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Wishlist for warhammer 3

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  • Reworked and more engaging siege battles

Right now I think siege battles are pretty un-engaging, at least in the mid/late game. Most battles can easily be played on full-speed throughout the entire battle, and sieges are also super vulnerable to cheese. Either by just camping one side of the battlefield with artillery, or just nuking the gate with magic etc. Ai just doesn't play well in sieges.

The sieging equipment is also worthless, and there is no reason to spend turns on crafting it. If sieges were more difficult it could be worthwile until you got some OP stack.

  • Nerf to corner camping

AI just can't deal with it. They don't use spells against it a lot of the time, and doesn't prioritize artillery/archers when they have flying etc.

Its a broken strat that has saved my ass many times, but I like to see cheese get nerfed.

  • Buff to infantry/cavalry units

Infantry is just very underwhelming on legendary difficulty. It just doesn't do enough damage, and thus only serves well as a meat shield (which is okay for like shielded units), but I'd like to see heavy armored two handed infantry actually fuck shit up.

Like why is my Maurader Champions with a massive two handed axe losing 1v1 vs tier 1 swordsmen?

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The same is true for cavalry, where "anti-infantry" cavalry gets absolutely shit on 1v1 against skavenslaves with spears.

Shock cavalry is alright with the charge bonus, but I'd still like to see them be a bit stronger overall.

  • Buff to Chaos, Beastmen and Norsca

Right now they just aren't big enough of a threat, and the fact that you can ambush and lightning strike chaos just stops them in their tracks completely.

Chaos invasion (at least the 2nd one) should be immune to ambush and lightning strike , that way they will be harder to deal with and actually wreck some havoc.

  • Addition of a wall-type mechanic to wood elves and Norsca

Doesn't really need to be a wall per-say, but I'd like just some type of mechanic that stops the AI from attacking your settlements in a single turn which is the case for basically every other faction besides those two.

Its annoying to be gone for 1 second and having your base/tree destroyed because of some bullshit AI attack. Especally for factions who have dogshit economies in the firstplace, where you are utterly and completely fucked if you are forced to play defensive (Norsca), or woodelves which just makes expanding more punishing than it should be imo.

  • Addition of a beastment legendary lore with a base to fall back on.
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Horde factions are fun in a solo-game, but when I play online with a friend its super risky. So I'd like the current horde-only factions to have at least one legendary lord which can at least have one base they can fall back on if shit goes wrong.

I love playing beastmen, but its just too risky to play in multiplayer which is what I play most of the time.


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