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What is your favorite unit from each race?

There are many discussions regarding what units are the best in general, what units are best for doomstack, what units are good for support and what units are worthless, for each race. Something that is much less talked about is the units which are most loved, the favorite units and the units which make us want to play a certain race.

Sometimes these are the same as the doomstack ones but not always. Sometimes the favorite unit might not even be good or falsely considered trash (Bloated corpse). We might build doomstacks with these units or we might put them in every army just because we like them. I would like to share my favorite units as well as to know what is your favorite units are.

15: Dwarfs – Irondrakes
Dwarfs is the only race which I don't really have a unit that I love, but neither is there a unit I hate. The roster is very vanilla in my liking and I play them more for their general strategy rather than a specific unit, but if there were to be one unit that drew me to the Dwarfs, it would be Irondrakes.Irondrakes is just everything I love about Dwarfs. Heavy armoured, stoic and extrmemly dangerous when they, hehe, open fire upon you.

14: Warrior of Chaos – Hellcannon
What!? How can Dragon Ogres Shaggoth not be my favorite WoC unit? They simply are not. I don't know why but I never really liked the Dragon ogres very much. There is nothing interesting about them in my eyes. No cool abilities, no awesome design, just pure power. If I want the power of Dragon Ogres, I'll turn to Lustria instead. What I turn to WoC for instead is the Chosen and especially the Hellcannons. They might not be very good at higher difficulties but it feels so good bringing one or three in every army to the old world. Nothing can run from my fireballs of hatred when I bring these bad boys.

13: Vampire Counts – Vampire Lord
Does the lord count as a unit? For the sake of this list lets pretend it does. I really like most of the roster but what I love the most is the strict divide between undead servants and ruling vampires. I have these creatures with incredible magical powers who raises an army of useless trash just to watch them take over the world. I laugh as my zombies clash with the empire swordsmen because all that die will only fuel my progression. I laugh as my skeletons absorb wave after wave of the enemy's limited ammo. I laugh as my Blood dragons charge into the Demigryphs, slowly killing them while my necromancer keeps them alive. I laugh when my Lord gets into a duel with whatever victim the enemy put a "Leader" hat on. I laugh as I turn the world into my black corrupted sandbox.

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12: Vampire Coast – Bloated corpse
There is not much to say here. They are walking pieces of artillery that vomits a regiment of zombies when half beaten. What's not to like? Oh right, if used correctly they still can't do that magic trick where suddently 3 units of phoenix guards are reduced to nothing but blood and guts. Necrofex Colossus is the powerhouse but they just can't beat the feeling of an army with 5 bloated corpses that annihalites the enemy just for them to be raised from the dead in between battles.

11: Norsca – Skin wolves
What screams "NORSCA!"? Well everything from Norsca that can scream apparantly. More precise, why do I press on Wulfric in the character selection screen. There are many reasons. Skin wolves, fimir warriors, freaking mammoths! The ice forged legion. There are so many awesome and cool units in Norsca so picking a favorite is very hard. Picking one I have to go with Skin wolves (armoured), probably because I've played too much with mammoths at this time.

10: Bretonnia – Grail Guardians
Good ol' reliable – and fashionable too! Select, click, forget pretty much. In an army which is as micro intensive as Bretonnia with their range of charge cavalry it's great to have some units which leaves some breathing room while still being part of the Bretonnia core (cavalry).

9: Beastmen – Minotaurs
There are no surprises regarding Beastmen. They have a terrible roster with only a few decent units and two great ones; (3 if including gorebull) Minotaurs and Cygors. Cygors are really fun to use and even good in siege, but watching the Minotaurs going mayhem is just so much fun.

8: Lizardmen – Dread Saurian
Talk about special units, how is the largest unit in the game for being special? Lizardmen are a weird race. Just by looking at them I should absolutely love them but for some reason I don't. They were my favorite race when I began playing Twwh2 but has fallen as time has passed. Their DLC additions has not really been that impactful for me except giving them my favorite big dumb LL (Nakai) and my favorite big dumb beast (Dread Saurian). That's probably it, the army is big and dumb with not much variation (except big dumb artillery and big dumb infantry or big dumb airforce).

7: Wood Elves – Great Stags (Hawk riders for Heralds of Ariel)
Take the entire roster of Beastmen minus Minotaurs and Cygors, then raise them up a level. Now you got Wood Elves. With the inclusion of the last DLC, WE have great units in all categories. The roster used to be decent with great archers and Treeman. Now we have great infantry, still great archers, great cavalry, Hawk riders are amazing in Heralds of Ariel and Zoats are a good addition as well. There is so much fun stuff here but the most fun must be Hawk riders with arrow of kurnous, or Great stags. Of course Treemen for Drycha and Durthu. That is probably what I like most about Wood Elves, that my favorite unit depends soley on the faction being played.

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6: Tomb Kings – Ushabti w great bows
My first thoughts when I saw Tomb Kings was "Nice! Another undead army with constructs." – but it's not an undead army with constructs, it's a construct army with undead units. Everything that matters in Tomb Kings fall under the same umbrella "constructs", don't get me wrong it's an awesome umbrella, probably the best one in the game. The problem for me is that it is one single umbrella. It consists of some of my favorite units in the game; Ushabti, Bone giants and Warphinxses. The only other thing they got is casket of souls. This at least for me, harms the induvidual units from being as great as they should be. I love Tomb Kings – just not as much as I should regarding what they are. Ushabti though is the perfect unit to pull me back to the desert.

5: Dark Elves – Bloodwrack Medusa
DE is my least favorite non-chaos race. I never cared for Hydraes, shades or witch elves nor did I care for their cruel behaviour. In my eyes they are just emo elves trying to be either edgy, sexy or both. I like so many other people that play total war loves to zoom in on our units to watch them idle, march or fight. One unit and the unit that I always have to zoom in on and that actually got me to make this list is the Medusa. There is just something about her design, the animations and her attacks that are so satisfying to watch. The soundwork is also phenominal. The Medusa hits a specific spot for me and makes the entire Dark Elves race worth playing many times over.

4: The Empire – Great Cannons
There is something special about the empire. What would be just normal units in other races instead are very interesting in the empire. Halberdiers in other armies are fine, I like them, but in the empire I really like them. The same is true for crossbowmen, handgunners, outriders and great cannons. There is something about the empire which makes the mundane, special. I would say that my favorite unit in the empire is the Hellblaster volley gun but I really love the Great cannons for being so special without being very special.

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3: High Elves – Sisters of Avelorn
Just like with the Medusa, I love zooming in and watch the Sisters of Avelorn. They are just so beautiful, and so deadly. Beside the sisters, High Elves does not actually have an interesting roster in my opinion. The infantry is good but nothing special. Dragon princes are also great but look so plastic. I rather not even look at them most of the time. I never cared much for dragons in this game. Phoenixie are cool units, specially the arcane one.

2: Skaven – Ratling guns
So-so much to pick, yes-yes! Best-greatest roster in entire game! Skaven roster beats all other things every day-night. Yes-yes! What's not to love-like about Skaven rat-things and beast-things and gun-things and KABOOOM-things and plague-things and much more-more. Must give honorable mention-note to skaven slaves. Best feeling in the game-game is to see traitorus slaves die-die just like enemy-things. The more to kill-kill, the merrier as human-things like to say-speak.

1: Greenskins – Rogue Idol
Greenskins is another race filled with so many interesting and fun units. It makes it just better that the personality all over the place is great. I love watching the black orcs go mayhem on anything that is or is not green, I love squigs do their thing, I adore the Doom Diver Catapult as they makes even the Hellcannon seem boring in comparison. My favorite is of course the Rogue Idol. It looks so happy as it chases after terrified dwarfs to smash them like tin cans between between his hands. It appears to be so proud being made of nothing but hard rocks, stinking feces and the will of Mork or Gork. How can anyone not be happy when looking at these boyz? Gork and Mork truly knows what love at first sight means. Gork is love, Mork is life – or was it the other way around?


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