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Won over by Troy so far!

Content of the article: "Won over by Troy so far!"

So i'm only 15 turns into Troy as Agamemnon and just taking my time to work it all out. I am really won over so far, considering I wasn't really hyped about this one.


  • Beautifully designed UI that is clear and easy to navigate.
  • Beautiful campaign map design, the perspective with the "pottery" style horizon is very thematic and really helps to immerse you in the world.
  • Battles have actually been fairly challenging at times, I lost Agamemnon in one of the first battles (woops) and have had to cling on to victory in others.
  • The AI actually attacks you and my AI vassal actually intelligently supported me against my enemies.
  • Resources seem like a missing piece of the puzzle from Total War – they act as a natural restraint to mindless building expansion and army recruitment and force you to plan a bit and make interesting decisions. Enjoying how they factor in to diplomacy as well.
  • Battle map design is varied and allows for ambushes, flanking and multiple avenues of attack. Looks great too – had a battle in the rain and it was very cinematic.
  • Unit variety seems pretty good and once you get the hang of which units counter which it starts to make more sense. Two handed spears beat Swords and Axes (and Clubs?). Although I am desperate to get my hands on some cavalry.
  • The skill trees present interesting choices and lock off other options to you.
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Recruitment system doesn't rely on retinues – which I personally found very confusing in 3K.
  • It was free – thanks!
  • Great foundation for more campaign content in a Bronze Age period. Historical OR fantasy – I could see a separate campaign experience with actual mythical units in a DLC being SUPER popular.
  • Now that i'm actually playing it the "truth behind the myth" aspect does not bother me as much.
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  • No blood or gore – really should be in at release, makes the battles feel weird without it.
  • Collision could be better. Will have to see how cavalry charges feel.
  • Missile troops seem OP – I'm wondering if I made a stack of them how they would be beaten.
  • Troops seem to rout very quickly and easily which can make battles feel like they are full of Skaven – maybe this is just because they are low tier.


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