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Who were… Penthesilea and Hippolyta?

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Now that the Amazons have come out for Troy, you may be wondering who are Penthesilea and Hippolyta? Well, the Amazons aren't present in either the Iliad or the Odyssey, their contribution to the Trojan was told in a lost Epic poem called the Aethiopis (which also included the coming of Memnon).

Penthesilea and her Amazons showed up to Troy after the death of Hector to support Troy. She either arrived with 12 other Amazons (Posthomerica) or an army (Aeneid), and she may have chosen to join the war after accidentally killed Hippolyta while hunting and is there to atone for it. When Penthesilea first arrives, she brings hope to the Trojans who are still in mourning over Hector's death, and Penthesilea states that she will kill Achilles (this is what is known as tempting fate).

Penthesilea goes to war riding a horse and, together with her companions, kills several Greek heroes, who kill Amazons in turn. The Amazons are so badass that the women of Troy start to pick up arms and are about to join the fighting too until one of the Trojan women reminds the rest that they aren't trained like Penthesilea is and will just be killed. However, no one can stop Penthesilea, who rampages through the Greek lines, cutting them down and generally making them flee before her and her steed. This lasts, of course, only until Achilles and Ajax (the Great) arrive. Ajax kills several Amazons and Penny throws two spears at him, but they bounce off his armor/shield, and then he fucks off to go fight the Trojan army, leaving Penthesilea to Achilles.

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Achilles mocks her when she tries to attack him, and then wounds her with his spear. There's a pretty sad scene in the Posthomerica where Penthesilea briefly wonders if she should keep fighting or surrender because she wants to live, when Achilles, in a fucking chad move, stabs his spear through her horse and into Penthesilea, which ends up killing her. This makes the Trojan army flee, and when her helmet falls off her head, Achilles falls in love with her beauty. Thersites, described in the Iliad as the ugliest man who came to Troy, then makes fun of him for falling in love with someone he just killed, so Achilles, naturally, kills him as well (he does not regret this one). As an aside, Ares (Penthesilea's dad) wants to come down and kill a lot of Danaans when his daughter dies, but Zeus tells him to knock that shit off by throwing lightning bolts at his feet.

Hippolyta, on the other hand, is not present at all in the Trojan War. Instead, she's placed in an earlier myth involving Herakles/Hercules and/or (according to the version you read) Theseus (who killed the Minotaur). CA seems to have gone with the versions that involve Theseus, as the Homeric Victory conditions for her included destroying Athina (the Athens faction). She's another Amazon Queen, and was going to marry Theseus, a hero-king of Athens. However, due to one reason or another, the wedding of Theseus does not end well as the Amazons attack, leading to the Attic War. This war ends with an Athenian victory over the Amazons who are repelled, as well as the death of Hippolyta. Chronologically, this would have taken place well before the Trojan War.

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