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Why Mongol:Total War should be the next historical title

The time period is 1200-1400. The map is all of Asia, the Middle East (yes I know technically Asia), North Africa, and Europe. Alternatively the game could be called Medeival 3, but I just like Mongol.

A couple cool features this game could include would be (and please add any others in the comments):

  • The mongol empires expansion, the largest contiguous land empire in history. Interesting mechanics could include the great walls, the kamikaze wind, mongol sackings (eg the sacking of Baghdad), internal mongol politics and seperatism.
  • 100 years war in Europe between England and France, a little late in the time period (1337-1453), but the late game French English war dynamic would be cool
  • The silk road. Maybe a couple silk producing regions in China and a mechanism to establish lucrative trade routes. Historically more silk was moved from China to Europe by ship (overland through the middle east) than overland across central asia, this is one of the reasons its important to include India and Western Europe in the map.
  • A population size mechanic so that the number of building slots is based on population size. With the size of the map I think a population mechanic for each region is necessary. It would also allow city states to be on the map, eg Florence, Milan, Venice, the HRE city states.
  • the levant crusades would be an interesting early game mechanic, personally I'm a big fan of the medeival 2 crusade mechanic and I think it could be expanded a little.
  • the wars of the reconquista would be happening pretty much throughout the period and particularly in the early game.
  • there are so many possibilities for politics (empires, caliphates, dynasties, kingdoms, republics) and so many possibilities for diplomacy (client states, vassals, annexation, region trading, trade routes, alliances, military access) and so much more.
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Basically I think it would be a perfect time period and scale. It would be the true Medeival 3 game that total war fans want (speaking personally of course).


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