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36/36 Stars, Salty Rant by an asshole.

Content of the article: "36/36 Stars, Salty Rant by an asshole."

As someone, who in my infinite wisdom, decided to go for 36/36 stars completed in this year’s Operation SUMMER (henceforth referred to as OPS), and thus someone who like a lifeless moron spent most of the last month exclusively playing War Thunder, I couldn’t stop myself from posting this rambling rant. For anyone interested in that detail, I did my stars mostly in: Air AB, Ground RB, Naval AB.

The original version of this bitching wall of text was just way too all over the place, and by the end it was totally unrelated to OPS, and a lot more about all the problems WT has, which wasn’t the original goal, so I took the liberty and cut back anything non-OPS-related.

Sorry, Salty Seagull mode engaged, you’ve been warned!

Let’s start with the probably most easily presentable thing(/problem), the rewards for said event. Or are they really? (This will by no means serve as a review to any of the reward vehicles) Also as a preface to anyone wanting to use the “but they gave it to us for free” argument, let’s not kid ourselves. They charge you money for it, or a ton of your time and energy.

The camos aren’t really something I want to go into, all of you can go find images on how they look, you might even like them, it’s subjective and I don’t really think it would be worth a whole paragraph.

The first 3 vehicles, with them being low tier PREMIUMs, sound like they’d be great rewards for the effort, both for collectors and just general players all around. 2 out of the 3 are for relatively new trees, with Italian Fleet and Swedish Army (yeah, the tank is pretty much a copy-paste, doesn’t bother me as much as it does some others) and rank 2 as well, which should be a considerable help in the early grinds of those trees, but the Arado (German Aviation) is just a plane for collectors. It’s a rank 1 vehicle with pretty much nothing really going for it even in it’s tier, and frankly, even those that don’t already have a German premium plane won’t really see any benefits from getting this. Props to those that worked on it and all, but as an event reward, the Arado is sort of a letdown all around. (And for the fans, sure mate, floatplanes are hella cool. /s)

Now let’s talk about the decorations, be it the decals or the weapon decorators. I’d like to state it here and now that if I were to look at those “Mythic Creatures” as artworks unrelated to a reward system, I’d have to say they look dope, nothing wrong with them, good job to whoever did them. BUT. And here come a few buts. BUT#1 Who the fuck needs more decals in this game? What the fuck do we do with so many decals, half of which have nothing to do with tanks/planes/ships/warfare/frankly fucking anything? BUT#2 (This also applies to the weapons) The whole decorations as rewards with it’s randomized way of giving you your pieces is nothing more than a ploy to get people to interact with the Marketplace, and make those of us interested in either a specific piece or the collections themselves spend extra cash. Fuck the Marketplace. I’ll have screenshots of my inventory linked below to show how well the randomization of my rewards went. Spoiler alert: Duplicates also triplicate.

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And finally for the rewards, the Big Boy Vehicles. Frankly, they are pretty much Dead-on-Arrival. Thanks to Gaijin’s infinite fucking wisdom, they decided to include them in August’s economy changes when only a limited circle of CCs (God I fucking hate having to hate even the CCs of a game) had a chance of playing them, and even that with those vehicles pre-spaded. I hope it doesn’t require much explanation what a limited amount of players that belong to the upper half of the playerbase in terms of game knowledge playing an unreleased vehicle in it’s spaded form leads to as far as statistics go. The C2A1 and the F11-F1 is unjustifiably expensive to repair from the moment you unlock it, and the C2A1 even gets to enjoy the whole stock HEAT-FS bullshittery Gaijin pulled earlier this month. (Oh, yeah, how many of you got fucking distracted from that one over the last week or two? Cause it sure as fuck happened.) These vehicles also as already stated come stock, so frankly, not much practical benefit to having them unless for some reason you decide to buy a Talisman for them, in which case Gaijin got your ass to spend once again. Oh, yeah, almost forgot about the ship. (Is there a joke hidden in there somewhere?) Yeah, a 5.7 Russian Cruiser. Problem is, throughout the grind, I’ve had the chance to experience how much of a neglected shitshow Naval is. Guess what, it’s a pretty big one. Maps are terrible, with half of them having spawn-to-spawn bloodbaths from the moment the game loads. Honestly, I’m not invested enough into the whole Naval thing to go on a separate tangent on how it could be a cool game mode, as it is, can’t recommend it to a single soul. My last hope is that by the time the sale rolls around, I can sell those coupons for at least some GJN Coins.

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That’s about it for the summary of the rewards. I’m about 100% sure I’ve forgotten some of the things I wanted to mention in there, but oh well, who doesn’t.

As for the tasks themselves, I’ve seen and heard others mention how the tasks they set had absolutely no community aspect to them, how they were selfish tasks, so on and so forth. I’m sure those of you who played at least a few games in August know how well it brought out the very worst from the community, a free-for-all of R3 and M18 spams and all other sorts of silliness. Have I mentioned ground players just generally getting shafted by Gaijin’s once again super secret miraculous statistics when it came to numbers for said tasks? I’ll be the first to admit I’m nothing special as far as “skill” in the game goes, but fucking hell did those tank stars take a lot of time. I was pretty consistently able to do the other 2 stars at least once in the time it took me to do the tank star, on worse days, probably twice over.

Oh yeah, a noteworthy problem I just remembered. What’s with the whole rank 3 or higher thing? New players not welcome in events around here? Probably the part of the population that would appreciate the 5-star vehicles and they can’t even participate if they happen to be a tad bit too new to the game. Unless of course they pay the fuck up for some fancy Premium vehicles, that is. Or is the justification that more experienced players would just absolutely sealclub in lower BR’s? Cause that’s already happening either way, with things like taking a J22-B into a 2.3 match and just mopping the floor. Ah well, The Snail’s Ways Are Mysterious.

I think that about sums it up for now, might add a few edits later as some things most likely slipped my mind while writing this down. I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and a bearable Operation S.U.M.M.E.R., best of luck to you all, and please, for all that is holy, let your voices be heard. I know Gaijin avoids Reddit like the plague, but some of it might stick and show up on the forums one way or another, and who knows, some of that might just hit the right nerve in Gaijin. I’d love to just copy-paste this onto the War Thunder forums like it was the Chinese tech tree, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t comply with whatever rules might be in place over there.

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Mandatory Please Vote with your Wallets, People! As in, don’t buy into overpriced bullshit.

God damn, ranting should be mandatory, it’s more refreshing than the actual fucking game.

Yes, I’m an asshole, I should (and would) go play another game if I hate this one so much (as soon as said game miraculously appears). Addicts gonna addict.

Salty Seagull out, take care!

The promised inventory: https://imgur.com/a/s9CTb8J

TLDR: Operation Summer was mostly a marketing ploy to get you to buy shit, be it the stars themselves, completing collections, or Talismans/Modifications for the high tier rewards.

EDIT: Fuck, it completely slipped my mind. I'M FREE!!!!! IT'S FUCKING OVER!!!!!!!

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