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Warhammer: in-universe map size and length of a turn

I've determined roughly how big the map is and how long a turn is.

There are a few maps of the Warhammer world in the RPG books. While they should be taken with a grain of salt as the alternate universe of the games clearly has different geography (most notably, the continents are closer and the eastern landmasses are shifted down relative to the western ones), they should still serve as a rough indicator of overall scale. I've done my own measurements of some of these maps, but I have no need to post them; someone else already did their own.

From this, the Empire can be measured anywhere from 378,000 mi^2, to 545,000 mi^2 (1.4m km^2), to 695,000 mi^2 (1.8m km^2). It could come out even smaller depending on assumptions made about the scale and where it's supposed to apply; Guerillonist assumed it was meant to apply right where it was. I think it more likely applies at the equator, as that's how scales on most Mercator-style maps work. In that case, I've discovered that Germany, on Mercator projection maps, is two and a half times as big as in "reality" compared to objects around the equator (easy way of demonstrating this; these two images show that it accounts for 37% of the DRC's pixel area on the maps, while in real life, Germany is 15% the size of the DRC). So depending on assumptions, the Empire could be as small as ~218,0000 mi^2, the size of continental France.

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Another potential size comes from scaling the Moot. WRFP 4e "Archives of the Empire, Vol. 1" p. 34 says the Moot is about 15,600 square miles ("This might have something to do with how the Halflings acquired nearly ten million acres of some of the most fertile farmland in the Empire"). On the RPG map he used, the Moot is ~17,500 square pixels, compared to the 245,000 square pixels Guerillonist measured the Empire at. That would put the Empire at… almost exactly 218,000 mi^2, oddly enough. Alternatively, scaling that to the Empire as depicted in the Total War universe (the Moot is relatively smaller) gives us the Moot being ~12,500 pixels, meaning 15,600/12,500 = 1.248 square miles to a square pixel. Applying that to the Empire's in-game size of 869,000 pixels gets you a 1.08 million mi^2 of claimed territory.

Let's go for right around the middle of these values: 675,000 square miles, or 0.776 square miles to a square pixel. Why? Two reasons. One, that makes it about as big as the c. 1600 Holy Roman Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth put together, which just seems right. Two, that puts Talabecland, with a length of 425 pixels, at ~375 miles from end to end <(375/425)^2 = 0.778 square pixels to a square mile>. This is very convenient because – and I just measured this – a well-drilled army (Franz's) in "March" stance can go from one side of Talabecland to the other in three turns, or 125 miles per turn.

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How fast are these mundane pre-industrial soldiers marching? Keep in mind that "March" isn't a forced march for times of desperation. It's fully sustainable effectively forever, it just doesn't leave enough time energy left over for other arduous tasks, like retreat, mustering, or attacking. So it should roughly line up with what a reasonably fit army of men can cover on foot indefinitely. Fortunately, we know roughly that value. The Roman legions were expected to be able to cover 18 miles per day. 125 miles / 18 miles per day = 6.94 days.

So there you have it. A turn is about a week, and a full campaign run covers a few years. At least by this statistic. You can adjust this up or down a few days depending on how big you assume the Empire (and thus Talabecland) "really" is, but it's not going to be too significant.

Bonus: with the Empire at ~675,000 mi^2 and a 0.776 square mile to square pixel ratio, we can measure how big some of the other regions are in the Total War universe:

-Empire: ~675,000 mi^2 (about the size of the c. 1600 Holy Roman Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth combined)

Norsca: ~466,000 mi^2 (about the size of Scandinavia)

Ulthuan (mainland): ~257,000 mi^2 (about the size of Japan and the British Isles put together)

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Bretonnia: ~233,000 mi^2 (about the size of France)

Kislev: ~157,000 mi^2 (about the size of Interwar Poland)

Estalian peninsula: ~86,000 mi^2 (about half the size of Spain)

Tilean peninsula: ~80,000 mi^2 (about the size of the Italian peninsula – thought not all of Italy)

Athel Loren: ~37,000 mi^2 (about the size of Portugal)

tl;dr: one turn is about one week.


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