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Why you should give TW:3K another try, a year and a half later.

Content of the article: "Why you should give TW:3K another try, a year and a half later."

I will try to list only free content, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Numerous bugfixes and various gameplay changes- most notable being a nerf to towers, generals, cavalry, and trebuchets
Various battle AI improvements
Various exploits fixed
AI is less likely to vassalize/ally when they already have many vassals/allies
Various unpleasant events less likely to trigger.
Historical characters more common, generated characters less common
Various powerful skills now have limits preventing them from being spammed
Commanders are now more versatile, borrowing other types' recruitment pools
Generals are now dismounted when charging into spears or shieldwall infantry
Liu Biao faction revamp
Huge morale changes, nerfing hordes of inexpensive low tier units
Armies can no longer avoid a battle if they used forced march
Population values higher in the north, more historically accurate
Population now increases all income, food production, and constructions per turn
Huge leader changes, like Cao Cao having access to +2 spies! Most changes make it very affordable to field their unique units.

New Start Dates
182: A world war type scenario, where you feel like you're part of a huge team on either side of the Yellow Turban rebellion. Directly segues into the 190 start as well.
194: Most warlords have blobbed a bit and will have immediate access to their most famous officers. This start usually pits you in immediate conflict with the other major players of the period and allows faster utilization of mid/late game units.

New Features:
High or Low Satisfaction throughout your entire court now gives bonuses/penalties
Ability to marry non family members within your court, producing children. Also able to view any faction's family tree
Deployables, like wooden stakes, oil pitch, towers
Unit abilities: Caltrops, smokescreen
Controlling the child Emperor has more interaction involved, with the ability to prematurely depose him
Imperial Court mechanics for when you become Emperor
Axe units now specialize in hewing down shielded opponents
Bandit faction overhaul, to include unique tech tree based on location on the campaign map, unique buildings, and unique units. Also they can raid other warlords on the campaign map.
Titles, used to give bonuses/satisfaction to individuals and unlocked by performing certain feats
Mercenary treaties with bandits and some other factions
Spy system overhaul- the ability to extract them just prior to a battle or to turn existing faction members into spies.
The ability to turn an administrator into a very loyal vassal
Gate battles
Toggleable death from old age
Siege towers

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Character/Unit Roster:
Guo Jia, Huang Gai, Jia Xu, Pang Tong, Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, Diao Chan, Xun Yu, Cheng Pu, Zhou Tai, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Chen Gong, Gao Shun, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Wang Lang, Yan Yu, Li Jue, Liu Yao, Ji Ling, Lady Bian, Lady Mi, Xu Shu, Wei Yan, Xun You, Li Ru all now have unique portraits and (mostly) skill trees.
Cataphracts and Heavy Cataphracts
Mounted Crossbows and Heavy Mounted Archers
Imperial Household Cavalry, Imperial Lancer Cavalry, Imperial Sword Guard, Imperial Palace Cavalry, Imperial Palace Crossbowmen, Imperial Gate Guards
Qiang Warriors, Qiang Archers, Qiang Polearms
Multiple Bow Crossbows
Bandit Marauders, Bandit Raiders, Bandit Warriors, Bandit Hunters, Bandit Spear Gang
Zhanmanjian, two handed swordsmen
Juggernauts, ancient flamethrowers

17 new armor types
Unknown amount of followers and ancillaries added in Furious Wilds

Playable Factions/Campaign Map changes
Tao Qian
Yan Baihu
Shi Xie
Many new NPC factions added, particularly in the south
The entire campaign map has been expanded, both at the periphery (notably the Nanman territory) and with the splitting of certain provinces into smaller ones (particularly around the Central Plains)
Impassable terrain has increased to create more 'lanes' for field battles to occur on


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