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Why the Skaven always seem to get the cool shit.

Content of the article: "Why the Skaven always seem to get the cool shit."

Look, I understand where the frustration is coming from. This is roughly the third DLC where, at least on paper so far, The Skaven side seems to blow their opponents out of the water in terms our content. And while I'm not trying to say that CA is 100% innocent here, I will say that part of the issue lies on how the Skaven clans work in the lore and how their armies work in general. The Major Skaven clans are probably the most specialized subfactions in the entirety of the Warhammer world. This is because the clans themselves serve very specialized purposes, Eshin being assassins, Skryre being tech guys, Moulder's being monster makers, ETC. This means that unlike a ton of other race's subfactions that may have one or two units dedicated to them, the clans have entire ARMIES dedicated to them.

Let's take The Shadow and The Blade as an example, what is Hag Graef's big claim to fame? Well they use a ton of Cold Ones, which is why the faction is the Cav focused faction of the Dark Elves. The city also has massive mines, which is shown with the bonus to mining income. That's about it really, roughly two or three units and a focus on mining. The mechanics are more focused on Malus himself, which as we know wasn't implemented the best and his faction could definitely use a tune up. Now let's compare that to Clan Eshin. They're an assassin based Clan who specialize in taking out targets, spying, subterfuge and all around sneakiness. They have a whole chain of command of assassins and the units themselves reflect a more sneaky style of combat. Compared to Hag Graef, the mechanics kind of write themselves, which I think is why Skaven tend to win out a lot. The mechanics for the major Clans are common sense, we pretty much all guessed Throt's mechanics before he was even announced. Compare this to other subfactions that focus more on the person leading them than the subfacton itself. Grom's Cauldron's mechanic is awesome, but I don't think it would fit if anyone else where in charge of the Broken Axe. I really like Eltharion's prison, but it's certainly something that is more for him, not Yvresse. Because of the clear roles the clans play, coming up with mechanics are very easy compared to others, same for their units. Plus, while the other subfactions usually only have one or two units for a theme, the Clans have entire ARMIES as their theme. Tehenuain is the Skink guy for the Lizards, but he is still pretty reliant on non sotek related units. Ikit Claw can run a full army of Skryre without any units from the other clans, which further adds to the issue.

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Also let's be really here, part of the problem was that Skaven got a TON of goodies from GW. They were pretty much the only race that were truly unique to Warhammer and they were really popular because of that. And as anyone who keeps up with GW knows, they tend to give a fuck ton of favoritism to the races that are really popular. I mean honestly, at this point it feels like we can't go two weeks without Space Marines getting anything new. Because of that, Skaven just have the most stuff to work with for material outside of The Empire. Jesus Christ even with 3 lord packs they probably still have the most missing material to work with for new content out of any of the Warhammer 2 base races. I don't CA is entirely innocent either, let's be honest they seem to have a ton of fun with Skaven, but I do think a big part of the issue is that Skaven are so unique and specialized that making things for them is pretty damn easy. I would further blame how the Skaven themselves are organized and how much material and fluff they have to work with than anything else. I will wait til the DLC is out to make my conclusions on who seemed to get the better deal, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

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