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Why I don’t think we’ll be getting Drycha in the new WH2 DLC (LONG POST)

Content of the article: "Why I don’t think we’ll be getting Drycha in the new WH2 DLC (LONG POST)"

Hi all,

So I've researched the DLC patterns, studied every word in the CA July blog post to the letter and watched about a dozen videos on the topic and I can now say with some confidence that Drycha will not be included in the new Wood Elf focused DLC for WH2. The other race in the DLC will without a doubt be Skaven (Clan Moulder) led by Throt the Unclean. Thanquol will be in WH3 similar to how Nagash wasn't included in either the Tomb Kings or the Vampire Counts.

There are several reasons as to why I don't think Drycha will one of the new lords. The first is popularity. While Drycha is without a doubt more popular than the relatively generic Araloth, she doesn't come near the Twilight Sisters and Ariel. While the blog post mentions the FLC lord will be included with "all the trimmings", that pun might not relate to Drycha at all, but rather affectionately to the Wood Elves race. We do know that the FLC lord is female and that only leaves Ariel.

Second reason is the quest mechanic in WH2. Every LL in the game has access to special wargear that you can obtain via completing their questlines. Drycha's problem is the fact she is a Branchwraith. A VERY OLD one but still nothing more than a Branchwraith. Araloth has the same problem but he is an elf who uses an actual weapon + his pet hawk, so the CA could potentially turn those two into quest items.

Third reason is a minor one and concerns the lack of any sort of mount option for Drycha. Twilight Sisters on the other hand have two very interesting mounts: unique Great Eagle and a unique Forest Dragon. Both the lack of a mount and the absence of possible quest items don't really work in Drycha's favor. It is more of a selling point since people generally like having mount options for the characters. Throt the Unclean will probably have a rat ogre as a mount option.

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Fourth reason has to do with the plot of Warhammer 2. All but a few factions plot either to unleash cataclysm or somehow prevent it. Wood Elves will probably have something to do with the Worldroots, while their Skaven nemesis in the DLC will attempt to siphon their power for themselves. Drycha's cardinal motivation – the genocide of the Wood Elves just doesn't fit into the overall setting of WH2. She might be in the New World looking for something to rile up the angry trees, but I just don't see how she would connect to her nemesis Skaven lord.

Fifth reason is the probable introduction of the new lore of Athel Loren. The rightmost (green) segment of the information chart CA provided mentions new spell lores. Now this could just be the new lores for new WE caster lords (Spellweavers), but I believe we'll also get the lore of Athel Loren given that Clan Eshin got the new unique lore for themselves. Wood Elves also don't have a caster lord (except Durthu, but he is a tree) at the moment and Ariel + generic Spellweaver lords would fill that role neatly.

Sixth reason is the introduction of a brand new hero for the Wood Elves. This will be one of two things, depending whether the Sisters of Twilight or Araloth are added in the DLC: Glade Captain (WE version of HE Noble) or the Shadowdancer which would function like something between Loremaster of Hoeth and the DE Death Hag in combat. S/he would fight similar to a Death Hag, but have access to a few spells in the Lore of Shadows.

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Seventh and the final reason is a very suspicious one that has more to do with the foreshadowing. I'm 99.9% certain that the new DLC lord's starting position will be The Heart of the Jungle in the Southlands. The placeholder Wood Elf faction located there, Bowmen of Oreon has an interesting faction icon: A tree on the grey field flanked by a moon and a star. Their leader Findol might be the same person as the lord of Wydrioth of the same name. Wydrioth's other name is the Pine Crags and is the permanent home of Naestra and Arahan. The Heart of the Jungle is also conveniently located close to one of the major Worldroot nodes.

Feel free to comment if I left something out or if you think Drycha will still find her way into the DLC.


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