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Wish-list for Next Historical Title

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I have grown a little bored of the current TW titles and have been thinking a good bit about the next one and features / mechanics I'd like to see added in the next historical title. I thought it'd be fun to list some of these out and also see what other players have on their minds.

Must Have's:

Reworked Supply Line System: I think this one is self explanatory. Acquiring and managing supplies was and remains a critical part of warfare. There needs to be more depth and interactivity than just some scaling debuff to your income / upkeep. There should be actual supply lines you need to concern yourself with. DEI in Rome 2 takes some great steps to address this.

Better Battle Maps: It is no secret people play TW for the battles. We all appreciate the strides and innovations TW: 3K and Troy brought to camapign gameplay but what they also had were great town / siege maps. Warhammer is obviously the biggest offender here by just ignoring smaller towns alltogether. Battles are more fun when the maps are more varied, larger and interesting.

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Unit Formations , Interactions & Animations: I've brought this up in pretty much every Britannia thread that gets posted on this sub but Thrones missed a huge opportunity to explore new interactions between units in formation. Some sort of shoving match with the occasional stab would've been great for frontline engagements. Another great idea would've been to have the "Boar's Tusk" type formation break an already formed shieldwall. Next historical title needs interactions like this to remain interesting since they can't rely on flying units, magic, etc.

Nice to Have's:

Connection with Your Country: This one is a bit more abstract and hard to explain but I'd be great if I didn't feel like I was actually managing a kingdom / country with real people. Playing a smaller country should have its disadvantages (manpower) when compared to larger countries. I should'nt be able to spam stacks as easily and I want to feel more connected to my towns / provinces.

Charm: Again, a bit hard to describe and maybe I am just bias but Medieval 2 oozed charm. Pre battle speeches, little trade caravns moving around the map as your trade increases, videos play when you win a camapign and of course units appearances upgrading when you upgrade its armor at a town with a high level blacksmith. Rome 1 had the ability to just check your city out whenever you wanted. These may seem like little things and most new players probably won't care, but for me TW's can blend together after awhile because the core gameplay is the same. Things like these go a long way in keeping me immersed.

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Revamped Building / Province System: I am not a fan of the current province / region system or the macro aspect of building up your towns. It is way too simplistic and restrictive at the same time. Let me explore and build what I want. Please let me make roads again!

Anyway, these were just some of my ideas. Looking forward to reading yours 🙂


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