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Basics of SB for new players

As I hate getting TK-ed by noob SB players that screw up the game for everyone, decided to give out some general info about SB for new players.

First off playing a tank in SB is much like playing a tank in RB with pretty much everything the same except for 3 things.

  1. You can only use commander station to look around outside your tank, no 3rd person cam.

  2. Team killing is "turned on" in SB so you can kill teamates in tank which will piss them off very, very much so don't do that (and how to not do it later in the post)

  3. Parallax from the gun view. Parallax is the difference between where your GUN is pointing and where your gunner OPTIC is pointing (more about bellow).

To put it simple parallax makes your "sniper view" the autentic position of you primary gunner optic. How can you know your optic position? Well its easy, you simply go to your X-ray in hangar and search for a box or a cilindar which says "optic" BUT has the information about your zoom and FOV.

gunners optic



Ok now we know where our optics are, and even if you forget to check this in your hangar you can easily figure out on which side of the tank your optic is! for example tanks with 3+ turret crew have the gunner infront of the commander while 2 man turret crew sit on each side of the turret (so if your commander is on the right side of the turret then the gunners optic is on the left side because that is where the gunner is). Also you can see your gun in some optics.

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like an IS-2 for example

How to counter parallax? best thing to do is go in a test drive in SB mode and test fire a few shells to see how much you need to compensate for parallax. There are also special "custom sights" on WT live which are made for SB to show you where to aim given the range you fire at. Another thing that is very usefull to know and to do is to use your sight to set the range rather then aiming the whole sight with the gun up to hit your targate – specially on long distances this is very innefective.

aim in at 800m but the optic is "up above"

range set in on the gun at 800m

How to set the range in the optic – its simple you go to CONTROLS – GROUND VEHICLES – CAMERA CONTROLS –

and select sight distance control for your mouse wheel

insted of using zoom axis for your sight its better to use the right mouse button, this u can set up in common controls under


Moving on with parallax again another thing is if your tank has a LASER RANGEFINDER the range your laser gives you out will be put in your optic. Always use your laser if you have it! One thing the laser will do that you cant do any other way is compensate for the horizontal parallax. Setting in your range if you dont have the laser compensates for vertical parallax but not for the horizontal one thats why you will see your shell hit far off horizontally of your sight.

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Now that we are done with the parallax this is how you avoid TK-ing and getting TK-ed. In SB there are no markers for friendly or enemy so to communicate with your teammates we use the radio chat commands.
If you use T-4-1 (follow me command) this will mark your position on the map for your whole team.

T-4-1 will give a follow me message

this will mark you on the map for your team

This way if someone pings the map at your position or near you they are asking "hey is this enemy or friendly?" and you respond by giving your position with T-4-1. If you dont know the vehicle you are looking at is friendly or enemy you ping the position and wait a bit for a respond – if you get no respond that means its an enemy or its a dumb teammate not paying attention to the map. Before even getting to the major thing about TK-ing what you should do before starting a SB game que you should check out what vehicles and nations each side can play! This is very important and you need to know what you are fighting to know who to shoot and who not to shoot.

The best way to know if someone is and enemy or not is to use the radio finder mechanic! How does it work, well its again simple you aim the middle of your crossing on the tank and you press F (this should be by default and you cant change it as far as I know)

request location of allies will give u 2 possible messages

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no allies means FIRE, this is an enemy

If the message come out "allies at coordinates" this means its a friendly vehicles. This works on helicopters, ground vehicles and even planes! The only trick is you need to have your crossing on the vehicle while the loading bar loads to full. This is the best way to confirm enemy/friendly and its free to use so use it!

This is it for the basics. This is mostly all you need to know, but ill give a free tip for CQC (close quarters combat) dont use your sniper scope in CQC (you can if you have a laser rangefinder but it will take 1-2s to get the range) rather fire from your commanders view which doesnt give you the prallax problem. Well it does but its commander parallax which is much easier to aim at under 500m or so if you have good shell velocity.

Thank you for reading I hope you will find my post usefull and share it with friends who play SB.


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