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Gaijin, now our shells are no longer a pixel wide, can we actually have some maps that aren’t a pixel wide?

Content of the article: "Gaijin, now our shells are no longer a pixel wide, can we actually have some maps that aren’t a pixel wide?"

Normandy, Abandoned Factory, Frozen Pass, Middle East, Port Novorossiysk, Berlin, Cargo Port, Eastern Europe, Stalingrad, 38th Parallel, Sinai, Karelia, Jungle, Alaska, Poland, Carpathians, Hurtgen Forest, Japan, Ardennes, Finland, American Desert, Campania (formerly Italy), Advance to the Rhine, Kuban, Ash River, White Rock Fortress, Volokolamsk (RIP). None of these maps are even close to being 10.7-worthy. Fuck, most I wouldn't even say are playable above 7.7.

In fact, here's the list of 10.7-fitting maps either in total size, length of engagements or at least space to flank (in the context of city maps):

  • Mozdok (bring back old (sim) Mozdok)

  • Fulda Gap

  • Cargo Port (barely)

  • European Province

  • Sands of Sinai

  • El Alamein (bring back sim El Alamein)

  • Vietnam

  • Fields of Poland

  • Sweden

  • Fire Arc (formerly Kursk)

  • Tunisia (bring back Sands of Tunisia)

  • Fields of Normandy (barely, has design flaws)

  • Surroundings of Volokolamsk (gone but not forgotten).

Out of 40 maps, only 13 actually play well at 10.7. And out of those, five are just bigger versions of other maps. So why not make a pool for these larger maps, and expand other ones? Good options of maps to expand are Mozdok (to old and sim levels), El Ala (to old and sim levels), Tunisia (aka just add Sands of Tunisia again), Hurtgen (to old and sim levels), American Desert and possibly Alaska. It's not many, but it's a few. Sadly, a lot of maps made by Gaijin both old and new are designed as killboxes with no fields outside of them to expand into like they did with Poland/Eastern Europe/Volokolamsk/Sinai/Tunisia/Normandy/Ardennes.

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And before anyone says "go play SB", it's the reason why I switched. But if "if you like small maps, go play AB" doesn't sit well with people, why does "if you like big maps, go play SB" seem valid? The map filter does not work to filter these maps out. It's impossible to only see those 13 maps and not the other 27. In fact, there's only one map out of 40 I cannot ever see, and the other 3/40 I see often still because people ban/dislike the 4/40 maps that I have liked more than the 3/40 I have disliked. Ergo, it's impossible for me to enjoy top tier truly, even in Sim where Cargo Port, Berlin, Abandoned Factory, Normandy (the bad Sim version), Middle East, Poland and Advance to the Rhine remain.

I want maps where I can actually play any tank I own properly, not be a shoebox AB simulator like I'm playing a WW2 tank.

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