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Wood Elf Rework Compliation Thread

Content of the article: "Wood Elf Rework Compliation Thread"

Post anything we've learned here for people who can't watch videos or might have been missed something! I will update this with anything people mention.


Magical Forests: Oak of Ages, Laurelorn (northern Empire), Spawning Pools (Lustria), Oreon's Camp (Southlands), Witchwood (Naggarond, where the Sister Start), Gaen Vale (Ulthuan), Forest of Gloom (between BP and Dwarfs), Gryphon Wood (eastern Empire), they're surrounded by a Heathland that does not respect region borders.

Magical Forests can be healed by capturing, razing, or allying with settlements around them. Techs and battles also help to heal them. As the forests heal factionwide bonuses unlock. The main building chain of the Magical Forest is not gated except for the very top which unlocks when the forest if fully healed and a ritual is completed (ritual requires defending the forest from invasion and success gives some additional bonuses like the Vortex Rituals). Top level buildings in each forest give factionwide bonuses.

The regions of Heathland (that's "heath" as in undistribued wilderness not "heart" or "hearth") give +1 health if you own it, an ally owns it, or it is unoccupied (this may give away skaven in the Heathlands), gives 0 health if own by a neutral faction, and gives -1 health if owned by a faction you are at war with. These are per turn values. Razing a heathland gives an immediate +5 health to the forest. Personally I'm a big fan of how this mechanic interacts with razing, its very on theme to return an area to its natural state rather than settle it. Not sure how well it will play, might make sense for a razed area to give a bigger bonus to encourage that play style.

Winning a battle in the Heathlands of the forest itself also gives a bonus to Health. Orion is a fan of Full Metal Jacket apparently:

There appear to be two buttons on each Magical Forest. The right button activates the ritual. The left button is to teleport to the forest, I think.

On top of everything else Magical Forests suffer random "forest incursions" apparently by Skaven because Beastmen suck, takes them a few turn to build up and you get a chance to ambush if you attack before they spawn

Forest Encounters have been added. These are basically "Encounters at Land" that people have been talking about for a long time. Some faction wants to enter your forest for some narrative reason (Turin found Brettonians trying to make an offering) and you get to choose whether to kill them or allow it.

Deep Roots: teleport across the map to any Magical Forest region (10 turn cooldown per character), it goes only to that specific settlement you can't choose to enter one of the heathlands so no teleporting a doomstack ontop of someone unless they have dared to enter a forest


–> UNITS REPORT THE VALUE THEY DID IN BATTLE <– (this is presumably taken from the system that ranks players in KotH game mode)

Chaos invasion now has selectable difficulty including completely turning it off


Oak of Ages: the player always starts with control of the Oak of Ages regardless of which subfaction they choose

Technologies: no longer gated behind buildings or offices, you can just research regularly, some new techs require one amber (this is the only remaining use of amber), the various Wisdom Technologies seem very powerful they do stuff like give all Ancient Treemen Flock of Doom, reduce reload time by 15%, reduce construction time by 25%, give expert charge defense to Eternal Guard

Offices: unique to each starting lord, Orion's Wild Hunt double the power of offices when it happens (the hunt lasts 10 turns, and also reduces the Deep Roots cooldown by five turns), Durthu give +5 recruit rank to ancient treemen, any Welf lord can hold any office now

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Units: no units are gated behind amber, Glade Riders with spears as FLC light cav with 94 speed, Great Stags are T4 in campaign

Lords: Ancient Treemen get new campaign traits themed after curses, maybe (possibly all?) Welf lords can get the ability "Possessed by the Trickster God" which increases melee defense, it is probably also in multiplayer since its designed as a passive ability rather than a character stat change

Orion: Orion has a few new abilities including a huge cooldown improvement for his bound spells, the ability to see through forests, and factionwide construction time and cost improvements, Orion can attack while moving!

Buildings: main building in a region no longer gated by growth at all, to slow expansion some other buildings are now gated by growth requirements (renamed to Kindred for some reason?)

Confederation is still gated behind the Oak of Ages but you only have to get it to level 2 (which doesn't require amber) and it says "Unlock Confederation Missions" which suggests you do a quest rather than just bribe them

Amber: only exists to unlock 8 new technologies, unclear on how Amber is now gained

Aspects for Durthu: to represent his favor toward tree spirits Durthu get a version of Scrap called Aspects (just costing gold)

Magic: Transformation of Kadon is nerfed a lot, costs more for all factions, and only summons an Eagle for the Welfs (making it objectively a total waste)

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Victory Condition: short campaign just need the Oak of Ages healed and final battle won, long campaign requires all forests healed and final battle won

Public Order: reworked gamewide (only shown for Welfs but confirmed to be for everyone by Sotek), to make it harder to trigger rebellions (public order gets a bonus when control is low) and also harder to maintain high public order (high control gives a penalty)


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