the one, they want through character upgrades. Firstly, the rules for W’soran/Melkhior. Overall, W’sorn/Melkhior is a brutal LL to go up against, he cannot be harmed by shooting attacks of any kind (except magic missiles)! Therefore, you must fight him in close combat, but his weapon skill, strength and toughness are all 6 which is actually decent for a caster LL. Add in terror and unbreakable and you have a very nasty LL to fight. Of course, I’m expecting the cost to be very high for a LL this good. Now to the ‘upgrade’:

Zacharias the Everliving-The rules for Zacharias come from 6th edition. Before starting, Zacharias has a cost of 1,015 points! 715 for Zacharias and 300 for his Dragon. To put this into focus, Nagash himself costs 1000 points so Zacharias is a crazy good LL. As W’soran/Melkhior is 660 points, I see Zacharias as an upgrade for W’soran/Melkhior in which he has transferred his mind to a new body. Now, Zacharias can be amazing in both spellcasting and melee (even alone, he is decent!). It gets better as Zacharias not only has a decent ward save but his ability in using the Lore of Necromancy means he can summon even more units than an usual caster.

Campaign-wise, W’soran/Melkhior/Zacharias would start in their usual position within the Southlands (Vortex) but for Mortal Empires, the Forest of Shadows or another location in Game 3 would be appropriate. What will W’soran/Melkhior/Zacharias campaign involve though? I can see two mechanics; one would be Necromantic Experimenting. This would involve taking Vampire Count units and experimenting upon them to give them upgrades (Skryre has this and I’m expecting Moulder to have something similar too). The second would be the Grimoire Necronium. This is a powerful necromantic tome created by W’soran and within, it contains not only W’soran’s work but a vision of Nagash (a world devoid of life). Not only should the main campaign objective be to eliminate all non-undead factions (especially those of Chaos) and resurrect Nagash but also to focus on the Grimoire Necronium and expand its work (this would involve hunting down Necromantic spells and adding them to your collection-this would eventually turn W’soran/Melkhior/Zacharias into one of the most powerful spellcasters in the game).

  • Necrarch Acolytes/Apprentices-These are simply junior Vampires of the Necrarchs and serve as servants (or research material is they displease their masters). While the Handmaidens can be an ‘Aspiring Champion’ assassination squad, the Necrarch Acolytes/Apprentices can serve as an ‘Aspiring Champion’ magic squad (if you remember the Call of Warhammer mod, magic users were implemented as a small unit that cast spells, this can be done for the Acolytes/Apprentices). To make them more unique, Necrarch Vampire Lords should be able to leech magical energy from the squad. This increases the Winds of Magic and resets some spells but is at the cost of health or even a few lives of the Necrarch Acolytes/Apprentices.

  • Patchwork MenPatchwork Men are the monstrous creations of Necromancy, stitched together from pieces of multiple corpses and then reanimated like a Zombie. Unlike Zombies, Patchwork Men possess a semblance of self due to the use of well-preserved brains in their creation. More often than not, this results in the creature going berserk and attacking his creator, but if the creature is controlled, he can be turned into a kind of uber-zombie, capable of controlling other Undead in the Necromancer’s absence. Warhammer version of Frankenstein basically. I would see these as not only far superior zombies (attack, morale, speed, etc) but mostly superior to Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls as well. They could have an active ability that buffs nearby lesser Undead too. To give one weakness, they should rampage if they take too much damage.

  • Abyssal TerrorAbyssal Terrors, also known as Winged Nightmares, is a term given to a wide variety of terrifyingly powerful monsters, living or undead, that serves as combat mounts for only the most war-like Vampires. This is actually a mount option for the Vampire Counts but there is no reason why it can’t be an independent monster. Mad science and dark sorcery are the main ingredients that create these creatures, so they fit the Necrarchs well. Rules-wise, it had Fly, Large Target, Terror and Undead (it could be upgraded with poison attacks and armour-piercing as well). It will serve as a monster unit but one that can be 'upgraded' into different forms through the Necromantic Experimenting.


  • Ushoran-Ushoran is the head of the Strigoi Bloodline and the younger brother of Queen Neferata. He was the Lord of Masques, Celebrations, and Festivities and drank from the Elixir that Neferata hid from him (making him the second Vampire). After the fall of Nagash, the Vampires fled and remained hidden but Ushoran was different. He wanted to create (or recreate) the image of Lahmia again. To do this, he entered the valley of Strigos in the Badlands and discovered the city of Mourkain (which would be renamed to Morgheim). Ushoran was a wise ruler and implemented the teachings of Abhorash so that the living people under his rule need not fear him. In time, the Strygos Empire flourished from the Marshes of Madness to the Black Gulf. However, Neferata had not forgot the insult that Ushoran that given her from stealing her Elixir. Rumours were spread that Ushoran would betray and sell the other Bloodlines out to Nagash. Human armies were sent to ruin Strygos but worst was on the way. Neferata had also riled up the Greenskins within the Badlands and a massive Waaagh descended upon the Strygos. Despite their best effort, Ushoran, the Strigoi and most of the Strigany people were swept away by the Greenskin horde. The Strigoi spread across the world and the Strigany moved north to the Empire. Ushoran’s fate is unknown, some say an Orc Warboss struck him down while others say an Orc Shaman with a magical blast. Who knows? Maybe someday, Ushoran will return and recreate the Strygos Empire (he appears in AOS, so we actually know he survived).

Ushoran never had rules, a model or even artwork as far as I’m aware. However, you should know that the last Mortal Empires update put the Marshes of Madness in the Badlands with Morgheim and the Floating Village. This seems like a quite a hint that Ushoran will appear someday. The Marshes of Madness can be his ME starting location and for the Vortex, his start location would be to the left of the Necrarch Brotherhood and below the faction of Numas (

). Rules-wise, as said, Ushoran never had any but we can develop some from his background. He is the head of the Strigoi and so, would have near identical attributes (and appearance in a way) alongside Hatred of Greenskins (he should be able to use magic as well as his “wards” are mentioned during the Greenskin invasion. As he is a wise ruler though and younger brother of Neferata, elements of the Lahmian Bloodline should stick with him (Beguile would work). I would also add a campaign mechanic in which Ushoran is fighting with his primal nature (as shown in Ancient Blood). Giving into his primal nature will boost Ushoran’s fighting stats into insane territory (while having massive diplomatic penalties). If you keep Ushoran to his senses, he will gain better diplomatic penalties and more Strigany units. Also, Ushoran should have wings (going to quickly mention as Malagor suffering attrition from his start location now-allow Malagor to FLY!) as he is shown using wings in the Neferata novel-“Even as she vaulted out of the window, Ushoran was plummeting downwards through the chill night air. He struck an outcropping and twisted through the air as if he were swimming. His flesh snapped, ripped and spread with a sound like a rupturing melon, and wings unfurled from his broad back. Black blood, expelled during the transformation, splattered across the rooftops below as a winged shadow sped off. Neferata landed on the outcropping, her eyes wide. Ushoran had learned something during his time in the wilderness after all.”

Campaign-wise, the starting locations and Primal Nature mechanic have been discussed. Ushoran should have negative relations with Neferata and likely some of the other Bloodlines due to the previous rumours (negative relations with many factions to be honest considering the prosecution of the Strigany people). He can improve these if you so wish. The overall campaign should be rebuilding the Strygos Empire to its height and beyond. There is another possible objective (and possible campaign item like the Sword of Khaine) which is the Crown of Sorcery. You likely already know of this item from Azhag. It was created by Nagash and ended up in Ushoran’s hands from a Necromancer called Kadon. It was lost for many years until Azhag accidentally found it. Azhag should start the campaign with the Legendary Item but, if any other Lord or LL defeats him (permanently I mean), they should have the option of taking the Crown of Sorcery off him. This gives the Lord or LL the Lore of Death (and should be Lore of Vampires as well) and increased Winds of Magic. However, due to Nagash’s spirit whispering to the character, it should spread Vampiric corruption, cause diplomatic penalties, and allow Nagash (when he resurrects again) to gain a portion of control over the Lord or LL. Like the Sword of Khaine, it gives great power but also massive risk the longer you have it upon your character. As Ushoran, you should be allowed to take the item and use it if you wish (or get rid of it, Ushoran was no puppet of Nagash).

  • Strigany MysticThe people of Strigos were scattered to the winds when their lands were destroyed and have since taken up a nomadic life. They roam the Empire in caravan trains or river barges, making money where they can and stealing when they can't. Their history under the Vampires ensures they maintain their travelling lifestyle, marking them not just as thieves and cutthroats but also necromancers and servants of darkness. In truth, most of them are simple woodsmen, entertainers, or vagabonds, but a few do know something of witchcraft, a little of fortune telling, and a large amount of Vampire lore. These mystics were taught the true and complete history of their people, and they carry the secret knowledge from those ancient days, as well as the promise of their Strigos lords to one day return and lead them back to glory. A Hero unit for the Strigoi and from the rpg. I would make them a low-level Necromancer Hero (with some Lore of Vampire spells) but one that can travel freely through enemy territory. They could then enter a stance of ‘Fortune-Telling’ in which they make money for you but cause unrest at the same time. The Strigany Mystic would have to move on after a certain number of turns, but you would get some decent use of this small ability.

  • StriganyThe human empire of Strigos worshipped Vampires as Gods, but their Undead deities couldn’t save them from the might of butchering Greenskins. When the few escapees staggered north into the Old World, the stricken people met a wall of hatred from the other human tribes, but they had nowhere else to turn. Another from 6th Edition Vampire Counts. They are a human unit that is armed with two hand weapons and could be given Light Armour as well. A more elite version can be implemented by taking the Champion of the unit (Strigany Domnu). There are other possible Strigany units through 'Strigany Horse Nomads' or 'Strigany Sharpshooters' (Sigmar's Blood, p24). Hatred for Greenskins and maybe Empire would fit too.

  • Charnel Guard-These are faster, more effective, and reliable ghoul fighters (elite Ghouls basically). They had one higher Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and Leadership. To make them more unique, I would give them armour as well as Ghouls are quite the scavengers.

Von Carstein-There is not much I can say on the Von Carsteins as they have nearly everything that they have on the tabletop. There were more Sylvanian Levy (we have Crossbowmen and Handgunners at the moment) like Free Company Militia, Archers and Huntsmen.

  • Konrad Von CarsteinKonrad von Carstein, known by many names such as Konrad the Butcher, Konrad the Bloody and Konrad the Beast, was an infamously violent and martial Vampire Count of Sylvania, known from the annals of history for his cruelty, corruption and complete insanity. There are few things more dangerous than a violent lunatic, but one of them is an immortal violent lunatic with the strength and speed of a Vampire. Adding a literal thirst for blood to Konrad's figurative mindset did little for the noble's stretched sanity. Konrad was the Von Carstein who effectively lost his mind to both bloodlust and general insanity. Konrad became the accidental ruler of Sylvania after Vlad’s demise (the others all met untimely ends, except Mannfred, who disappeared). Konrad started the second Vampire War and while Vlad wished to become Emperor, Konrad simply wanted violence. Long story short, Konrad was not for leadership and his mind eventually snapped completely. This led to his death by the Dwarf hero Grufbad and the Elector Count Helmar after they ambushed him and stabbed him with Helmar’s Runefang.

Rules-wise, Konrad is a killing machine (especially of monstrous infantry but he is not the toughest so glass cannon) and was armed with the Sword of Waldenhof (magic weapon with multiple wounds), Hand Weapon (another sword) and Heavy armour. He had the Vampiric Power of Red Fury (every wound that Konrad did allowed him to make a further attack, this could kill an entire unit if you were fortunate-I would add this to Konrad as anti-infantry) and the Special Rules of Hatred, The Hunger, One Bat Short of a Belfry (Konrad had to roll each turn and would either gain Stupidity or Frenzy-this could turned into a campaign mechanic or simply rampage), Undead and Vampiric. You likely noticed two things as well. Not only no mount but no magic at all either! Konrad was magically inept and relied on Necromancers to keep his army going. This would likely become an unique mechanic for him in which he needs a Necromancer in the army to keep the army going.

Campaign-wise, Konrad is dead but that has not stopped characters before. If he started somewhere, the Chaos Wastes would be an appropriate start and positive relations with Walach seem appropriate too (maybe Khorne forces too!). Objective wise, no restoring of his mind as unlike Luthor Harkon (or the Marshall and the Warboss piece with Marius), Konrad has been insane since birth. Simply killing as many people as possible would be Konrad’s objective.


  • Drakenhof TemplarsThe Drakenhof Templars were an order of Blood Knights who acted as the elite, unparalleled cavalry of the von Carsteins. They were believed to be among the greatest of their kind, second only to the Blood Dragons themselves. Simply just better Blood Knights but I would give them the Guardian rule as they were typically used in a bodyguard fashion for Von Carsteins.



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