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Woodelf DLC hopes and expectations, wishlist.

Content of the article: "Woodelf DLC hopes and expectations, wishlist."

  • world map (excluding Nehekara, Norsca, Chaos Wastes, Lustria's jungles because we don't hurt healthy trees) updated so it can be reforested like most of the Old World. So Naggaroth, Ulthuan, mountains everywhere where it's not frosty.

  • 2 new starting positions, neither is in Athel Loren. Oreon's camp, somewhere in Naggaroth ideally for gameplay variety on Vortex and Mortal Empires aswell. Come up with a lore excuse why X starts there, we have Yvresse's warden on the ork Badlands and Caledor's last dragon wbisperer near Nagashizzar, it's not far fetched.

  • Forest battles: woodelf archer projectiles no longer get stuck in trees

  • (Hopeless I know) Forest fires on battle maps (can be triggered by all units with access to fire damage). Snyc with no projectile blocking by trees for woodelves, fire arrow archers (only woodelves) can shoot from forests without burning it on themselves. Others have a chance as usual by firey projectiles.

  • Orion's legendary item mission battle where all units die really fast unless you kill the enemy lord adjusted to deal slightly less damage, making the mission more accessible with a variety of army compositions (instead of "snipe him ASAP he is so far damn it").

  • Athel Loren movement speed penalities on campaign map don't apply to woodelf lords. Does not extend to reforested areas. No more spending 2-3 turns to move 2cm on screen in your home area, please.

  • Amber upkeep on any and every unit removed. Replaced with double gold upkeep + buffs to themed units factionwide (so Durthu has expensive elite elven units and gets +5 recruit rank and 5 armor on all forest spirits, something along these lines).

  • Heavily expanded tech tree. Moving unit buffs and economy buffs from small camp "cities" to tech tree. Amber cost only applies to either endgame strong tech or to tech category unlocks Tomb Kings style (former preferred so players can spend Amber on city upgrades and Oak of Ages)

  • Small camp cities now provide various changes to the province, such as reduced movement speed for other lords, attrition damage from protective wooden spirits and waywatchers, providing reduced upkeep for certain unit types. Depends on what the player builds. All small city buildings provide Untainted for it's own area. If a province has all the same buildings, the building effect becomes stronger, so if you do +1 recruit rank for all units near 1 city, and there are 3 cities in the province all having this building, instead of +3 you could get +4 or +5. This would add a strategic layer to conquest that other races have, to estabilish more specialized provinces in the world depending on what you want / need.

  • There are several fully functional woodelf cities in the world now. Outside Athel Loren, this means Oreon's camp, Avelorn, and the Deadwood in Naggaroth. Once captured or gained access through diplomacy (access for armies or millitary alliance) these points in the world can be used to teleport a garrisoned Lord from one world root city to another.

  • Amber is now a stockable resource not an upkeep for cities, tech, and oak of ages. Once you capture a settlement, it's Amber is extracted and you have it forever until you spend it. Settlements don't regain Amber in any way, so players have to priotize what tech they go for and which hometree they want to upgrade first.

  • Access to diplomacy is no longer locked behind lv3 oak of ages and is accessible from start. (Perhaps locked with dawi?)

  • Amber is no longer granted on millitary alliance.

  • Woodelves now also use the climate system, and everything is suitable. This is more of a streamlining every race into the climate system and letting players know on campaign start / LL selection that this race interacts with the world much more freely in this way.

  • Orion screams less on campaign map and acts with more dignity.

  • Dodan removed from generated name pool. Name pool for generated lords and heroes increased for more variety.

  • Double check Dodan is removed from that list we've been getting that fucker for every second hero for the past half decade.

  • AI adjustments in campaign: Slightly ease diplomatic relations between factions of Athel Loren to help estabilish neighbouring trade partners as all factions do this with their own people. Woodelves of all people should rely on their own kind way before turning to outsiders, but as things are currently in the live version it's extremely hard to please any fellow woodelves into mutually benefical diplomatic treaties, while outsiders are quick to like us for killing their enemies. Enemies according to the game's rules, but there are so few we can attack to gain the liking of our fellow woodelves because they never really go to war with anyone they are supposed to dislike: the skaven, the greenskins, the dawi, the vampires, the norscans. Attacking Pavarron is pretty much the only way to get other welves to like us, but that angers bretonnians who are supposedly allies based on "the enemy of my enemy is a friend". Trying to play a bit loreful is already costing us a lot money since bretonnians own ports, which are the main income sources we can go for in the world… at least trying to get them a tiny bit friendly by simply not attacking them shouldn't cost us good relations with fellow woodelves.

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